Monday, January 12, 2015

Callie's Winter Dance Performance

This weekend, Just For Kix in Austin did it again - they put on an amazing show for all of our dancers!  Callie absolutely loves being in dance, and we couldn't be more proud of her!  We were able to sit front and center for her show.  Both boys were with and they each had their own bag of cheetos - figured we'd keep them occupied. 

I had to laugh so hard before the show started...Collin and Carter would run up to this guy and scream at him, saying he can't have their cheetos!  Then Collin started referring to him as "Bowser" - it was hilarious!  

My little charmer - so proud of his big sister!  He was calling for her while she was waiting for her show to begin!

Here she is - all beautified and ready to dance!

Here is a video clip of her performance:

Callie and Josh also performed in the Father-Daughter dance!  What a sport - thank you Daddy for being such a good daddy :)

After the show, we had to take our traditional pictures with her "big sister", Alexis!  These two really do love each other, even though sometimes Callie acts like the annoying little sister!

And Callie's future husband...sprawled out on the floor - photobombing this adorable picture!

These two sat with us the entire show!  Callie loved it!

Another set of twins and some of our babysitters!

The two big sisters to twin siblings :)

These three are some of my current students and they love my children!  It was so cute watching Callie perform and knowing these girls were behind her, cheering her on :)  Thanks girls!  She really likes you!

One of Callie's Best Friends - more like family - Aurora :)  Can you believe they're only a year apart!

Carter wanted his picture taken as well!  These two had an awesome time running around the gym with Wyatt (Aurora's brother) and Jet (Alexis's brother) - who are like family to my boys :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Big Life Decision...

So Callie made a HUGE life decision tonight.  I was getting the boys into their pajamas, and Callie sighed... I looked up at her and I kid you not, this was our conversation:

Mom - "What's wrong?"
Callie - "Nothing, I just decided I don't want to live in Florida."
Mom - "Oh really!?  What made you decide that?"
Callie - "Well, I just decided I wanted to live in Austin, MN when I am older, because I think my kids will like to play in the snow!"
Mom - "I bet they will enjoy that, especially considering how much you enjoy it!"
Callie - "Yeah, I'm going to have twins too!"
Mom - "Oh really!  That's exciting.  What will you name them?"
Callie - "They'll be girls.  One will be Alice and I haven't decided on the other name yet.  I'll probably have to talk to their dad about it."
Mom - "Who is their dad going to be?"
Callie - "I don't know that yet, mom!"
Mom - "Of course!  Do you know what he'll look like?"
Callie - "He'll be tall like daddy, have yellow hair and he'll be funny."
Mom - "He sounds perfect!"

The conversation ended there and I thought we were done for the night...but NOPE!  This girl just gets better with the night hours!

I had put the boys to bed and was heading into her room to read her a book and kiss her goodnight...She crawled into her bed, and as I was covering her up, it started again...

Callie - "Will you hand me my phone, please?" (mind you this is my old cell phone - a flip phone!  Pink with crown and jewel dangle things!  Totally girly!
Mom - "Yes, but I don't want you playing on it all night!" (I seriously just play along with these conversations!
Callie - "I won't, but I'm waiting for a text from Jason!"
Mom - "Jason!!!??" (referring to Jason Denzer in my tone)
Callie - "Not that Jason, a different Jason."
Mom - "Oh I see, and how do we know this boy?!"
Callie - "He wants to marry me, but I don't want to marry him."

I chuckled and grabbed her book.  As I was opening to the first page she lets out the loudest sigh of disgust while looking at her phone...

Mom - "What's the matter?"
Callie - "It's Jason.  His battery is about to die so he has to charge his phone.  He can't call me tonight!"
Mom - "I hate when that happens."
Callie - "Oh it's okay - my new game just finished downloading!  The Penguin Slide!"
Mom - "Oh Callie, I love you so much!"

Seriously, I love her imagination and I love that she will continue carrying on these conversations in her own little world :)

Callie, please don't ever change!