Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Six Christmas's and an ER visit...

I can't believe that Christmas is already here and gone. I still feel like Callie is just a newborn baby, but in 2.5 months-she's going to be turning 1!!! Where is this time going, and who can I talk to about slowing it down!?
Big girl
On Thursday, December 23rd, we celebrated Christmas-just the three of us :) It was perfect! Callie opened a ton of gifts and had so much fun playing with some of her new toys! I know I didn't need to go crazy being she's so little, but it's my daughter's FIRST first child...I couldn't even help myself :) Besides - we all know she's already spoiled, so what's the big deal!

Callie got her own Tent - she loves it :)

My little snowman tipped over freshly folded laundry! How can you get mad at that cute face!?!
We have baskets of books in our house-easy for her to grab :) She loves crawling over to them and pulling them out!

Look what Santa brought her :)

She's 9 1/2 months old, and she's excited about her new walking toy!
This picture is priceless!

On Friday, December 24th - Christmas Eve - We ventured up to my mom and dad's house to begin our Christmas festivities. The snow had fallen, the roads were iffy, but we made it in great time! Callie had begun a mild cold - her cough was still horrendous, and her nose was running like a leaky faucet. We took pictures with Santa (AKA - My Dad!). I love these pictures for a few reasons:
1. It's my dad, so this will forever be a special picture of Callie and Santa!
2. They both look SO BEAUTIFUL!
3. In the one picture, she's looking at him - like "Hey, I know you!"
4. In the other picture (where she's looking at the camera), she has her hands up like she's practicing her basketball skills!

My Dad's side of the family (Shellum Side) came over on Christmas Eve to my mom and dad's! It's a crazy, wild bunch - but it's fun! I don't have a lot of pictures from that night, because our dear Miss Callie got sick :( Her temperature rose, which I'm not 100% sure it wasn't caused by the amount of people in the room causing the room temperature to go up...or if it indeed was from her cold. Her cheeks got red, she started to feel sick, so Josh brought her in the room to change her - well, she threw up...all over him :( After a while, we decided to bring her in to Children's Hospital - ER in St. Paul. They were so good to her there...She ended up having an ear infection and a viral infection. After some medication and a lot of sleep, she started to feel better!

There are several "Shellum's" that were not in attendance, but it sure was a big group! Callie was sleeping in the other room, and because she was sick, we didn't want to wake her. So we held up the newspaper that she was on the cover on instead! Yup - that's right, she was on the cover of the Austin Post Bulletin!

Poor red cheeks :(

We woke up Christmas morning to a beautiful sight - Santa Came :) The pajama's I had sewn for us were ready to finally be worn on Christmas morning! Josh forgot his white t-shirt at home, so he made due with what he had (next year it looks like he will have to wear the top and bottoms!!!). Callie had a blast opening all of her presents! I'll post some pictures, but for more-look at my facebook album!
Look who is standing (I took the picture right before she fell, but she is standing on her own)!!

Her own ball bag - how fun :)

Merry Christmas 2010 :)

That afternoon we packed up all of our things and headed over to my Grandma & Grandpa's house (My mom's side) for Christmas Day. It was great having more family time! Unfortunately, not everyone could make it. Callie sure had fun playing with her cousins again though :)

Playing with Auntie Colleen!!

That evening (Christmas Day for those of you who are following), we headed over to Grandma Lynn's house (Josh's Mom). Callie pretty much took a bath and went to bed right away! We (Josh, Lynn and myself) enjoyed popcorn and watched a movie :) We woke up the next day (Dec. 26th), had a delicious breakfast and opened presents! Callie once again was spoiled by another one of her Grandma's! She LOVES this little "Alvin and the Chipmunks" doll that Lynn gave her. It sways from side to side and sings the "Alvin Christmas Song". He giggles and dances along with's pretty comical.
This is her Alvin doll that she LOVES


Matching winter hats :)

That day we were going to go sledding together, but with Callie being sick, we decided being outdoors was not a good idea, so we headed to the Mall of America to go to the Underwater World Adventure! It was the first time for Josh, Callie and myself :) It was pretty neat! Callie absolutely LOVED all of the sea creatures :) It was neat to watch Callie and Grandma interact together :) Then we shopped around the mall, ate dinner and headed home! Callie did cry the entire way from the mall to Maple Grove...that might have been the longest time both Josh and myself has heard her cry! As soon as she was out of the car seat, she was fine!

