Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feed, burp, spit up, poop, sleep - repeat!

We have been busy-very busy! I'll be honest! Thankfully we've had help down here - and let me tell you - my mom can pump out laundry faster than anyone I know! Thankfully my mom knows me well enough to know that I like to put them away, because I put things away in a certain place and I go nuts when things aren't where they are supposed to be. So yes - the boy's room currently looks like this:

...and it does not bother me! I've been too preoccupied to get to it -but it'll get done. My goal is today! Yes she could put them away, but chances are, I'd go back into those drawers later and redo them. I know-totally OCD, but it's who I am! You should see my pile of clothes in my bedroom - I'm hoping to put those away as well! Again-my goal is today...time can only tell!

I've been more tired lately too - I think the adrenaline is starting to wear off and the lack of sleep is catching up to me. MOST nights, Collin & Carter sleep for 2-3 hour increments. I wake up first, start feeding the one that is making the most noise. Shortly after, Josh comes in and changes the other-then we switch. He burps the one that was just fed and then changes that diaper. I then feed the 2nd and burp that one as well. LUCKILY, and I know I have said this before, I was a cow in my former life - therefore I have enough milk supply to feed both of these boys and pump afterwards! I think my milk flow is so fast that the boys guzzle down really fast and they don't eat as long.

We have a fridge/freezer both upstairs and downstairs and a deep freezer downstairs. I have to tell you - after 1 week, I already have a HUGE stock pile and can only imagine how much bigger it's going to get. I seriously think I could feed quads.

After eating, we try to keep them awake-but this is what they'd prefer to do:

Sleeping babies - there is nothing more special!

We've been going in and out of the hospital having their Bilirubin counts checked as well. I believe they have had their foot pricked 6 times now...and we may have to go in again...there's also still a chance they would have to go under the lights again. We'll see - I bet it would be this weekend again if it happens.

We've also been getting out of the house everyday -which is really good for me, because it forces me to get up and get ready everyday! It's also good practice for next school year...when we have 3 kids to get up and get ready everyday! Oh boy - that'll be an adventure!

Yesterday, I was so excited to get out of the house and watch Josh play softball with our family! We got there, went to Robot Park with Callie, and quickly had to come back because it started raining :( But I did get to try out our new stroller-which I LOVE! Seriously this thing ROCKS :) Callie loves it and was able to tell me when she wanted to walk - for the most part, she wanted to stand on it and hold on :)

It's about that time for me to nap! The boys are sleeping and my princess is at mom is sewing some rugs together (to make it look like one big rug) and Josh is buying batteries for the swings (and stain for the deck!!!).

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Suntanning Sweet Hearts

After Collin and Carte were born, we noticed that they were both a little "yellow" - Collin more so than Carter. When the boys were discharged from the WSCU (Women's Special Care Unit), their Bilirubin counts were good, but we were to keep a close eye on them and have them "suntan" when possible. If you don't have kids - this simply means stripping them down to their diapers & laying them on a blanket in the sunshine!

On Friday, the boys had their very first check up appointment. It wasn't quite a week (Sunday being one week), but Monday is Memorial Day and our Dr. wanted to see the boys sooner because of their possible Jaundice.

First of all, both boys are doing great :) They are weighing in right where they were when they left the WSCU (two days ago)...

Collin was 5 lbs. 8 oz. and 18.5'' long (yes he was 17'' long when he was born, but the nurses explained that the machine they use to measure (in Pediatrics) is more accurate than the method they use after birth. So he was probably 18.5'' long at birth. His head measured 31.5'' in circumfrance! There are lots of connections going on in that sweet head of his!

Carter was 4 lbs. 14 oz and 18'' long (same thing about the measuring). His head measured 31'' in circumfrance :)

Our Dr. ordered a Bilirubin test to be done...Collin's results came back just below their "admittance" stage, and Carter's was even lower than Collin's. She didn't want to admit them yesterday, because she wanted to try and see if they would go down over night. Apparently 4:00 PM is a high point in the day, so she was hoping they would be lower in the morning.

