Sunday, May 23, 2010


Why hasn't someone come up with a better way to inject medicine and vaccines into small babies? I mean seriously...SHOTS? On BABIES?!

We had finally reached Callie's 2 month appointment...the appointment where our beautiful princess receives SHOTS :(

We arrived at the Dr.'s office and she was LOVING the fish in the waiting room! Luckily they were big and colorful - 2 things that will catch her attention!

"Callie McRae" - Here we go...time to head back...

Everything checked out great! Callie is gaining weight - 10.5 pounds, growing - 22 inches long, and we are going to add rice cereal to my milk to thicken it - meaning I'm done breast feeding :( I now have to pump everything out and we are bottle feeding her.

The first dose of medicine was a liquid, and she took it like a champ :) She was laying on the table so happy and laughing. Then they told Josh and I to hold her arms down so she wouldn't throw them up in the air and have the Dr.'s miss the shots. So we did that and then ...

"1...2...3..." and just like that, Callie had 3 needles jammed into her tiny little legs. The look of TERROR was written all over her face. If you can picture a red juicy tomato, that is what Callie's poor little face looked like. Little tears streaming down her cheeks...her mouth wide open, hardly any sounds coming out :(

Just watching her broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. I was immediately crying. As soon as they said, "Okay, you can pick her up now", I had her in my arms so quickly. It pained Josh and I in so many ways to see her in that much pain. Josh may deny it, but I know I could see his eyes redden. I'm not sure if he cried or not - my vision was too blurred, but the tears were there...he was just as sad as I was.

We quickly dressed Callie, held her, rocked her and loved her - and then gave her a bottle (Tip to new mom's - bring a bottle with to the 2 month much faster than breast feeding). Within a few minutes, Callie was quickly in her milk coma - trying to sleep away the pain.

So many friends had told us that their children slept like rock stars the night of their shots. Yeah, now our sweet Miss Callie! No, this young lady wanted to be up EVERY HOUR to let me know just how mad she was that we did this to her. Yes...this was my first night of only 4 hours of sleep. Poor little thing was so uncomfortable. I couldn't find one way to hold her that made her happy. She eventually cried herself to sleep in my arms (talk about taking your heart and stomping all over it.) :( :( :(

We thought for sure the next day would be better...WRONG. Callie quickly was upset. She was crying all the time for no reason. She wanted to be held at EVERY moment - which gets hard when it's just me at home during the day and I, say, have to go to the bathroom...or shower...

The 2nd day wasn't any better. I did; however, get more sleep. Callie and I cuddled and took a nice long nap together! I was even able to get a shower in before 2:00 pm (this is the reason I ALWAYS shower at night...why did I choose now to change that for the day?)

So, I stated earlier that we were now giving Callie rice cereal in her milk to thicken it. This was supposed to help settle in her tummy better so she wouldn't spit up as much. Guess what - IT'S WORKING!!! We are on day 4 and she is doing SO MUCH BETTER! The only problem being...She now hasn't pooped :( Callie has had the worst gas imaginable. Poor little thing would toot and then cry because it started to really bother her (this was tonight). We finally decided it was time to call the Dr.

So, Josh was managing our crying Callie who just needed to poop, and I called the Dr. Right as I started describing our situation, Josh shouted - "SHE POOPED!!!" So I finished talking to her and gathered some information on what to do in the future when this happens, and Josh was taking care of Callie's dirty diaper.

Correction: DIAPERS! Yes, she pooped through 3 diapers in literally 30 seconds! It just kept coming out of her. Josh gave her a nice warm bath to clean her up! We sat down, finished what was now our cold dinner, and Callie pooped...yet again! I was holding her, so I went in to change her. Josh had popped into her room, JUST IN TIME! Not only has Callie pooped a massive load into 4 diapers, she now had an upset stomach. She decided it was time to spit, PROJECTILE...the most we've ever seen. She turned her head to the side (all while laying on her changing table) and it came out of her. It went straight across the room.