On Monday, December 27th, we headed over to Don & Sharon's house to celebrate Christmas (Josh's Dad). Auntie Kayla was there to celebrate, but poor Uncle Mike had to work :( We had a blast together - enjoyed a delicious meal (Callie ate hamburger for the first time and scarfed it down!), played the Wii, opened gifts and played! Callie got her very own computer (she really likes ours), so I think this picture is absolutely PERFECT of her and her daddy! That and the two of them with Wii remotes in their hands :)

Check out her new train :) She can sit and ride or it comes apart and she can push it ;)
Nappy time :)
This shirt from Auntie Kayla rocks :)

Overall, although we did a TON of traveling, we had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed spending good, quality time with our families :) We were sad that Callie was sick on her very first Christmas, but so happy that she has bounced back!

When we got home, we quickly realized that 1. we need a bigger car, and 2. we need do some serious rearranging in our living room to accommodate her toys! During nap time, I did just that :) This child has so many toys, but is in baby heaven when she is in her new corner :) I like to keep them in one general area. That way we can still have our living space, and she can have her own space of just toys!
Callie had this hat already from Sharon's very talented sister, and now mommy has a matching hat :)
This is Callie's new "play corner" upstairs...she has one downstairs as well!
cough cough - spoiled - cough cough

Merry Christmas everyone :) I hope you all had an amazing holiday and enjoyed family time as much as we did :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last minute Christmas Shopping for Callie!

Last minute Callie gift ideas:

As you all know, Callie LOVES giraffes! Gymboree knows this too, as they came out with a new line of cute Giraffe clothing :) I thought I'd post these on our blog for anyone who may want to purchase any last minute gifts for Miss Callie :)

Sunshine Sweet - Size 18 months

Baby Giraffe - Size 12 or 18 months

Buttons and Bows - Size 12 or 18 months

Swim Time - Size 18 months

So glad we could help you out :)

9 Months and growing!

It's official...Callie is WALKING (behind a walker). A friend from school is letting us use this as her Grandson is no longer playing with it. The first few days, Callie would sit on the floor in front of it, playing with the music. Now Callie is standing behind it and slowly WALKING :) My baby girl is growing up way too fast...

Callie has also been spending a lot of time outside :) Not a TON of time, but we've had her out in her sled and in the snow! She loves it. I've seen pictures from other babies, and I've heard stories that MOST babies do not like the snow too much...not this girl! Callie LOVES being outside in the snow. She loves sledding, sitting in it, eating it and just looking at it. This could be a sign that she is going to live close to home (MN) when she gets older...or she is going to move to Alaska...

My mom and dad came down on Tuesday night, because my dad dresses up as Santa for our entire Kindergarten Center! He has done this every year I have been in Austin now :) The kids LOVE it as his suit is pretty spectacular :) We were going to have him dress up and take a Santa picture with Callie, but it got too late and she was tired. We will get the picture on Christmas Eve instead. Anyway, my dad brought Callie her first Christmas gift...her very own Princess Bowling Set!!! How appropriate from my dad :) Here is a video for you dad:

Callie's last Dr.'s appointment went very well. She is 64% in her weight and 40% in her other words, she's short and chubby :) Her check up went very well. We had brought her in as well, because she has a really bad cough, but with time it is getting better. Poor girl wakes herself up because she's coughing so much.

Callie's first snow angel!

She really liked eating the snow...just not the yellow stuff!

Josh is getting ready to head up to the MN Vikings game tomorrow (Monday) for their Monday Night Football game at the Gopher Stadium (TCF FIELD). Not going to lie - he's going to FREEZE his tail off. We have a very busy week and then it's CHRISTMAS :) We are so excited for Callie's FIRST OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS! We are celebrating on Thursday night-the three of us...I'm sure I will have a very fun and exciting Christmas post after the holidays :) It is going to be a VERY busy weekend for us and lots of traveling...

Until out next post,
Merry Christmas :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend & Christmas Preparations!

I have not updated in quite some time...turns out I have been rather busy! Prepare for a long read with lots of pictures :)

Grandpa Don and Sharon came down from Saturday night (November 26) through Tuesday night (November 23) to watch Callie. There were able to spend a lot of time with her as Josh and I had conferences on Monday and Tuesday - ALL DAY... Callie had a blast playing hard all day. I think Grandpa Don received more a of workout - he may have been more tired in the end :)
Thanks for babysitting me :)

Right when conferences were over-our Thanksgiving break began ;)
We traveled up to Grandma Lynn's house; however the winter storm that moved in slowed traffic way down causing us to arrive way later (it ended up taking 1-2 hours longer because of the snow :(...) but we arrived right after she got home from work, so we were still able to spend the entire evening together :) Callie had a great time playing with Grandma's kitchen utensils!