Saturday morning, Josh and I took both sweeties to the hospital & Grandma Lynn & Larry came down nice and early to be here for Callie! We were brought back into WSCU to have their feet pricked and tested. Their cries were HORRIBLE - usually, you don't hear this shot the first time, because it is done in the nursery after they are born...but we heard it, and boy was it sad.

Soon their test results came back...Collin was at a 20.1 and Carter was at 18.5. Having a Bilirubin score of 18 or higher means they need to go under the lights :(

Yes - I started crying. I know they are going to be okay, and I know so many people have had their own children be put under the lights...but you know what, these are MY children and I want to be able to love them and cuddle them whenever I want to - and when they are admitted to be under the lights for 24 hours, I can't do that :( Luckily I am nursing, so I can love and cuddle them while I'm nursing.

So here I've been all day - sitting in the hosiptal room, just hanging out! It's too hard to take a nap, because I have to be there for a diaper change, feeding, comforting (without being able to hold) and anything else that comes up. I took a little nap, but it was interrupted by a little boy who was hungry.

One of my favorite nurses is back tonight and she brought in another tanning blanket so I can still Tandem feed throughout the night. I've been working so hard at getting these boys on the same schedule and being alone tonight, I will need any support I can have :)

I told Josh to stay home and give Callie some extra love and attention. And he can get a whole nights sleep! Secretively - that means that I can have more naps and not feel so bad about being extra lazy :)

I will tell you this much - I feel like Super Mom...seriously! Because I have been working so hard at getting them on the same schedule (Yes, that means I wake a sleeping baby - but MAN it is nice to get it DONE!) - I feed them, change them and yes - clean up their spit up - which is VERY frequent...but you know what, I love it, because that means I am taking care of my two boys - and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Here's hoping they can come home in the morning. Their Bilirubin counts need to be below 17...COME ON BOYS :)

Days vs. Nights

(This is my first blog post with a new app on our iPad - I hope it works! We figured out how to get pictures on here!!)

We arrived home around 1:00 PM on Wednesday May 23rd. It was so awesome to pull up in the driveway and see Callie and my mom sitting on the front step waiting! Callie started jumping up and down and clapping of excitement as we pulled into the driveway

The excitement of having two new baby brothers quickly disappeared as she realized that the attention was on them :( Talk about breaking your heart. Josh and I handed the boys off to my mom and paid attention to Callie. We tried not to talk about them and focus on Callie and whatever it was she wanted to show us.

She missed the iPad while we were in the hospital, so she had fun making faces :)

We had some visitors our first night home - Blake & Britt Pawlikowski came by and brought their handsome son William with :) I was so happy he was there to play with Callie. Although she started acting out and pushing him, he still wanted to play with her :) After they left, we got ready for bed. My mom slept downstairs, and we were going to have her sleep through the night while we took the night shift with the boys & have her wake up with Callie - seemed reasonable :)

I am going to be the first to admit - our first night at home was not at all easy. I did not have a nurse call button like I did in the hospital, and it seemed the boys wanted NOTHING to do with sleeping together in their big crib.

Collin would want to eat, and then Carter would poop. Then Carter would eat while Collin was spitting up ALL OVER - then Carter would spit up while Collin was pooping - and then guess what...Collin would be hungry again, so he'd start eating and Carter would poop...

And so the cycle began...I let Josh sleep through most of it, but I just couldn't keep up - finally I went in and got him. I probably sounded crabby, but hey - it was late.

It was about 3:30-3:45ish that Josh went downstairs and got my mom. I believe he said, 'Kathy, Cori hasn't slept yet and it's 3:30 - we could really use you!" That's all it took - my mom was up and coming in telling me to go to sleep! I remember falling into bed and my leg was hanging off the side. My inner voice was saying "Dang it Cori, pull yourself together and get all the way in bed!" I listened!

Collin Donald
My mom and Josh each held one of the boys and cuddled on the couch - asleep. Don't worry - they were on separate couches :) Turns out - that's what they needed to sleep. They all slept until 7:00ish until Callie woke up. I was up at 7:30 pm...ready to feed my boys :)

All day - the boys slept...hmmmm - this isn't right.