This whole evening reminded Josh and I of the scene from Dumb and Dumber...

Our poor girl...
after all of this, she quickly fell right asleep in my arms. We laid her down in her crib where she is now resting so peacefully!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Callie Lynae picking flowers :)

I took Callie outside this morning to pick Lilacs! When we were out there, I held some flowers up to her nose and she smiled...I think she likes the smell of them! That or she liked the feeling of the flower pedals on her nose!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Callie is 2 Months Old!!!!!

If you can believe it...2 months have come and gone since Callie has entered this world! I'm not quite sure where the time has gone...but it has gone WAY too quickly.

Callie has been so happy and so active this last month! Josh and I couldn't be happier and love Callie more than words can express. It is babies like Callie that couples have more than other words - yes, we'll have more :)

This past month in review:
* Lots of smiling and laughing...I can't believe how much she smiles and laughs now!
* She is staying awake for many hours at a time - often only taking a few short naps or one long nap during the day
* Sleeping 6 solid hours every night, and every now and then sleeping 8 straight hours! YES-you read that correctly!
* She still takes her pacifier, but has lately been attempting to stick her entire hand in her mouth :) I'll work on getting a picture!
* She still enjoys her bath time, but does NOT like being out in the cold air...wet and naked (but really...who does?)
* She's been sliding out of her positioner lately at night. She sometimes is completely out of it and face planted against the crib rails - Good thing Josh and I took the bumpers out!!!
* She moved out of newborn diapers and has moved up to size 1.
* She fits in just a few newborn outfits, is in a solid size 0-3 months and fits into some 3 month clothes already. She fits into them length wise, but is still a little skinny for them...we're working on making her chunky!
* She still eats REALLY good...and she also spits up A TON still. We're doing an experiment where I pump and feed her instead of breast feeding her to see if that stops some of the spitting up. We think she may be getting more than she can handle from me.
* She LOVES music and really enjoys playing in her play gym! That was money well spent!
* She really enjoys going on walks...mainly because it is a really relaxing time and she just kicks back and takes a nap!
* She likes to cuddle on the couch with mommy in the morning and snuggle until 9-10:00 AM! Yup - Mommy is getting lots of sleep!
* She really enjoys Skyping :) Although she's been sleeping through her conversations, she still enjoys seeing her Grandma, auntie & cousins (and the occasional Uncle Bruce makes is debut!)

For now, it's late, Callie's been asleep for 1.5 hours and it's time for me to head there myself! Enjoy the pictures of our Princess...she is growing up SO FAST!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Callie and I have been going to the library every Tuesday (except last week due to Josh's back) and today was no exception...except for the fact that we woke up at 7 and then took at nap from 7:30-10:30 (it's considered a nap when you get up and brush your teeth!) :)

Anyway, our class starts at 11:15 am. To get Callie fed, dressed and ready to go, on top of me getting dressed and ready to go was not going to happen in 15 minutes. So we were late...I decided that since we were going to be late that we mine as well make an extremely late entrance! At 12:30 PM Callie and I rolled into the library :) Our class was over, which is okay, but we still picked out some good books! To me, it's not so much about the "class" but about getting Callie into the library and picking out good books.

Callie decided to use this travel time as yet another nap! I don't blame her. The sun isn't shining, it's cold and dreary outside. She is all curled up in her car seat nice and warm with her monkey jacket on and warm blankets draped over her...I'd sleep too! I decided to use this time to travel to Gymocha (the new coffee shop in Austin) and work on my efolio for my class. I am going to graduate with my Principal's licensure in December, and my efolio is the last step - now that I have completed my internship!!!

Things were going great - I already had the big debate on my food choice. I knew I wanted hot chocolate, because Gymocha has BY FAR the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had, and I knew I wanted a panini. So here I was, standing at the counter flustered over a chocolate chip cookie and vegetable beef soup. I chose the soup. I love their cookies, but I knew that my chocolate intake has been much greater than normal lately...I swear it is a drug...I'm addicted!

