Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 29 - Check out what this momma can do :)

Week 29 was a GREAT week :)  I seriously felt like this week flew by, but I was still able to hang on and enjoy the ride!

On Monday - we had our family professional photos taken, I can't WAIT to see them :) :)  Callie was pretty shy at first, but warmed up eventually!

I was also able to go up to the boys State Tournament game on Wednesday!  Callie, my dad and I all went - it was so much fun to watch our boys play hard!  They had a terrific season, and I know they'll be back next year!  I'm also glad my dad was able to cheer on the Austin Packers with us...oh how he loves his basketball :) :)  (probably where I get it from!)  He usually gets to a couple games every year, so he remembers a lot of the players and knows some of the families now :)

I felt AWESOME all week :)  My back wasn't bothering me too much, and when it did, it did not slow me down - as I'm used to the pain!

 My belly is getting bigger - I can tell, because of the some new found stretch marks...Seriously - I think God is just trying to tell me that I'm not supposed to weigh as much as I do!

Speaking of weight...We had a doctors appointment on Friday :)  I gained...ready for it...ONLY 1 POUND!  Here is the BEST news of them all though - our Dr. thinks BOTH babies are head down!  We can't be 100% sure without an ultrasound, but he has a strong feeling they are both in position for a delivery :)  With only 9 more weeks to go - that is FANTASTIC news!

Baby A had a strong heartbeat this time - usually being the slower of the two...145 BPM.  Baby B had a typical Baby B heartbeat - somewhere between 140-145 BMP (is what the doc said).  He seems to think they heart beats sounded VERY similar this time around.

I also had to have my gestational diabetes test done - that drink is so nasty...I think it tasted worse this time around than it did when I had it with Callie.  I am at a greater risk for gestational diabetes, because I'm expecting twins, but I think the test will come back normal - I feel so good and I eat healthy :)

I will have you know this - my doctor asked me the typical questions:
Any contractions?  Any spotting or bleeding?  Any abnormal discharge?  Any strong pains?  etc...
I haven't, so I kept answering, "no".  He then said...and I QUOTE (with a smile on his face)...
"You are the perfect pregnant woman with twins!"

Why thank you very much...I am going to hang onto these words for a long time :)

Our babies are measuring (according to the emails I receive) about 3 pounds and approximately 17 inches long!  YUP - that'd be 34 inches of baby inside of me...
They also recommend counting kicks - 10 kicks per hour.  Well, within 5 minutes I can count 20 kicks, so I think we're good :)  These babies are little movers too!  There are certain people that they seem to move more for!  One of my reading groups for example - everyday these babies are just swimming around whenever they hear their voices!

Here is some VERY obnoxious news:
As you may remember, we bought a second crib - actually, Grandma Lynn purchased the crib for us :)  So we borrowed our friend's truck this weekend to go pick it up from Babies R Us in Rochester...load her up and bring her home.  While unpacking, guess what we discovered...a HUGE chunk of wood chipped away from the crib.  So big, in fact, that the bar would actually come out from the headboard...okay - NOT safe.

Long story short (because I'm getting tired)...Josh and Jason D. packed up the crib again, Josh hauled it back to Roch and they are ordering a NEW one for us...ARG!  I just want this room done.  I know that the babies can sleep in the same crib after they are born.  I know that it'll probably be finished before the babies arrive...

But guess what - I want this done - we made the arrangements - and now we have to do it all over again.  I think I am more mad about the inconvenience of it's uncomfortable to ride in a car for 45 min (okay anything more than 15 min. gets uncomfortable)...I just want this room complete.

While Josh drove to Rochester, I took Callie on a bike ride!  Picture this - a pregnant woman riding a bike (funny in itself) pulling a Burley with a toddler!  We biked to the park - which isn't far from us, and it was completely flat the whole way!  We walk there often, so if biking wouldn't have been as success, we would have walked the remaining trip!

I also climbed through the tunnels with Callie at the park!  That did me in, I was exhausted after that :)

Another ultra sound in 2 weeks :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Callie's Sesame Street Birthday Party!

Callie's 2nd Birthday Party...Sesame Street Style :)

Birthday's are a big deal to me - especially my daughter's birthday!  This is the day that she was born, the day that the whole world should celebrate!  This is the day that I became a mother, and it is ALL BECAUSE of this sweet, precious girl entering the world!

I had so much fun planning her birthday, and the theme was an easy choice: Sesame Street!
Thanks to Pinterest, I had so many fun and cute ideas for decorating and making the day special :)   First of all, I want to thank our family and friends that could make it!  It means more to me than you will ever know!  I love when those close to us can be together to celebrate Callie's life!  She may not remember this day, but I will make sure she always sees the fun memories that were made in her honor (through pictures of course!)...

Enjoy Callie's Birthday via photography :)

Our living room center piece - thank you Josh for taking the time to put this up!  I started, but he shooed me off of the chair - didn't want a preggo hanging this up!