Yes my friends, the boys have their days and nights completely mixed up. For the past few nights, Josh and I have been sleeping on the couches - each holding a baby! We have the boppy pillows on top of us and a baby face up on that but also on us...we've been getting A LOT more sleep this way! Maybe 5-6 hours total, but obviously in increments!

As far as their feedings go - these boys LOVE to eat, and they happen to have a mommy who very well may have been a cow in her past life! Seriously, I can produce enough milk for WAY more than two babies :) They both eat - a lot, and I can still pump 3-4 ounces of milk out of each breast (that's 6-8 ounces in one sitting that I'm pumping)...and directly to the freezer it goes! Pretty sure we're going to have a freezer FULL of liquid gold in no time. I may have to invest in a back up generator in case our power were to go out - I'd be PISSED if this stuff melted...

And they are getting close to eating on similar schedules - at least we know they are at night :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome Baby McRae BOYS!

What a whirl wind of a couple days :) Sorry no pictures on here yet...blogger won't let me upload picture off my iPad...

 Josh and I would like to welcome Collin Donald and Carter Lowell to our wonderful family! We now feel complete! As I sit here in my hospital bed, my wonderful husband sleeping on the cot next to me, and my new handsome baby boys sleeping together in the bassinet right next to my bed, I can't help but feel like my life is complete..and has new meaning. I am filled with this over powering sense of emotion staring at my boys...thanking God for their safe arrival into this world, and for choosing Josh and I to be their parents!

 On Saturday, May 19th I began having some contractions - or what I thought were contractions. It was in my lower back and they hurt pretty bad. My mom was on the phone with me and encouraging me to go get checked I called our sitter (Kathleen), who came over without question - THANK YOU - and we were the hosptial :) We arrived on Saturday around 7:15 PM. I was dilated to a 3/4, so they had me try walking for an hour to make changes...Josh and I walked - but he couldn't keep up, I'll admit - I was more like sprinting! Can you tell I was ready to be done! I was dilated to a 4 and had to lay around for a couple more hours until more changes were made. Baby A & Baby B's heart rates were startingg to run together and she wasn't picking up my contractions on the monitor - but believe me, I was still having them.

Our Dr. was called in around 2:00 AM and did some checking of his own - still no changes :( NOT what you want to hear when you are 37 weeks pregnant with twins, having painful contractions and you're not dilating... I was sent home :( By this time, my mom had driven down, paid our sitter and was prepared to stay with us! During the night my contractions MAGICALLY disappeared and allowed me to get some nice rest.

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that they were pickig up again. My mom and I did some shopping and then Josh, my mom and myself sat around and played a game on our iPhones together...I was having them pretty consistant by this point, and they were once again in my lower back and even my butt... Josh and I went in AGAIN - in hopes that this time we could stay in the hospital! We didn't tell anyone about our visit on Saturday - our family knew, but we didn't want the word to get out...after being sent home, I'm glad we didn't say anything.

 I was dilated to a 4, so we did some walking. The contractions started picking up and were SO MUCH WORSE than Saturday night's contractions. Our nurses from Sat. night were back - and totally awesome - we loved them so much! They were so much fun and were making our experience perfect! After checking me again, I was still at a 4 with severe contractions. I was starting to get frustrated because I KNEW I was in labor, but nothing was happening :( Our Dr. came in AGAIN (this time it was around 8:30 PM on Sunday, May 20th so it wasn't crazy late)...He had actally called the nurses and mentioned he noticed I was back in and wanted to know details. When he came in, he checked me and I was at a 5 - WHOA WHO, I made progress :)

He said I was STAYING :) We were SO excited! This was going to be it :)

 I think our nurse was more excited than I was - this was her first "Twin" delivery! Basically the rest of our evening went like this: Around 9:00ih I was dilated to a 6, so they started the IV and tried to get me pumped full of fluids before they gave me the epideral (AKA - The Good Stuff!). Dr.'s and nurses started arriving and things were getting moving. At this time, he also broke my water! Our nurse was running around preparing the Operating Room (I had to deliver in there in case of an emergency), be there for me, and prepare for deliveries. The other nurses had other jobs to do :) Dr. Nace introduced me to the Anesthisiologist and he started giving me my epideral...AH! Pure ecstacy! I couldn't feel anything after that :) Dr. Nace checked me out and I was at a 7 :) This was about 10:45 PM - so he was going to go get some "shut eye" for a couple hours before the big show! My nurse told me she would "check" me again in an hour to see where I was.