Playing in Grandma's kitchen :)
That next morning (Thanksgiving Day), we traveled over to Grandpa Don's house for Thanksgiving with Don, Sharon, Kayla & Mike. It was a nice quiet afternoon together! Callie enjoyed searching for her Christmas presents in all of the "Black Friday" ads, and then soon took a nice nap with her grandpa! Sharon prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal!
Love her new hat :)

We then headed over to my parents house where everyone was still there...YEAH! We made it in time for pie! Callie played, but mostly tried to eat her Grampa's famous pumpkin pie...which she succeeded in doing!

Mmmm...Pumpkin Pie
My dad and I went out to Toys R Us that night and waited in line :) It was so wonderful when we were finally inside. There is something about crazy packed stores on Black Friday that really puts me in the mood for Christmas :) I got everything on my list (well, all but 2 things...).

Friday afternoon I headed back home to Austin (Josh had gone Thursday night, because he had basketball on Friday morning). The three of us went out to dinner and then headed downtown for "Christmas in the City". It was so much fun. We mainly got in line and had Callie's FIRST picture taken with Santa Clause! It turned out AWESOME :)
Beautiful picture with Santa!

A couple days later I was able to take Callie to Christmas in the North West. She had her picture taken with Mrs. Clause and Santa - they didn't turn out all that great...but the one from Christmas in the City was PERFECT!
She didn't like this one :)

Callie and I also took a day off from work and daycare to go to the cities and shop ALL DAY with my mom ;) We met at the Mall of America at 10:00 AM and left at 4! Callie was perfect the whole day :) She finally fell asleep at the end!
Girl talk about our day at the mall...Gramma is preparing Callie for her First REAL shopping "Shellum" girls really know how to shop :)
We ended up taking 2 trips out to the car because we had so many bags :) Her stroller can only hold so much!

I hope she loves Christmas as much as I do :)

Gramma got Callie this puppy for being such a good girl!! Callie even picked it out! She looked at about 5 different animals, and this was the one she was most excited about :)
Someone finally fell asleep!

Callie and I stayed the whole weekend, because of the winter storm. We were supposed to go to a baby shower with my mom and to a concert that night (Saturday); however, the weather kept us inside all weekend :)

On Sunday morning Callie and myself, along with Grampa and Gramma, Heather and her 3 kids (Callie's cousins), went to a "Breakfast with Santa"! The Pioneer Press puts it on, and it was so much fun! Callie had her picture taken with Santa again, and I'm waiting to see how that picture turned out! She was a good girl there as well :) My favorite part was letting her decorate a cookie :) Haha - she was covered in red frosting :) It was nice to actually get snowed in at my parents. I hadn't been able to spend quality time with them in a really long time. There had been a couple "quick" visits, but this was much needed! I loved our movie dates, Mom - we CAN'T go that long again before having a movie date :)

I love this picture of Callie and my dad :)

I also put on a huge concert for our community :) Dennis Warner came down and performed "Beads on One String" to our Kindergarten Center, and then his band performed that night! I had organized the entire ordeal, and more than 150 people were there :) I even received food donations for a free meal :) This is Callie and I enjoying the concert! This girl LOVES music :)

I was also supposed to graduate this past weekend, but due to the Minnesota Blizzard, I was not able to make the ceremony. It would have been nice to receive the recognition for completing my Specialists Degree in Education Leadership: K-12 Principal Licensure...but I wasn't willing to risk my life to get there. So there you have it, I did graduate with a 4.0! I now have my Bachelors degree, Master's Degree and my new "Specialists in Education Leadership"... I was given a gift for all of my hard work...A TON OF STUDENT LOANS TO PAY BACK.... great, right!? NOT!!!

For now, we're snowed in, praying for a snow day tomorrow! Christmas Cookies are baked! I'm going to take Callie and deliver them to families that have been very helpful to us this year! I want to start this with her so she can learn to show appreciation to others :) I made my favorite: Ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle, dipped in chocolate :) YUMMY!

Christmas presents are bought and wrapped, lights up, deer buried in the snow, cookies baked...I believe we are ready for Christmas :)