Sunday, May 23, 2010


Why hasn't someone come up with a better way to inject medicine and vaccines into small babies? I mean seriously...SHOTS? On BABIES?!

We had finally reached Callie's 2 month appointment...the appointment where our beautiful princess receives SHOTS :(

We arrived at the Dr.'s office and she was LOVING the fish in the waiting room! Luckily they were big and colorful - 2 things that will catch her attention!

"Callie McRae" - Here we go...time to head back...

Everything checked out great! Callie is gaining weight - 10.5 pounds, growing - 22 inches long, and we are going to add rice cereal to my milk to thicken it - meaning I'm done breast feeding :( I now have to pump everything out and we are bottle feeding her.

The first dose of medicine was a liquid, and she took it like a champ :) She was laying on the table so happy and laughing. Then they told Josh and I to hold her arms down so she wouldn't throw them up in the air and have the Dr.'s miss the shots. So we did that and then ...

"1...2...3..." and just like that, Callie had 3 needles jammed into her tiny little legs. The look of TERROR was written all over her face. If you can picture a red juicy tomato, that is what Callie's poor little face looked like. Little tears streaming down her cheeks...her mouth wide open, hardly any sounds coming out :(

Just watching her broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. I was immediately crying. As soon as they said, "Okay, you can pick her up now", I had her in my arms so quickly. It pained Josh and I in so many ways to see her in that much pain. Josh may deny it, but I know I could see his eyes redden. I'm not sure if he cried or not - my vision was too blurred, but the tears were there...he was just as sad as I was.

We quickly dressed Callie, held her, rocked her and loved her - and then gave her a bottle (Tip to new mom's - bring a bottle with to the 2 month much faster than breast feeding). Within a few minutes, Callie was quickly in her milk coma - trying to sleep away the pain.

So many friends had told us that their children slept like rock stars the night of their shots. Yeah, now our sweet Miss Callie! No, this young lady wanted to be up EVERY HOUR to let me know just how mad she was that we did this to her. Yes...this was my first night of only 4 hours of sleep. Poor little thing was so uncomfortable. I couldn't find one way to hold her that made her happy. She eventually cried herself to sleep in my arms (talk about taking your heart and stomping all over it.) :( :( :(

We thought for sure the next day would be better...WRONG. Callie quickly was upset. She was crying all the time for no reason. She wanted to be held at EVERY moment - which gets hard when it's just me at home during the day and I, say, have to go to the bathroom...or shower...

The 2nd day wasn't any better. I did; however, get more sleep. Callie and I cuddled and took a nice long nap together! I was even able to get a shower in before 2:00 pm (this is the reason I ALWAYS shower at night...why did I choose now to change that for the day?)

So, I stated earlier that we were now giving Callie rice cereal in her milk to thicken it. This was supposed to help settle in her tummy better so she wouldn't spit up as much. Guess what - IT'S WORKING!!! We are on day 4 and she is doing SO MUCH BETTER! The only problem being...She now hasn't pooped :( Callie has had the worst gas imaginable. Poor little thing would toot and then cry because it started to really bother her (this was tonight). We finally decided it was time to call the Dr.

So, Josh was managing our crying Callie who just needed to poop, and I called the Dr. Right as I started describing our situation, Josh shouted - "SHE POOPED!!!" So I finished talking to her and gathered some information on what to do in the future when this happens, and Josh was taking care of Callie's dirty diaper.

Correction: DIAPERS! Yes, she pooped through 3 diapers in literally 30 seconds! It just kept coming out of her. Josh gave her a nice warm bath to clean her up! We sat down, finished what was now our cold dinner, and Callie pooped...yet again! I was holding her, so I went in to change her. Josh had popped into her room, JUST IN TIME! Not only has Callie pooped a massive load into 4 diapers, she now had an upset stomach. She decided it was time to spit, PROJECTILE...the most we've ever seen. She turned her head to the side (all while laying on her changing table) and it came out of her. It went straight across the room.

This whole evening reminded Josh and I of the scene from Dumb and Dumber...

Our poor girl...
after all of this, she quickly fell right asleep in my arms. We laid her down in her crib where she is now resting so peacefully!


  1. Did they say you could do oatmeal cereal? We had to do rice with Rylie and the same thing happened. Then they suggested Oatmeal instead of rice and she went back to normal. :) I'm glad it is working with the spit up though!! Pretty soon you'll have this completely worked out!

  2. Her little body just needed to adjust to the new food you introduced. Did they tell you to only give her a little each day, slowly building up to allow her system to adjust to it? Kind of like introducing new baby foods once she's a bit older.

    That or she thought ya'll needed more practice cleaning her up...maybe she didn't like what you were wearing?


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