About 11:00 PM I informed her that I had a lot of pressure down there and it felt different. She checked me out and said, 'Oh man, it's time!"

Within the next VERY short time period, we were heading into the operating room and preparing for delivery. I will admit, I started to freak out when we walked into the OR - it is a very intimidating room - tons of equipment, big flying saucer like over head lights, machines EVERYWHERE and people running all over the place. I just wanted to make sure Josh was in there and had the camera - CHECK :) At 11:33 PM (I know this becacuse my nurse later told me) Dr. Nace said (and I quote): "Cori, when you feel the urge to push - PUSH" I felt the urge so I started pushing...and pushed, pushed...

11:35 PM Collin Donald McRae as born weighing in at 6 pounds and 17 inches long. He had brown hair that I could see immediately and was such a handsome little boy! I was crying of joy, looking at him, holding him, kissing him, lokoing at Josh - and announcing that I had a son :) AWESOME!

Within the next 8 minutes, they took Collin away from me, did something down there, and prepared for the birth of # 2 - which Dr. Nace had to break my water again...two sacs you know :)

It was about 11:45 and Dr. Nace told me the same thing, "When you feel the urge to push, push". I remember looking up at the clock and seeing it was 11:45 PM - almost midnight - a WHOLE NEW DAY...I asked, "What if I don't feel the the urge to push, can I push anyway?" He informed me that the contractions make the pushing easier, but I can still what do you think I did...I pushed!

At 11:48 PM Carter Lowell McRae was born weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces and 17 inches long. He too had brown hair, bbut his was a little lighter. When he first came out, he was a bluish/purplish color and that made me very worried, but they informed me he was just fine. He had the milky coating all over him, but that did not stop me from holding and kissing him! Again, I iwas announcing that we had two sond - both beautiful and perfect!!!!

Within 5 minutes I swear they were wheeling me back into my room...that was fast! Painless and fast delivery - I'll take that anyday! The funny thing is, they had called in the head nurse as back up (there were A LOT of people in the room - there has to be for twins) and when she got there, they were wheeling me INTO my room - she missed the whole thing! That's how fast I was :) Sweet!!!

Everything went so smoothly and so perfectly- just the way I wanted it! I couldn't be more thankful and blessed for everything God has just given and has been giving me! WOW!!! My family has been completed to a beautiful family of 5 just like that! Josh and I didn't sleep too much that night. I started nursing right away and both babies latched on! Carter doesn't eat as much, but he is full of amniotic fluid still that he does a lot of spitting up. Collin eats more, and dos an awesome job - they both just sleep ALL day long...hopefully all night too!?!

Callie was our first visitor - and that is what we wanted! We had received the BEST advice from a friend - so when Callie came in for the first time, she came up on the bed with me - babies were not in my arms, and were out of sight. We talked to Callie about her day, why mommy was in the hospital, and where her babies were that we've been talking about. She quickly warmed up and was ready to see the "babies". We brought over the bassinet and she was leaning over observing both babies rather quickly - it was so sweet to watch her interact with them :) We had Callie hold each baby by themselves and then both of them at the same time - AWESOME pictures :) She was really into them, but then everyone started coming!

My mom (obviously as she is with Callie while we're in the hospital - THANK YOU MOM!!!), Josh's mom, my dad, my sister Heather + her 3 kids, Josh's sister Kayla were the family members that made it down to meet Collin & Carter! We did SKYPE with my sistser Heidi & her 3 boys RIGHT after they were born - that was awesome :) Then we started having so many wonderful friends coming throughout the day to meet our newest additions! We are so thankful for the amount of love our friends have towards our family!

Thank you all so much for being here for us to share in this wonderful journey that we are embracing! We couldn't be more thrilled with the turnout of our family! Some of you have asked "So what would their names have been if they were girls?" Well, you'll just have to wait - maybe Josh and I are meant to have more kids - maybe not...but should we really make that decision right now?! So the answer - we're not going to tell you!

