Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thing 1 Thing 2 themed First Birthday Party for Collin & Carter

If you were to tell me one year ago that things would be the way they are now, I would never have believed you! I remember hearing my MOM friends tell us "It will get easier, believe us" - and we're supposed to believe them, because THEY ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN THROUGH IT! But I didn't...I was in denial. These boys were never going to sleep through the night - they were never going to stop spitting up (even though Callie eventually did!). Well, I was wrong, and I am so happy to admit that! My MOM friends were right - it did get easier! About 8.5 months Josh and I looked at each other and said, "It just got easier!" No joke either! Looking back at their birth pictures, I can't help but think "WHEN DID YOU GROW UP!?" Seriously. We have been able to tell them apart since birth, but when you actually watch videos of them as newborns, you can't tell...thankfully I picked out features to remember...Like this video: (take a guess - which do you think is Carter & which is Collin?)

 If you guessed Carter on the left and Collin on the right, you are correct! Their noses and hair are dead giveaways :) Well, their first birthday came and it was everything I had hoped it would be! Of course I took TONS of pictures, so please enjoy this Thing 1 Thing 2 themed Birthday party for my very precious Collin & Carter XOXO

Thing 1 Thing 2 Cupcakes :)  
This was the 2nd attempt as I accidentally burned the first batch the night before :(

Collin & Carter's Cupcakes :)

We had a Nacho Bar :) 
Build your own Nachos...

I also bought really cheap Dr. Seuss signs on Etsy & printed them at Staples.  
These were great decorations around the house for Dr. Seuss quotes :)

All the fixings :)  Thank you Brittany for helping cut everything!

Collin & Carter each had their own books to be signed!


Callie's artwork came back out from when we were pregnant with these boys!

Their monthly hand prints that several people told me I would not have time to do...
So happy I took the time each month to do this!  Such a wonderful memory!

Included on their monthly hand print is their monthly pictures :)

Pictures and quotes all over the house!  So many fun memories on these walls :)

Everywhere you turned...

My Gophers!

Yes - even in the bathroom!

A little fuzzy, but this was perfect!  The frame underneath is actually Callie's "bathroom" sign to help her remember to flush and wash after she is done going potty :)

Heidi pouring some juice :)

Jessica remembering these wonderful days :)
You my dear have been so wonderful - we are so blessed to have you in our lives :)

Collin getting some snuggles from Grandma Lynn :)

Kids playing on this nice day!

Lots of juice


Dad & his nachos

Collin wasn't feeling very well today...but he was a trooper on his birthday party!

I will totally do this again, it was delicious & so many went back for seconds and thirds!

Grandpa checking out their cupcakes :)

I love our friends :)

Playing with Grandma :)

Derrick and his buddy!

Haha - nice mom :) :)

Great Grandma, Gramma & Sharon


I love her - she is such a wonderful supportive sister!  
All day long, she made sure Collin & Carter knew it was THEIR birthday!
I'm so proud of you Callie :)  They are so lucky to have you!

Hey check this out - I have Callie's cup...lets drink it!

He loves walking all over :)
Collin is labeled Thing 1 as he was born first!

Cruising around the yard, trying to pick up chicks!

Gramma & Auntie Colleen playing :)

This is where all the boys were!

Time for gift opening...

Thank goodness we had a lot of little helpers!  

Happy Birthday Collin & Carter!
Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing Big Sister, Father of all Things & Mother of all Things!

Callie was such a great helper to her brothers!

Notice Collin's red face as I'm on the floor by him.  He was crying pretty hard here.  I was on the verge of picking him up to snuggle him...but guess what he did...

He bypassed me and went straight to Derrick...  :( :(
Derrick & these boys...I tell ya, they are like the 3 Amigos!

Jet & Carter :)

I'm not sure of my face, but Carter was so excited as was Callie (and Casey) about the sweet bubble station from the Bredlows :)

Kisses from Daddy to Carter :)

Collin prefers the water bottle

Callie was delivering the puppies to her brothers so they could snuggle!

Of course Collin wanted to snuggle by Derrick (I actually a little jealous Derrick :))


You took it - I post it :)

Yes, these are my lovely sisters!

Carter digging into the Little Tykes Bin of the car & train set

Callie setting it up for Carter (seriously - worlds BEST sister!)

Grandma Lynn gave them each these sweet cars!

Now they can go cruising for sure!

