Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 17 - Moving along so fast

Well, our babies are quickly growing!  So fast, actually, that I had to buy a few new pair of maternity jeans, because who can seriously survive on one pair :)  I officially feel fat, as my face looks it :(

Our babies are about five inches long (maybe a little more) so about the size of your open hand.  Now if you have ginormous hands - that's cheating!  They aren't that big :)

This week was rather interesting for us.  I haven't felt any movement, but there have been some changes!  Our bed has always been against the wall that is next to the door, and since I HAVE to sleep closest to the door (I know, it's weird), I sleep on that side of the bed...

This week, we moved our bed around so we could make room for Josh's dresser (it has been in our guest room to allow more space in our bedroom - but now that will become our nursery-his dresser needs to come out!)  So our bed is now in front of our window (I hate this, but we have to do it) - which - turning our bed 180 degrees around, means my side of the bed is no longer closest to the door.

Looks like it's time to switch sides!  Problem - well, laying on my left side is most comfortable (when pregnant) and most recommended for blood flow to the babies.  So before my left side faced the door.  Now, my left side gets to face my handsome husband the entire night :)

I'm not sure if me getting bigger or my new location in bed is causing this, but I have been sleeping TERRIBLY lately.  I toss and turn, wake up extra tired and my back hurts.  But enough complaining - I have a nice warm bed to sleep in, so I'm happy :)

We had a Dr.'s appointment this week as well.  Our Dr. was actually in delivery, so he was a little late - and probably feeling rushed.  He was only going to be listening to heart beats, so the appointment SHOULD have gone quickly.  He put the goo on - which let me tell you was so flipping hot.  It left red spots on me and I had to tell him to wipe it was BURNING me.  He felt bad and put on the cold stuff (ah, refreshing!).

He started to listen for the heart beat with Baby A.....




So he moved to Baby B - sure enough -a strong heartbeat that measured 144 BPM.

He moved back to Baby A - nothing...

So he brought in the ultra sound.  Baby B - moving around, heart beating, AWESOME!  Baby A - not moving...but wait, what's that...YES - the heart beat WAS beating!  He tried to measure it through the ultra sound, but was unable to do so (he blamed it on the background noise, which was my daughter-who was being VERY quiet for a toddler), but whatever!  So he measured Baby B with the ultra sound - 136 BPM.  He said it was two different beats because he was trying to hear it over the "noise" - bologna!

But both hearts are beating and he told me not to worry.  We go in again soon for more pictures!  YEAH :)

I love this being preggo with Twins - you get to see and hear them all the time :)

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  1. So EXCITING! You look ADORABLE - as ALWAYS! XOXO!!! Joyce


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