As I finish this post - our boys are officially 1 day old! Happy Birthday Collin & Carter :) Your mommy, daddy & big sister, Callie love you so much - you be good boys and sleep through the night for us :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This week has been very refreshing - YES I have been bored, I will admit that right away...but very enjoyable as well :)  I have felt more relaxed and amazing combination :)

Josh and I had practically reorganized EVERY SINGLE room & closet in our entire house from December-Now, so I didn't feel the need to clean anything; however, the dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing...those went unfinished :(  And my garden is still a big old dirt pile...

But AMAZING news :)  I have started doing a lot more walking and other activities to help induce labor...Obviously I'm writing this post, so the babies are STILL inside of me, but maybe not for long!  We went to our Dr. appointment on Friday afternoon to hear some news...

First things first - Heart Rates:
Baby A - 140 BPM (much higher than usual)
Baby B - 128 BPM (I believe - it was either 128 or 132 BPM - We can't remember...)  It was much lower than usual...

Our Dr. used the ultra sound to see where their heads were, and BOTH babies are head down ;)  WHOA WHO!  So excited!

I have officially gained 42 pounds-which doesn't bother me!

And the good news...are you ready because I can hardly STAND IT!  He started checking me for dilation - at first he said nothing, but then he said - nope - 2...NOPE...3!  YES, we are 3 cm dilated :)  WHOA WHO!!!!  Then he followed that with the fact that we are also 50% effaced (thinning out)...only 7 more cm to go and 50% more thinning to work on!

I celebrated with another 2 mile walk :)  I'm really hoping these babies decide to arrive this weekend :) :) :) :)

On the day we started Week 37, Callie had a birthday party to attend, so instead of driving her there, I decided - I'll walk :)  And we did!  I was wicked hot when we arrived, but when we returned, I thought I was going to die!  My butt went numb halfway home and it soon started to creep down my legs.  I guzzled down my water and was starting to get worried I would pass out.  Callie fell asleep in the stroller and we were ALMOST home.  I talked to Josh on the phone, but realized I could make it- which I DID!  It wasn't that bad - just really hot.

I now have feeling back in my butt and STILL NO CONTRACTIONS :(  Looks like Mama Mia pizza for supper...some good old spicy sausage from Steve's Pizza :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Life of Maternity Leave...

Maternity Leave WITHOUT any children...

Callie is still going to day care, because I'm supposed to be relaxing and taking time for myself!  CHECK!

I had the best of intentions to sit around, watch a ton of TV, read books, catch up on Glee (which I've missed this ENTIRE season) and take LOTS of naps.  But if you know me, you know I HATE to just here is my FIRST week of Maternity Leave...without any babies...

Monday - I had an adjustment and then I got a pedicure - that was heavenly :)  I quickly ran to Walmart to pick up several boxes of "SPIRAL" Mac & Cheese, 4 boxes of milk duds and 2 bags of double stuffed oreo cookies - CRAVING much!?  My good friend Treasure came over and planted my flowers for me by my mailbox and one in a pot for my "flower bench" in my back yard :)  Seriously Treasure - that was so nice of you :)  Thank you so much!  Watching her, I quickly realized how uncomfortable it would be to bend over like that.  Thank you for taking the initiative and helping me, it is SO hard to have friends help - even if you need it!

After Treasure left, I seriously fell asleep - for 2.5 HOURS!  I heard Callie talking - which means it was after 4!  Family play time outside was a MUST!

Tuesday - OH MY GOODNESS!  I made a very short list of things I could get done, but weren't vital to the arrival of our babies.  My laundry was one of them - which didn't take long.  I changed both ours and Callie's sheets (forgot to do that on Sunday-oops)!  And seriously sat around.  I realized how much I HATE the women on "TLC'S Baby Story", because they were all going into the hospital, going into labor, having their babies, etc...  WHY NOT ME!

