Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to the Olson Farm!

Josh and I traveled to Taylor, WI with Jason and Lisa Denzer this past weekend. They asked us to be the Godparents to their handsome son Casey!! It was such an adventure!

The first thing the Denzer's told us when we arrived was that on our way home they would take us on the "scenic" and "back roads" to get back to Austin. I was in shock, because I'm pretty sure the road we traveled on WAS the back roads!

Lisa's parents live there and have more than 200 cows! So you can guess what I did for the first time :) I threw on some old clothes and her dad, Paul's, carheart jacket - I looked so cool!!! Josh wasn't really for it, because he grew up in Long Prairie, and they have farms all over the place.

I had this vision in my mind: 5-10 cows, happy, friendly just eagerly waiting for me to milk them. WRONG! They smell, there were a TON of them, and they did NOT want to be milked.

Our journey began by a couple calves licking my hand. Then one of them had my entire hand inside his mouth. I was too grossed out to take it out...I think I felt his uvula.

Then Paul, Lisa's Dad, tried telling me that you have to pump the cow's tail a few times to get him ready for milking. I would have believed him if he wouldn't have been laughing as he was telling me! But I did it! I put the milk pumping device right on the tit of the cow!

Sunday morning we woke up and went to Taylor Lutheran Church for Casey's Baptism. He looked SO HANDSOME! Poor little guy has been fighting a cold, but he was such a trooper! It's tough when you fall asleep and someone pours water on your head!

It was so much fun to meet our dear friend's family! I always feel even closer to someone when you know the family! The Denzer's (Jason, Lisa, Ava & Casey) all mean so much to Josh and I! Your friendship means the world to us!

We are now the proud Godparents to Casey Paul Denzer, and we are going to kick some major butt if anyone tries to start anything with you :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Cat Rancher's

As most of you know already, we have three cats! Striker, Cooper & Kix!

Striker is a lover. He will follow you around and meow at you until you pet him. He loves up to me, but tends to ignore Josh when it comes to cuddling. He's my boy!

Cooper is a SPAZ! (maybe it comes from spazonu - Josh's screen name?!!?) Actually, I think he is Autistic. He jumps at any sudden movement and attacks without you looking. He also likes objects that move. Whether it is the lazer light on the floor, toys, the mouse cursor on our computers, or the moving hand from our Nintendo Wii (his latest fixation)...then he gets his fat self in the way so we can't see...

Kix on the other hand - he is the loving cat that Josh has wanted! He is a lap friend - well, Josh's lap friend. It is a 100% guarantee...whenever Josh sits down at his computer, Kix is up on his lap in a matter of seconds. It's like shaking a can of kitty treats...Kix hears the chair moving on the hard wood floor and he is up in his lap so fast! I try to put him in my lap - and nope...He hops right over to Josh's...I get so jealous...

Anyway, one day Kix was laying on Josh's lap. Josh was just petting right under his chin. Low and behold, Kix started kicking his leg by reflex. It was the cutest thing ever, I had to tape it!
When Josh stopped, Kix moved and he had drooled (unintentionally) all over himself...poor cat!

So hurry up and get down here to visit these CRAZY cats of ours! I thought it was about time we write about them...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good weekend

Cori has been bugging me to update this, so here goes. I'm up way to late on a Sunday night... 11:30 p.m.!!!! Normal people are laughing at that, but teachers understand.

Friday night we had a home game against Rochester Century. Everyone won so it was a good night. My "B" team is doing pretty good this year; we are 13-3 I believe. I like my team, they are fun group.

Saturday morning we had a Wii fit marathon. Cori and I basically took turns working out for most of the morning. If only we could work out EVERY morning. Later Saturday afternoon we went to the cities for Valentine’s Day. Cori was mad last year about missing Valentines so I had to plan something good this year. We went to eat at Murry's in Downtown Minneapolis. We had the butter knife steak, and it was amazing. I had been promising Cori a fancy restaurant and I think this place qualifies.

After dinner we went to the Orpheum to see Annie. Cori was definitely surprised and excited. Major man points for me for taking her to it. We got home pretty late, but it was a good night.

Before I tell you about Sunday, I want to give you a little background about our normal Sunday routine. Typically I spend Sunday doing a few odd jobs/chores around the house, veg out and play 360 or Wii, or play on the computer. Cori usually is busy cleaning, cooking, doing homework, etc.

This Sunday was almost the exact opposite. I got Cori into Animal crossing for the Wii. Three hours later and I think she likes the game. It has been a personal goal of mine to find games she will enjoy. I think this is one of them. Between Wii Fit, Super Mario Galaxy, and Animal crossing I might not get much time to play the Wii! I'm pumped she is into it though, because I like it when she plays games with me. I will give her credit though, she took time to get her homework done and make a delicious dinner. She is such a good multitasker, some day she will make a great Supernintendo!

So it was a good weekend. I wish we had more like them. Seems like we don’t have many veg out days!