Sunday, March 11, 2012

A few Callie videos!

For the past several months, I have been leading some Early Childhood trainings with a fellow friend/colleague of mine, Amy G.  We have been working with Mower Counties preschool teachers and day care provides to align our early childhood - pre-kindergarten to helping our children move into kindergarten smoothly.  It is a GREAT program and I hope we receive the grant next year!

We have led trainings that have focused on: Vocabulary Development, Fine Motor Skills & Listening Comprehension.  Now these are VERY broad topics that can cover a lot of different areas, so we tried to focus on certain areas from birth-age 6.

Many of the times, I would not only focus on the kindergarten side of my experience, but I focused on the "mom" side as well...having a toddler at home who is doing a lot of these things, it was nice to come with examples!

Here are two videos Josh recorded that shows how we read to our daughter.  This isn't meant to "teach" anyone - but it is so darn cute and funny that I had to post it :)  You have to watch them in order...and remember this - at least she was making a real life connection here :)

Callie also LOVES playing with her dolly and her Elmo!  Often times we will walk into the bathroom and see this...Callie teaching one of her toys how to use the potty! I just laugh!  And typically we don't let her use a lot of TP, but sometimes it's okay for her to experiment with it and learn how to do it!

This is seriously adorable!


  1. oh my gosh I love it all!!! Too cute!

  2. adorable of her with elmo! i love how at one point she throws him down to tend to the toilet! classic toddler move..


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