Josh and I took Callie on a nice long walk - we visited some friends (The Guanella Family) and ran into the Colliers  :)  Callie learned all about the STOP sign and learned to identify it and LOVE it quickly :)  She was having a blast trying to spot as many as she could!  Looks like mom is going to be making her a "Neighborhood Walk Bingo Card" very soon :)

I quickly realized that I was BORED...2 days at home and I was bored!

It was like my friend Pam knew though, because on Tuesday evening, I received a text from her checking in on me, seeing how I'm doing & wanted to see if I could do lunch on Wednesday - YES PLEASE!

Wednesday - OMG, I'm so excited for my lunch date!  I woke up fully energized and ready to get stuff done :)  I did a few odds and ends around the house - realized I should probably clean all of the bottles & prepare the pump (nursing pump)...SHOOT - need new materials for this!  So I made a shopping list:
1. Younkers - Had to exchange a dress for Callie to a smaller size - Thank you Janice for the super cute dress...I found it in Callie's size so we are ALL SET :)
2. Walmart - Josh needs new shirts & I wasn't paying $20.00 a shirt when he needs more than one...
3. Buildings & Grounds - I lost my key card back in September, but found it on Tuesday when I was cleaning out the DIAPER BAG!  WTF!!??  Yes, I found it and needed it reactivated...
4. B&J - Lunch with Pam!  PERFECTION :)  Seriously, it is so nice to have a friend to talk to that knows what you are going through, can relate to everything, and understands!  This woman, my friends, is SUPER MOM!  She is the mother to four children - all under 4!  Their oldest (obviously being four) and their triplets (yes triplets) turned 1 in January!  She is amazing and full of great advice that Josh & I have really been using & will be using!
5. Target - Had to pick up TONS of baby items that I didn't realize we were going to be needing so much of (Thank you Shannon for the gift card - I put it to good use today!)
6. Aldi - Our new stop for produce!
7. HyVee - Grocery Shopping - but guess who came to see mommy :)  Yup, Daddy and Callie had finished school, so they came shopping with me :)  She got TWO treats: Blueberry Pop tarts & Ice Cream Sandwiches!  She was one excited girl :)  They even put her two items in her own bag :)

Josh had softball tonight too, which we didn't go because it was a later game, but he hit his first ever home run - and I wasn't there to see it :(  Great job sweetie, I'm proud of you :)

Thursday - You know what I have to look forward to today - A MASSAGE!  OH YES :)  I woke up around 9:00 AM - actually set my alarm so I wouldn't be such a lump on a log :)  Well, turns out, I was a lump on a log :)  I sat around and watched HGTV NON-STOP!  By the time I looked up, it was time to get moving and head out for my massage!  Which - was PERFECT!  She massaged all of my major pressure points and we ended it by saying "I hope I don't see you next week!"  When I got home, I was fully motivated (imagine that...) so I decided to WALK to Jessica's house and meet Josh there :)  It took me about 45 minutes but I made it - which let me tell you...walked a little over 2 miles, 36.5 pregnant with twins, in the heat - not an easy thing to do - but I did it :)  And I felt GREAT!  Josh hated the idea of me doing it, but I texted him constantly to let him know I was fine :)

We hung out at Jessica's for awhile then went home...lazy Thursday night after that ;)

Friday - I woke up in bed...DANG IT!  I was hoping that I wouldn't sleep through the night and that I'd be in the hospital...Today's Excitement - A Dr. appointment - Oh man, those babies BETTER be ready to come out...

Last night when I went in to check on Callie, she was really warm and running a fever.  Friday morning was no different, so Josh left for work and Callie stayed home to cuddle with mom.  I am pretty sure it's her teeth though, because she was SUPER chipper and happy!  So we baked!  We made Cake Pops with the Cake Pop machine my mom gave me for my birthday - it was SO much fun and Callie had a blast making eating them...

We went to my friend Pam's house to deliver a "bouquet" of Cake Pops to her family and Callie played with her kids.  Callie has a hard time sharing and she's into this "pushing" stage...oh boy - I'm putting an end to that NOW...I will not have a daughter who pushes...then we went to Woodson and surprised Daddy for lunch :)

It was kind of fun to be back there to say hi to everyone - but I still don't miss working.  I guess I should cherish these lazy days a little more!?!?!!  Callie LITERALLY had a 20 minute nap before it was time to go to our Dr. Apt...which, you will have to wait for the Week 37 update to know what's going on :)

We played outside for a really long time and eventually, Mommy decided it was time to go for another 2 mile walk :)  HEAVENLY - I was speed walking - mom you would have been so proud :)  Speed walking at 37 weeks preggo with twins...HECK YES!  They're going to fall right out of me!