There I sit, Callie in her car seat sleeping, my computer and work spread out all over the table, my food and drink covering whatever space was left open....and in walks to elderly ladies. Now I love old people...they are great! They have the greatest stories, they LOVE babies, and they are sincerely happy people :)

NOT THESE TWO WOMEN. First they started in on the coffee and that it was "too strong" for one of them. Then they started complaining that the "Vegetable Beef Soup" didn't taste like the kind they made. Um, I'm sorry, but aren't there about 1,000 different types of Vegetable Beef Soup out there? Seriously. They were the two most unhappy women I have ever seen. They were the true definition of "coffee shop gossip girls". The one lady was asking the other if she was able to "hear" with her hearing aide. She then started explaining that lately she hasn't been able to hear with hers. The other told her that she can't hear at all in her one ear. Then they started talking about their friend's granddaughter who can't hear at all and how hard that must be ...FOR THE GRANDMA - not the little girl, but the old lady.

Here I am sitting, trying to mind my own business, but just couldn't help but eaves drop on their conversation. The one grumpy lady had the nerve to complain about her own grandchildren. I know that kids can be a pain in the butt...and sometimes it feels good to complain, but I don't know one grandparent out there who has nothing good to say about their grandkids...good grief.

By this point, Callie started waking up, so I took her out of her car seat, wrapped her in a blanket and snuggled her in my lap. Getting any work done on my computer was out of the question - it just takes too long to type with one hand. So I decided to organize my work and thoughts on post it notes...which was working GREAT!

Still listening to their conversation - there it came. Here I am, minding my own business, taking care of my child and working on my work...which, I remind you is for my Principal's license - meaning I already have my bachelor's degree, a full time job AND my master's degree...

"Look at that poor girl over there. Taking care of a baby and having to work. Obviously she is a student and in school - look at all that stuff she has"...SERIOUSLY?! "Poor Girl?"

Perception. Obviously their perception is that I'm a college student, doing homework and I have a baby. That is what they see...but seriously. If she would have made the comment ONE time, I could have easily dropped it. HOWEVER...she mentioned it AGAIN - "there she is over there, trying to work with a baby"....

Here I had my mother's voice in my head telling me to be the bigger person. I had Josh telling me to avoid the conflict - they are old and clueless...
I typically listen to these two voices. Anytime there is a conflict or someone pisses me off, I tend not to say anything...especially if it's one time...

During all of this, the aroma surrounding me started becoming unbearable...Callie pooped! As I reached into her diaper bag to dig out her changing pad, diaper and wipes I hear come from the other direction (remember, they can't hear very well so they talk loud to hear each other...)

"That poor girl. Here she is trying to get her work done and she has to care for a baby...that's too bad."

OH MY GOSH...The Cori inside of me was screaming. Walking over to these women telling them what I really thought. But I kept my cool.

I stood up, walked a little in their direction (mainly to step over her car seat that was positioned on the floor next to me), and looked right in the one old ladies eyes and said, "I am very proud to be her mom. And by the way - I am a FULL TIME TEACHER working on work for my PRINCIPAL'S LICENSE...It's okay for me to have a baby". Most people probably would have avoided it, but some people just need to be put in their place, I don't care how old they are...

"How old is your daughter?" Is the only thing she says to me - dang, I probably wasn't LOUD enough for them to hear me. "My daughter is 2 months old" I respond to her. "2 months...oh wow!"

I thought that would have been it...I thought, You know Cori, they are old, you've said your biggie...

Nope! I decided to take a break from talk to Callie, play with her and read some of her books to her! Those damn women had the nerve to continue to say, "Poor thing, now she can't get her work done because she has to "play" with her baby". Are you kidding me?

Now what I wanted to do was take their coffee that was "too strong" and their soup that didn't taste like "theirs" and pour it over their heads and down their lap.

