Monday, March 19, 2012

Callie turned 2 :) :)

Callie's 2nd Birthday quickly approached us...

There was a lot of things to look forward to now that Callie is two; however, I hate having to face the fact that she is quickly growing up and not my little baby anymore.  I always catch myself saying "Hi baby girl" - but then I remember...she's so big - yes she will ALWAYS be my baby girl :)
This picture was not taken on her birthday, but a few days before.  It was taken on the 13th - but was so cute that I couldn't resist!  She has really been hamming it up for the camera lately!!  That and she LOVES bath time :)

For Callie's 2nd Birthday, we had an Elmo themed party (that'll be another blog post in itself)...and if you are an Elmo fan, you know that he has a pet goldfish, Dorothy!  Well, we felt it was appropriate to get Callie her very first fish - and something she would have to take responsibility for!  Here she is meeting her new fishy for the first time!

We asked Callie where she wanted to keep him (hoping she'd say her bedroom as we wanted him out of Kix's view) - and she did - she wanted him on her dresser :)  It's perfect, because she can bring her stool over and look right at him!  We have also taught her how to feed him (we keep that away until it's time to eat...)

Callie has some pretty special friends too - the Schwab Family!  If you have been reading previous posts, you know Callie's love for Nate :)  Well, we biked over to their house to visit, and they gave Callie a birthday present!  Here she is playing in her new Princess Castle!  The dress-up skirt and crown came with this, but they are currently off and on the floor in front of it!  She tries to run through the kitchen with the dress shoes on, but quickly slips!  Thank you Schwab Family - you are too good to her!

So here we are, March 15th - and it's time for Callie to go to bed.  Here is a picture of Callie on her LAST night EVER being 1 years old :(  Sweet baby girl...

Then in the morning, we went in, and here she is - not wanting to get up...after she saw our smiles and excitement of her birthday - okay and the streamers hanging from her door - she quickly got up full of smiles :)

Being two also meant that Callie could officially turn around in her car seat and face FORWARD!  This was the last "baby" thing I had left to hang onto - and now that time has come and gone.  It's nice though - being able to see her and talk to her!  She enjoys being able to look out the window too!  Little does she know that her being close to the window days are coming to an end!

She spent her day at daycare with Jessica, who always makes her day so special (I think she values birthdays the same way I do :))

When we got home, Josh and I gave Callie some of her birthday presents from us!  I love that she is taking her time to read her Abby Cadabby Birthday card from us :)

OOOH  - A new book - must check this out :)

YEAH - Musical Chimes - this is a huge hit!  She really enjoys playing music on do I :)  There is a music book that goes along with it, so I'm actually getting pretty good!  I can play a killer "Oh When the Saints" on it :)

Daddy had to leave shortly after, because the boys basketball team was playing in the Section Final Basketball game at the Rochester Civic Center - we OF COURSE had to go too :)  I got Callie all dressed up in her typically basketball attire (french braided pig tails, face paint, over sized red bball shirt that we have to tie in the back, basketball shorts and her red adidas)...  We also had a sign for her to carry around :)  I LOVE this picture :)  Oh yeah, the #3 is for Nate Schwab!

 We sat with the Denzers - Callie and Casey were playing around together before game time :)  I think Casey is showing his game face here :)  While Callie - like always - admires him ;)

During half time, Callie walked around to her friends and handed out tootsie pops for her birthday.  There was a little "flag" on each one that read, "Happy 2nd Birthday Callie, GO PACKERS!"  She had a blast doing this :)

Here is my little candy giver!  She carried around her Elmo basket (from Halloween of course) full of suckers - giving them away to anyone and everyone who smiled at her :)  You can really see her full basketball outfit here too!

 Towards the end of the game, Callie sat on the steps next to me - which was a nice break for my back!

At one point, she wanted to play - now we were sitting practically on the floor, so I told her she could run around in front of me - well, she took off running, past the fans, past the student section, past our high school assistant principal and right into the arms (seriously stopped and raised her arms) of our High School Principal - this picture was just too cute not to take :)

Me - I just laughed!

Callie with her friend Gabby!!!

The game was coming to an end, there was seriously 40 seconds left and it was a tie game - a game we had been down the whole time...with 13 seconds remaining, our coach called a time out.  The boys went out and ran an INCREDIBLE play...our point guard lobbed it up and our center DUNKED IT with 2 seconds remaining on the clock!!  HOLY CRAP - WE WON!  The Austin Packers are HEADED TO STATE!!!!

 Mommy and Callie dressed alike for the basketball game (I am in Daddy's shirt!)  and Callie flashing the # 1 :)  So sweet!

Here's the McRae's (mommy looking rather LARGE here)...Callie was WAY past her bedtime and was wiped out!

Of course she had to see Nate - her favorite player!  I just love this picture too :)  Thanks for putting this in her hands - in 2028, this will be in her hands again, only it will say "GIRLS BASKETBALL!"

Loving up on daddy at the end of the game...on her birthday!  I got a little emotional, because a group of parents & fans around started singing Happy Birthday to Callie - it was incredible!

Callie and I drove home - when I pulled in the garage and turned around - this is what I saw :)  Yup - she was TIRED!

Overall - her birthday was a great day!  She is such a good girl and I love her more than words can possibly describe!  Her ability to remember things and retain things impresses me everyday!  She is such a lover and cares so much about others already!

Callie, you truly are an amazing girl, a true gift from God!  I am so happy to call myself your Mother :)  You make me so proud!!!  I love you baby girl!!

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  1. Aww she is just so precious! What an awesome birthday! Happy birthday Callie!


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