That was my enjoyable week at home on maternity leave...let's hope that I don't have to be bored next week, but rather holding babies :) and playing with Callie!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Callie's Messy Day :)

If there is one thing I love more than anything, it is spending time with my family :)  Josh and I had a FANTASTIC weekend at home with our beautiful, and HILARIOUS, daughter!  I laughed so hard all weekend - she is quite funny :)

We did some pretty fun, and VERY messy, activities this weekend :)  Here is a photo selection of the fun we had!  Enjoy :)

 We start our weekend with a nice soapy bath - which after seeing what we do the next day - why did we even bother :) :)

Grandma Lynn's wonderful man gave us a HUGE roll of art paper!  We put it to good use today :)

I grabbed a nice long piece, we drizzled it with several different colors of finger paint and put Callie on top  :)

At first she wasn't sure about getting anything but her hands and feet dirty.  She HATES having her "daddy shorts" dirty.  When we told her that we can wash them, she was all game :) 

She was sliding all over this paper - spreading the paint around :) 

She loves the feeling of the paint on her feet, so she kept painting those :) 

 Little hands - little feet!


Making sure to paint every part - I have big plans for this painted project :) 

 ALL DONE!  It's hard to tell, but she was FULL of paint here - no worries - we'll head to the backyard and get even MORE messy :)

Here's the final product of her art work :)  I added a few words and Voila - we have a beautiful sign to display after the babies are born :)  So much better than a store bought sign :)

That's right - shaving cream on Callie's slide!  You must be kidding :)  Nope - Looks like so much fun! 

 She had to check it out for little bit - she wasn't sure this was okay.  Again, didn't want to dirty her daddy shorts!

 Feet down...

 And GO...

This girl FLEW down the slide!

 And slid clear across the grass :)  It was HILARIOUS!  Josh and I were laughing SO hard - and Callie LOVED IT!  She got right back up and did it again...

 and again...

Here's a fun video of her sliding...per Gramma request...
Which: Happy Mother's Day to both of our WONDERFUL Mom's!  You have both been such an inspiration to Josh and I :)  Thank you for teaching us how to be such good parents who are always there to cherish these moments!  You two are amazing!



Such a mess - but totally worth it!

 Love her!

 Daddy adding more shaving cream!

 You can see where she slid to :)


 I love this messy shaving cream filled tush!

 Spreading the shaving cream around the slide!

 You can't tell here, but she's laughing pretty hard!

 It was ALL over her :)

 My messy little diva having SO MUCH FUN!

Daddy had to carry her in like this - we went STRAIGHT to the bathtub!

After her nap we hung out outside and watched daddy clean the Cav (and put Callie's car seat in there)... 

Playing on her slide was still fun and she was SHOCKED at how clean it was :) 

Her face here says it all - she was thinking that she was going to go fast her surprise - it was her same old slide again :) 

And that night we played in her princess castle together!  I love that Josh captured this picture!  We were singing along to some beat she made up...waving these flags :)  I love her!

Thank you Daddy and Callie for an AMAZING Mother's Day!  It was absolutely PERFECT!  I Love you both with my whole heart!!!  (you too hurry up and come out!)

36 Weeks Pregnant - only 3 to go if I make it the whole way :)

36 weeks pregnant - do you realize what this means?  It means that we are officially in the SAFE zone :)  We can deliver these babies and they will be healthy!  We can deliver these babies IN AUSTIN!  WHOA WHO!  Chances of needing the NICU have gone WAY down and that is INCREDIBLE!  This is where I wanted to make it - and we're come on babies...time to come out :)

This is what they "look" like right now...
                           Twins in womb at 36 weeks pregnant

Head down - YES thank you :)  At our appointment on Friday, our Dr. wasn't 100% sure if Baby B's head was down.  He thought the same thing prior, so I'm feeling confident that it still is head down, but he just wasn't quite sure...which, you're feeling through so much stuff - so how does one really know what they're feeling?  It could be the babies butt he's squeezing for all we know :)

At our next appointment he wants to bring in the ultra sound and become a "head hunter" as he said :)  Basically to determine where the heads are located since we're in the "go time".

