Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 16

According to the text, our baby has developed tiny bones in its ears this week, and it can finally hear! It recommended singing to your baby to help mature these ears...well, good thing I sing ALL DAY! He/she is going to come out singing sight word songs :)

(Tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb)
T-H-E spells THE THE THE, THE THE THE, THE THE THE T-H-E spells THE THE THE, T-H-E spells THE! Yup - I sing it about 20 times a day :) Along with many others...Maybe all this Spanish that I have been speaking will help our baby in the Bilingual department!I have had several women that I work with tell me that I "look" like I am starting to pop. But then I have several others tell me..."You're 16 weeks, are you sure?!" You take a look for yourself...
Right now, our McBaby is 4-5 inches long and weighs about 3 ounces. He/she has eyebrows and eyelashes! I wonder what color hair he/she will have!??

We still haven't told our classes yet. I think I am trying to wait for my stomach to "pop" more...which isn't and hasn't been happening :( I'm sure we'll get SO MANY questions, but it'll be a good learning experience.

24 more weeks...Wow, that seems like forever away!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 15

Week 15 :) Can you believe it! In 5 weeks we will be at our half way point! Where on earth did this time go? At week 14 Josh and I were thinking that MAYBE it was a possibility that I was starting to show...but it was a lot of the bloating feeling. So here we are, 1 week later, and I feel like I can actually say "I am SHOWING!" Maybe it's not that much, but at least it something!

Yes I have the infamous "Shellum Sway Back" that only a few of us girls have (my mom, Heidi and myself), but I really think it's showing baby this time around :) FINALLY!

If you compare last week to now...I think something is there :) Hopefully I'll have more to show at week 16! Until then...Happy Growing McBaby!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 14

So Josh and I hard our 2nd Dr.'s appointment this week. We were able to hear our babies heart beat which was a relief! I have been feeling SO GOOD that I was starting to worry and was thinking..."Am I really still pregnant?"

YES WE ARE! We heard the heart beat and our little one was moving around like crazy :) It was so precious! I'm going to try and record our next visit.

We also realized that we've dropped the ball on picture taking. Here is a picture of my stomach at Week 14. We will try and update this weekly with new pictures of my growing belly! So far I'm just bloating up...haven't popped yet, but VERY SOON the Dr. said! She thinks for sure by October 12th I will have popped!!! YEAH :)

Until then...