He did AWESOME :)

A little welcome sign :)

Some of our featured guests :)

Her delicious cake that HyVee created for her :)  She LOVED her Elmo & Big Bird Cake - especially the cars on top that she got to keep!  The cake was vanilla with a raspberry filling in the middle - YUMMY...
You'll also notice the Sesame Street Signs - each sign includes a different character :)

These two were my favorite: Oscar the Grouch & Elmo Veggies :)  and a heck of a lot easier to put together than I thought :)

Sunny Days require rainbow fruit - YUMMY!  All of Callie's favorites!  I only picked things she likes.  She's not a fan of green grapes, so we didn't have them...they're too sour for her!

 The birthday girl - stealing some chips :)

I love her!  This outfit just couldn't get any cuter (in my mind at least)... and with the humidity from outside...her curls were in full form today :)

I know this sounds bad - but it was grape kool-aid and fruit punch!  We served these two and water for the beverages of choice!  Hey - it's a 2 year old's birthday party :)

The hamburger bar (there were more, this was just the first batch that was cooked up by my lovely husband!!)  The food was delicious and perfect for a nice hot spring day (in the middle of March!)

Ava & Callie enjoyed sitting in the shade at the "kid" table :)

I love her curls here!

The 3 kids of the hour hanging out together!

:)  On the Fourth of July - we have a picture very similar to this - only Casey is pushing Callie...nice work Casey - make her work for your love :)

Grandma Lynn captured this super cute picture :)  I LOVE her smile here !!

Callie had a blast playing with Larry!

 Swinging with Grandma Lynn!

So it's become tradition - we dress for the theme of the birthday party :)  Elmo & Cookie Monster showed up (a rather large Elmo!)...

Callie swinging some more with Daddy (in between flipping burgers and hot dogs!)

Callie was SO excited to finally be able to eat her cake!  She kept sneaking over and stealing the frosting!

As soon as she realized we were singing Happy Birthday to her, she quickly put her head down because she was shy...poor girl :)

My big girl is officially two years old...oh where has the time gone???

Enjoying her cake & ice cream outside!

YUMMY - perfect spring day!

Of course, Callie later decided it was time to poop - and who does she want but her pooping pal...Grampa :)  I laughed when she was yelling for him - what a trooper...hung out with her until the job was done!

As a reward, I shall share my cake with you Grampa!  Haha - just kidding, I'm going to eat it :)

What a little tease you are Callie :)

Grandma Lynn was SUPER creative in her wrapping - I LOVE this!  I wanted to open it very carefully and save it, but of course - Callie dove right in!  Great job Grandma - you amaze me more and more with your artistic abilities :)

Reading her new Elmo puzzle book from Ava & Casey!

 And her Princess book & baby giraffe!  After she opened this one, she ran into her bedroom and put it in her "bedtime basket" that contains books we read before bed!

Jason, Lisa, Ava & Casey with Callie and Kix - we love you guys so much!  Thank you for coming to celebrate Callie's big day - it means so much to Josh and I :)  We are so blessed to have you in our lives :)

So what did Grandma Lynn get Callie - A TABLE WITH CHAIRS!  Oh boy was she excited!  It is already set up and in our basement full of her kitchen toys (and animals sitting in chairs)...she LOVES this!

A lego box?  Well, not just ANY lego box - a handmade travel lego box that her Grampa made her (my dad) dad is also extremely talented!  The green lego base slides off and the legos are held inside :)

A card from Grampa...

Homemade treasures are the best...this thing ROCKS!

Hmmm - what is this from Grampa & Gramma Shellum?  Let me just go into the bag to find out :)

 A NEW BIKE...Callie's FIRST bike :)

With a trunk - what could be inside!?


Auntie Heidi, Uncle Bruce & the boys sent a gift from Japan...

Here Larry, you help me open it :)

A Japanese coin purse with Yen inside...awesome!  It's all in her piggy bank now though :)  Also, thanks for the Elmo clock, the Elmo pajamas and Japanese treats :)

Thanks Auntie Colleen for the sweet shades (and the unicorn pillow pet and cute outfit!)

Thank you Auntie Heather, Uncle Brian & cousins for the American Girl Bitty Baby Medical Kit & new outfit for baby :)

OOOH - Gramma was at the American Girl Doll store...Birthday Cake!

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa came down to celebrate :)  Thanks for making the trip down!

Gramma & Grampa Shellum :)

Riding her new bike!!!

Taking a stroll in her wagon as's been a long day!

Helping Larry put together her chair :)

Relaxing a bit while he does all the work!

She wanted her Grandma to take a picture of her tummy...I love this sweet tummy!

And now she's watching the airplanes while the boys do the work!

Later in the remaining party goers :)

 So sweet - all cuddled up next to her Grandma in the wagon :)  Love this!

Grandma was showing Callie the pictures from her birthday...their conversation was too precious!!!!  

Trying out her new table as the chairs are being finished!

And here it is - all ready for play time :)  You can see that Callie already had her friends gathered around the table to eat :)

:)  And last - the next day - Callie was all set and ready to go out in her new glasses :)  I love these two...I am so unbelievably blessed with so much love and happiness in my life!  Happy 2nd Birthday Callie - you make me SO happy!!