Collin prefers to ride with Carter still!

Next up - Birthday cake :)  This was so amazing to watch.  It wasn't raining yet, so we set the boys up on the deck, gave them their cakes & enjoyed the laughs!

Carter taking out his "1" candle - don't worry, the wind blew out the flame...which I didn't care, because does a 1 year old REALLY need fire in front of them!?

Collin thinking "Really, this is mine??"

"Okay, if you insist!"

Yummy - frosting!


They loved it and I am so happy they dug right in :)

This is what happens when your child does not eat crap like this...

One taste and it's destroyed!


I could eat these fingers :)

Or he will instead :)

"Dude, brother, check out my hands...Is mom really letting us do this?!"

Our 2/5 messy "Thing" family!

Collin was starting to fall asleep - it was precious (remember, he's sick...)


I don't want to be done!

Happy Birthday Song:
Our tub was FILTHY...frosting ALL over!

Daddy was sure tired.  Everyone left, and then it started to POUR outside.  
Severe thunderstorms moving in...

I got the boys to sleep and actually put them both in the pack n play in the basement...just to be safe.
And then everyone came back because they couldn't see driving on the freeway...

Carter loving his new cars :)

Collin talking on his new phone :)

Collin's New Phone :)  This is way too cute!

After gift opening, I tried to thank everyone; however, I was unable to get the words out of my mouth through the tears.  I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy (that causes thousands of tears) when I think about this past year.  I hate the fact that my baby boys are growing up so quickly.  I hate that it causes Callie to grow up as well...I don't want them to ever leave!  

To our parents: Thank you for being there for us this past year.  We could not have done this without you guys!  You have come down to the rescue more than once.  You have given up days, weekends and weeks to help us out with our children.  You have given us breaks, cleaned our house, done our laundry and cooked us meals!  You have listened to us complain and probably laughed at us with the craziness that has been going on in our lives!

To our sisters: We are so grateful our children have you as aunts (and uncles bro-in-laws!)  You have shown love and support to us and given our children their very first friends...their cousins :)  Heidi & Colleen-Thank you for coming down to celebrate their birthday!  You have no idea how much this means to me/us.  Callie was so excited to play with you and I know Collin & Carter have fallen in love with you guys :)

Jason & Lisa: You two have been there for us more times than once!  You have watched all three of our kids in a heart beat, you have provided sanity for us, you've listened to me cry & complain when I'm frustrated, you've helped whenever possible, and you have been AMAZING friends!  We could not have asked for better Godparents for Collin than the two of you.

Blake & Brittany: You live in a completely different state, yet you have been so involved in our kid's lives.  I often feel guilty for the fact that we have not been to Illinois to visit you as much as you have been here.  Callie adores you guys and loves William (probably more now that they have taken a bath together).  You are more loving and giving than I can ever hope to be.  We could not have asked for better Godparents for Carter than the two of you.

Jessica & Derrick (actually Alexis & Jet too): There are no words that can possibly describe your family!  You are a great example of a Godly woman.  You have this glow about you Jessica that attracts others.  People feel proud and important when they are around you.  Your family adores you and it has rubbed off onto mine.  You have given us the best gift anyone has ever given us (besides God giving us our beautiful children) - you care for our children every single day.  Without question, without hesitation, you take them in any form, any day!  There will never be anyway that we can ever repay you for the love you have been giving our children when we are not around.  Derrick, my kids love you and you have created a special bond with them that not many daycare provider's husbands create!  You take the time to get to know our kids, care about them and make them feel important.  Alexis & Jet - you do the same!  My kids feel like you are siblings to them!  No words can possibly thank you and your family for not only this past year, but since the day you asked care for Callie :)

To all of our friends and family that I did not have a chance to thank on Sunday:
Thank you - thank you for your support this year.  It really did get easier and we really did make it through.  I think I got a little more crazy and anal, but that comes with more children and schedules!  Thank you for the help, the comfort, the meals, the nights out, the babysitting and even the helping us with our home!  In case we have forgotten to thank you in person, you have really touched our lives in a way that you will never imagine!  
Thank you - Love, Josh & Cori

Happy First Birthday Collin & Carter - we love you!
Happy First year of being a BIG SISTER, Callie, we love you and are so proud of you!
Happy First year of surviving Twins Josh, we did it together!  We've had our ups and downs, but in the end - I would not ever want to go through this with anyone else but you!