Monday, February 24, 2014

Girls don't play basketball...

Yes, this is the title of this post...and it is VERY depressing to hear from your almost 4 year old daughter...especially when you are two parents who LOVE basketball!

On Saturday evening, I took all three Littles to the Packer Boy's Basketball game - their last regular season game...which they went undefeated in and won the conference :)   The boys had a wonderful time running around, playing basketball, face planting the floor, flirting with the girls, chasing the boys and trying to steal the ball from anyone who had it.

Callie on the other hand, she enjoyed coloring, flirting with her new friend Carter ("Big Carter" as she refers to him as...he is the son of our friends!), and attempting to eat any snack I had packed!  When we were FINALLY packing up and getting ready to go home, which is late, because we are always the last ones to leave...must burn every possible ounce of energy these Littles have in them!  Callie proceeds to say the following:

"I am going to work really hard just like the basketball players to be a really good dancer when I grow up!"

Josh and I, almost in perfect unison, said, "You know you can play basketball if you want to as well Callie."

And here is where our hearts broke and we realized we WILL be Dance Parents.  Callie said, "GIRLS DON'T PLAY BASKETBALL"...

There's a home game tomorrow night for the Packer Girls team.  Callie is going.