Sunday, March 11, 2012

Austin Packer Basketball

All season long, Callie and I have packed up her basketball game and headed to the Austin Packer Boys Basketball games.  We traveled to the away games (most of them) and went to the home games (all of them).  There was a two week span that we didn't go, because she was potty training and I wanted her to feel confident before throwing her out in public.

This has been an amazing season with so much growth and competition!  Teams we have lost to in the past, we were beating!  The crowd was always large and cheering loud!  AND the players have been playing right along with the atmosphere...

Callie is quite the basketball fan :)  Lately, she's only been wanting to wear her "Daddy Shorts" or "Basketball Shorts" - they are the same thing.  Either way, we've been shopping in the boys department buying "basketball shorts"...and I'm okay with it - that way she won't be confused on what kind of athlete she should grow up to be :)  And I've learned that shorts are cheaper than dresses!

Callie and I sit in the same spot for every home game: on the end behind the bench!  On the end so we can be in and out in case she needs to use the potty & by the bench so we don't have a ton of fans around us - sometimes this little one likes keep herself busy!

Here are some fun photos from the last game we attended - We are playing ON Callie's 2nd BIRTHDAY! for the Section Finals game - if we win - we GO TO STATE!!!!  Our boys haven't been there since 1982...

 Part of the reason Callie is so well behaved at games: I stock up on snacks and give them to her frequently!
Here she is probably eating some M&M's...a "BASKETBALL ONLY" treat!

 The #3 is for her favorite player Nathan Schwab!  I'm not worried about showing favoritism...Nathan has been in her life since she was born (I have pictures to prove it!)  And Callie ADORES him :)

 Tip off - GO PACKERS!  They were playing Winona here!
Check out the student section (all in red) - and they stand the entire game :)

 During Packer free throws, the student section does one clap and raises one finger above their head.  If it goes in they drop it down with a "whoosh".  I have taught Callie how to do this - SHE LOVES IT - and she claps regardless :)  So encouraging!
Yes - she has her own chair that she sits in :)

 Time to pull out the suckers (actually after she goes potty for the first time at a game, she has it drilled into her mind that she gets a sucker!).  I love her "Cheering" face here!  She really does cheer them on - it's awesome!

 Peyton & Jordan Ransom with Callie :)  I love that Callie was holding up the #1 - without being told :)
I seriously just told her to take her hand out of her mouth!  That's right girl - #1 :)

 Callie with Nate's younger sister, Payton Schwab - Callie loves this entire family :)  
I may need a Schwab family picture...with Callie!

 There he is - Callie's favorite Packer player...#3, Nathan Schwab.
This picture turned out so stinkin cute!

The McRae Family!
Callie is rocking her new shoes - Packer red!

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