Friday, May 18, 2012

The Life of Maternity Leave...

Maternity Leave WITHOUT any children...

Callie is still going to day care, because I'm supposed to be relaxing and taking time for myself!  CHECK!

I had the best of intentions to sit around, watch a ton of TV, read books, catch up on Glee (which I've missed this ENTIRE season) and take LOTS of naps.  But if you know me, you know I HATE to just here is my FIRST week of Maternity Leave...without any babies...

Monday - I had an adjustment and then I got a pedicure - that was heavenly :)  I quickly ran to Walmart to pick up several boxes of "SPIRAL" Mac & Cheese, 4 boxes of milk duds and 2 bags of double stuffed oreo cookies - CRAVING much!?  My good friend Treasure came over and planted my flowers for me by my mailbox and one in a pot for my "flower bench" in my back yard :)  Seriously Treasure - that was so nice of you :)  Thank you so much!  Watching her, I quickly realized how uncomfortable it would be to bend over like that.  Thank you for taking the initiative and helping me, it is SO hard to have friends help - even if you need it!

After Treasure left, I seriously fell asleep - for 2.5 HOURS!  I heard Callie talking - which means it was after 4!  Family play time outside was a MUST!

Tuesday - OH MY GOODNESS!  I made a very short list of things I could get done, but weren't vital to the arrival of our babies.  My laundry was one of them - which didn't take long.  I changed both ours and Callie's sheets (forgot to do that on Sunday-oops)!  And seriously sat around.  I realized how much I HATE the women on "TLC'S Baby Story", because they were all going into the hospital, going into labor, having their babies, etc...  WHY NOT ME!

Josh and I took Callie on a nice long walk - we visited some friends (The Guanella Family) and ran into the Colliers  :)  Callie learned all about the STOP sign and learned to identify it and LOVE it quickly :)  She was having a blast trying to spot as many as she could!  Looks like mom is going to be making her a "Neighborhood Walk Bingo Card" very soon :)

I quickly realized that I was BORED...2 days at home and I was bored!

It was like my friend Pam knew though, because on Tuesday evening, I received a text from her checking in on me, seeing how I'm doing & wanted to see if I could do lunch on Wednesday - YES PLEASE!

Wednesday - OMG, I'm so excited for my lunch date!  I woke up fully energized and ready to get stuff done :)  I did a few odds and ends around the house - realized I should probably clean all of the bottles & prepare the pump (nursing pump)...SHOOT - need new materials for this!  So I made a shopping list:
1. Younkers - Had to exchange a dress for Callie to a smaller size - Thank you Janice for the super cute dress...I found it in Callie's size so we are ALL SET :)
2. Walmart - Josh needs new shirts & I wasn't paying $20.00 a shirt when he needs more than one...
3. Buildings & Grounds - I lost my key card back in September, but found it on Tuesday when I was cleaning out the DIAPER BAG!  WTF!!??  Yes, I found it and needed it reactivated...
4. B&J - Lunch with Pam!  PERFECTION :)  Seriously, it is so nice to have a friend to talk to that knows what you are going through, can relate to everything, and understands!  This woman, my friends, is SUPER MOM!  She is the mother to four children - all under 4!  Their oldest (obviously being four) and their triplets (yes triplets) turned 1 in January!  She is amazing and full of great advice that Josh & I have really been using & will be using!
5. Target - Had to pick up TONS of baby items that I didn't realize we were going to be needing so much of (Thank you Shannon for the gift card - I put it to good use today!)
6. Aldi - Our new stop for produce!
7. HyVee - Grocery Shopping - but guess who came to see mommy :)  Yup, Daddy and Callie had finished school, so they came shopping with me :)  She got TWO treats: Blueberry Pop tarts & Ice Cream Sandwiches!  She was one excited girl :)  They even put her two items in her own bag :)

Josh had softball tonight too, which we didn't go because it was a later game, but he hit his first ever home run - and I wasn't there to see it :(  Great job sweetie, I'm proud of you :)

Thursday - You know what I have to look forward to today - A MASSAGE!  OH YES :)  I woke up around 9:00 AM - actually set my alarm so I wouldn't be such a lump on a log :)  Well, turns out, I was a lump on a log :)  I sat around and watched HGTV NON-STOP!  By the time I looked up, it was time to get moving and head out for my massage!  Which - was PERFECT!  She massaged all of my major pressure points and we ended it by saying "I hope I don't see you next week!"  When I got home, I was fully motivated (imagine that...) so I decided to WALK to Jessica's house and meet Josh there :)  It took me about 45 minutes but I made it - which let me tell you...walked a little over 2 miles, 36.5 pregnant with twins, in the heat - not an easy thing to do - but I did it :)  And I felt GREAT!  Josh hated the idea of me doing it, but I texted him constantly to let him know I was fine :)

We hung out at Jessica's for awhile then went home...lazy Thursday night after that ;)

Friday - I woke up in bed...DANG IT!  I was hoping that I wouldn't sleep through the night and that I'd be in the hospital...Today's Excitement - A Dr. appointment - Oh man, those babies BETTER be ready to come out...

Last night when I went in to check on Callie, she was really warm and running a fever.  Friday morning was no different, so Josh left for work and Callie stayed home to cuddle with mom.  I am pretty sure it's her teeth though, because she was SUPER chipper and happy!  So we baked!  We made Cake Pops with the Cake Pop machine my mom gave me for my birthday - it was SO much fun and Callie had a blast making eating them...

We went to my friend Pam's house to deliver a "bouquet" of Cake Pops to her family and Callie played with her kids.  Callie has a hard time sharing and she's into this "pushing" stage...oh boy - I'm putting an end to that NOW...I will not have a daughter who pushes...then we went to Woodson and surprised Daddy for lunch :)

It was kind of fun to be back there to say hi to everyone - but I still don't miss working.  I guess I should cherish these lazy days a little more!?!?!!  Callie LITERALLY had a 20 minute nap before it was time to go to our Dr. Apt...which, you will have to wait for the Week 37 update to know what's going on :)

We played outside for a really long time and eventually, Mommy decided it was time to go for another 2 mile walk :)  HEAVENLY - I was speed walking - mom you would have been so proud :)  Speed walking at 37 weeks preggo with twins...HECK YES!  They're going to fall right out of me!

That was my enjoyable week at home on maternity leave...let's hope that I don't have to be bored next week, but rather holding babies :) and playing with Callie!


  1. I am so happy for your family, I hope you all continue to be as blessed as you are! May we all appreciate the abundance that mother nature provides for us! I will say a little prayer tonight for you to encourage a safe, short and mild labor.

  2. Thanks Nora! We're hoping that labor & delivery start soon :) We will keep everyone posted...

    How are you guys doing? I miss that little Dylan - how is she!?

  3. I'm so ridiculously proud of you Cori! I brag about you to all my co-workers and any friends that don't know you. Congrats on going 36.5 weeks with twins - you are a Rock Star. I know you're ready to have them come out but just think how much stronger and healthier they're still getting in there! Keep up the good work. Oh, and last night I dreamed you had the babies. One was a girl and one was a boy - they were named Grace and Adam. One was 5 lbs something and one was 6 lbs something! Heehee:-) Love you!!


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