Sunday, May 13, 2012

Callie's Messy Day :)

If there is one thing I love more than anything, it is spending time with my family :)  Josh and I had a FANTASTIC weekend at home with our beautiful, and HILARIOUS, daughter!  I laughed so hard all weekend - she is quite funny :)

We did some pretty fun, and VERY messy, activities this weekend :)  Here is a photo selection of the fun we had!  Enjoy :)

 We start our weekend with a nice soapy bath - which after seeing what we do the next day - why did we even bother :) :)

Grandma Lynn's wonderful man gave us a HUGE roll of art paper!  We put it to good use today :)

I grabbed a nice long piece, we drizzled it with several different colors of finger paint and put Callie on top  :)

At first she wasn't sure about getting anything but her hands and feet dirty.  She HATES having her "daddy shorts" dirty.  When we told her that we can wash them, she was all game :) 

She was sliding all over this paper - spreading the paint around :) 

She loves the feeling of the paint on her feet, so she kept painting those :) 

 Little hands - little feet!


Making sure to paint every part - I have big plans for this painted project :) 

 ALL DONE!  It's hard to tell, but she was FULL of paint here - no worries - we'll head to the backyard and get even MORE messy :)

Here's the final product of her art work :)  I added a few words and Voila - we have a beautiful sign to display after the babies are born :)  So much better than a store bought sign :)

That's right - shaving cream on Callie's slide!  You must be kidding :)  Nope - Looks like so much fun! 

 She had to check it out for little bit - she wasn't sure this was okay.  Again, didn't want to dirty her daddy shorts!

 Feet down...

 And GO...

This girl FLEW down the slide!

 And slid clear across the grass :)  It was HILARIOUS!  Josh and I were laughing SO hard - and Callie LOVED IT!  She got right back up and did it again...

 and again...

Here's a fun video of her sliding...per Gramma request...
Which: Happy Mother's Day to both of our WONDERFUL Mom's!  You have both been such an inspiration to Josh and I :)  Thank you for teaching us how to be such good parents who are always there to cherish these moments!  You two are amazing!



Such a mess - but totally worth it!

 Love her!

 Daddy adding more shaving cream!

 You can see where she slid to :)


 I love this messy shaving cream filled tush!

 Spreading the shaving cream around the slide!

 You can't tell here, but she's laughing pretty hard!

 It was ALL over her :)

 My messy little diva having SO MUCH FUN!

Daddy had to carry her in like this - we went STRAIGHT to the bathtub!

After her nap we hung out outside and watched daddy clean the Cav (and put Callie's car seat in there)... 

Playing on her slide was still fun and she was SHOCKED at how clean it was :) 

Her face here says it all - she was thinking that she was going to go fast her surprise - it was her same old slide again :) 

And that night we played in her princess castle together!  I love that Josh captured this picture!  We were singing along to some beat she made up...waving these flags :)  I love her!

Thank you Daddy and Callie for an AMAZING Mother's Day!  It was absolutely PERFECT!  I Love you both with my whole heart!!!  (you too hurry up and come out!)

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  1. SO COOL! I totally wanna do the shaving cream thing some day! You are an amazing mom, Josh an amazing dad. I also love that you take so many pics!!


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