Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 26 - Money Saving Week :)

This past week has been very eventful.  I had been feeling great, until Wednesday.  During the night (Tuesday night), I woke up very uncomfortable and it was hurting.  I just figured it was the way I was laying, and I went back to sleep.  That morning, while I was getting ready for work, I felt it again - it was like a sharp pain - almost like a menstrual cycle cramp.  I went to work and would feel them randomly throughout my morning.  I'll be honest, it hurt the MOST while I would be up walking around.

I called my Dr. and they said to come in.  I also called my mom right away - just to give her a heads up (something I do with pretty much everything in my life!).  It was about noon and I told Josh I had a 2:00 Dr. apt.  Luckily he was able to go with - had he not been able to, my mom was going to drive down and go with me - just in case!

We went to the appointment and our Dr. ran a couple tests on me to see if I was experiencing preterm labor. He said that the things I am experiencing are probably my muscles stretching - something I never experienced with Callie (I had complete control my whole pregnancy with her)...

I won't make you wait - he called me back later that evening and informed me that my test came back negative and I was NOT experiencing preterm labor :)  YEAH!  My cervix is nice and tight & long he said :)

Yes - I am in my PJ's in this picture - I really don't care :)  
Josh spent the day today finishing up some things in the nursery - the dresser is almost painted (YEAH!) and I think we decided on ordering a big "Phat Head" Gopher M for the wall above the dressers vs. him painting even more :)  Call it the easy way out - but if you ever see these baby gophers in person, you'll understand!

I'm not sure if it was my constant bringing it up and nagging about it, or if Josh decided it was time, but we took some time to go check out more car seats-this time, Babies R Us was our first stop - but in the cities!  Rochester's selection just wasn't very big. 

We met Josh's dad & Sharon there - it was nice to have Callie run around and play with them too :)  We immediately found an extremely knowledgeable employee - Jason - who knew SO MUCH about car seats, safety, and had two children of his own :)  He and Josh were lining up car seats in the store like a jigsaw puzzle.  He was telling us about the way certain seats are made/cut to fit with others.  Finally, Josh brought them to the car - and Jason went with him :)

After a couple attempts and trying out only a couple different seats - THEY DID IT!  I'm not kidding, I hugged him with tears in my eyes (Jason - the employee)...We brought Callie out, had her try sitting in it and everything...


We didn't care the amount of money we spent on the car seats, because it was going to be nothing compared to the loss we would have taken on our vehicle had we had to trade in for a mini van.

We know it probably would be easier - a mini van, but what everyone was forgetting is that we JUST bought this car.  We hadn't even started trying to get pregnant when we first bought it.  It was three short months after that we found out we were having twins.  The amount we would have lost would have been about $8-10,000.00 - we really wanted to make this work!  And we are SO happy that we did :)

Callie will be able to turn around in her car seat in 2 very short weeks - when she turns...TWO YEARS OLD!


  1. The weeks are ticking by so fast! I'm glad the pains were just normal ones. I had them with Cole and Eli, but not Rylie so maybe you're carrying boys :) Either that, or you're being stretched out so much faster since it's twins.
    I didn't realize you guys just bought your car. I can see why you're not wanting to give it up! That would be a big loss. Glad they were able to figure it out!!

  2. Glad to hear that your cervix is nice and tight and long!! :) And to hear that everything is going great-- miss you! :)

  3. You look absolutely adorable in your p.j.'s! :-)

  4. HAHA - Andrea - you make me laugh! It's like a good pick up line :)


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