Baby A's heart beat was about 138 BMP and Baby B's heart beat was about 132 BPM (much slower than normal).

Do you see this extra bubble at the bottom of my stomach?  Well, it feels REALLY weird and gross.  My Dr. thinks it is probably a body part of some sort but not sure - he also said some fluid build up but not to be just makes my stomach hang out that much more that NOTHING's a guarantee that skin will show if I'm wearing a shirt - even Josh's size Large shirts :(

I will be honest, I was really hoping to celebrate Mother's Day with three children this year!  We've been doing everything we can to get these babies to come out - and it's just not working...  I know I know - they'll come out when they are good and ready...well, I'm good and ready (are you the one carrying twins!?!)

Friday was also my last day of work (WHOA WHO!)  I am taking this time off to relax and enjoy myself!  I've started reading some new books and intend to finish them (but would welcome any interruptions babies!!)

This picture is for you Shannon :)  Remember back in Week 24 when I compared my stomach to Callie's basketball (small ball)...well, pretty sure my stomach ATE the entire thing plus some :)

Josh put the car seat bases in our vehicle today too - and Callie LOVES sitting in the middle.  She knows those are for babies :)  We also put the car seats in the Joovy and took Callie for a little walk with the whole thing :)  LOVE this stroller!  So happy with the purchase.  The bench isn't perfect for Callie as she'd be sitting "forward", but it works when she stands - which she really enjoyed.  It'll give her the freedom to stand or walk.  She'll be able to sit when the babies are old enough to sit in the seats and not the car seats.

 There they are :)  All set and ready for a walk :)  There is another shade - I just didn't attach it.

Callie trying out the seat...she'd have to lean forward uncomfortably because of the infant carrier, but it'd do if she was tired...

 Trying out the standing part of the stroller.  She was leaning back here, but quickly realized she could hold on a different way and lean forward more :)

 Enjoying the ride!

All three ready to go :)  We'll grab the seats when we head to the hospital :)  For now, it'll look like this :)

I have been feeling AWESOME all week :)  I seriously thank my chiropractor for this :)  She has done some amazing things to my back and neck and have made this tail end of my pregnancy so comfortable.  I could honestly keep working, but know that this time off will relax me and prepare me (mentally) for what's to come.

Josh admitted he wants me to go into labor VERY soon - I think he's ready for a break from work (don't worry honey, the summer is almost here and your sleepless nights are fast approaching!)...

This is REALLY creepy though - and I have to share!  Tonight, Josh and I were downstairs catching up on "The Office" on Hulu...we missed 3 episodes- so not like us!  Anyway, he went up stairs to get some juice and ice cream cones for us and he came back down and said Callie was up and talking still (around 9:00 pm)...then a little while later we heard some movement.  I went upstairs to check on her.

When I walked in - she was laying down, but leaning on her side looking at me as if I were a ghost.  Her eyes were huge and she wouldn't say anything.  I sat down on her bed next to her and told her she needed to go to sleep.  She didn't say anything.  Then I asked her if she had a bad dream or was scared.  Still nothing - she did shake her head yes though.  Then out of NOWHERE she said, "The babies are coming".  Excuse me - what?  I said, "They are?"  She said "Yes, Later!"  Oh really now!  So I responded with "When is later?"  She said, "Later, I'll wake up and then they'll come".  I said, "Are you excited?"  And she said, "Yes, I'm Xcited (as she says it) and no sleep".

Okay - so I've decided that if we go into labor tonight, I have a psychic child...if not, it's probably just because we've been talking about it more and more to help prepare her.

For Mother's Day - we ate out at Applebees!  Check out mine and Callie's new trick :)

Callie also made a beautiful sign today for her siblings :)  The pictures will be in a separate post (and the extremely fun process), but here is the final product :)