Thursday, May 16, 2013

Callie's Dance Recital!

Wow have I slacked...Callie had her final performance on May 5th at Austin High School.  By final, I mean of the season!  She's all signed up and ready for next year - she's even ready for this summer's dance's Princess Dance Camp - wow is that right up her alley!

She did such a wonderful job and had such a great support team there for her :)  She even was able to participate in the "Father-Daughter Hero Routine" this year...holy crap was that cute!  Go figure, my memory card ran out of memory and it stopped recording that dance half way through, but I have cute pictures to remember it :)

Callie's Cheering Section :)

Papa & Sharon playing with Carter!

I love this picture of Grafton - he and Carter are playing together!

There she is - 2nd from the right!

I LOVE HER!  She's so brave and beautiful!

Super Dad and Callie ready for their father daughter dance :)


Oh no...I'm so scared, I need a super hero to protect me...

Super Dad to the rescue!

 Nice moves dad!

 My perfect Ballerina :)

Tears. In. precious!

 This kills me - I love these two!

 Sorry Sharon that I caught you on a blink, but look how sweet and comfy Carter looks :)

 Carter was loving all the 'hot chicks' dancing!  He can't wait for Callie's friends to come over so he can hit on them :)

 Callie watching the dancers with her cousins!

 Gramma & Grampa :)

 Auntie Heidi, Tyler, Trey and Trygg!  I love Trygg's face here :)

 Papa & Sharon

 Mommy and my boys :)

 I love my family and I am so proud of you Callie for once again performing in front of hundreds of people!  You did so well and you make your daddy and I more and more proud to be your parents every single day!

We love you Bug!

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