FINALLY they decided that it was time to go...but before they could leave, they had to add one more comment, "Next time, lets find a "better" place to have coffee." Really, in Austin? Pretty sure Gymochas is the BEST place in town...I think they got the hint that I was annoyed of their behavior as I was pretty much sending them the evil glare as they walked out of the store.

They don't deserve Gymocha in their lives...Gymocha is far too good for them. As far as me...I have never been more happy and proud to be Callie's mom! Through work and homework...being her mom is the most important part of my life!

Crabby old women!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Dedication to our Mom's!

I have a lot of memories of growing up with my mom. I remember always hearing the same song when I had to wake up to go to school. "It's time to get up, it's time to get up, were all in our places with bright shiny faces..." I used to get so annoyed because I never wanted to get up, but it was still a good way to wake up. When I was older my mom would always ask me "How was school today, what did you learn?" I would always answer nothing. But I knew how much my mom cared about me and what I was doing. Now that I'm a dad I'll be singing to Callie and bugging her about what she did at school just like you did Mom. I love you very much, Happy Mothers day.


Recently, my sister posted something on her Facebook that reminded me of family meals at my house! There were a number of times that I was the last one at the table, because I didn't finish my meal. Most of the time it revolved around my vegetables! My mom would look at me with those serious eyes, wave her finger at me and tell me that I had to finish BEFORE the microwave timer went off...I have no idea what would have happened had I not finished, but that finger wave put the fear of God in me...I finished! Many years later, I put tin foil in the microwave...yes, I ruined it. My mom didn't get mad at me...for some reason, that darn microwave holds one of my most favorite memories with my mom...throughout all these years...that darn microwave seems to be included in my memories :) Now I look at it as my back rest...yes, you read that correctly! I, or my mom, sits up on the counter, leaning against that darn microwave...You see, mom...My favorite thing to do with you is sit up on your counters, late at night-sometimes until 2 in the morning...just TALKING :) Talking about anything and everything! That microwave that set a time for me, that I ruined, that made our countless batches of popcorn...and that darn microwave that became our back rest :) You mom have been the most amazing woman in my life. You have loved me and supported me in everything I do! I know I am going to be a good mom to Callie and any other children we have, because I have such a good role model...
Even though our microwave is up off the counter...I hope that Callie wants to sit on our counters-talking endless hours into the night! I love you mom!
Happy Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



We're drilling it into her brain at an early age :) Whenever the music would stop, she'd get mad...Looks like she'll be a Gopher fan!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As long as I've got my Paci...

Callie has been doing A LOT of growing and is changing so fast.

Josh and I are noticing little things, like having to move her head rest "up" on her car seat because she's growing. Or when she is in her play gym, she's starting to kick the one side-meaning she is growing length wise.

She is still wearing her newborn diapers, and I am SO THANKFUL that Pampers has created such durable diapers. Some of her blowouts could be REALLY bad if it weren't for them! She is still wearing her newborn clothes too; however, it won't be long until she is moving out of many of her cute outfits :( I put some 3 month clothes on her the other day and THANKFULLY they were still too big. She was able to wear them, but there was a lot of room to grow!

Callie's little personality is really starting to shine through! She does a lot of moving with her arms and feet, and no matter how many times we put her paci back in her mouth-we think she's going to be a thumb sucker...she prefers her hand over the paci. The paci we can ween her off of the thumb is more difficult...

She has been a good sleeper lately too! One night she slept for 8 hours straight! I wasn't sure what to do with myself when I had 7 hours of solid sleep! I was totally refreshed! Although there was the other night that she had her record awake time: 5 times...HOLY CATS...I like to think that she just wanted to hang out with me (cherish these times for she will be old way too fast).

Her reflux is still going on; however we have just learned to deal with it. We go through a zillion burp rags every day and I have spit up on me EVERY day...and I'm okay with it.

naptime with daddy!
Looking at an American Girl Doll magazine!
I want this one Auntie Kayla :)
Callie's first bon fire :)
All of our hands :)
All of our feet :)
reading and pointing towards pictures!