Sunday, December 19, 2010

9 Months and growing!

It's official...Callie is WALKING (behind a walker). A friend from school is letting us use this as her Grandson is no longer playing with it. The first few days, Callie would sit on the floor in front of it, playing with the music. Now Callie is standing behind it and slowly WALKING :) My baby girl is growing up way too fast...

Callie has also been spending a lot of time outside :) Not a TON of time, but we've had her out in her sled and in the snow! She loves it. I've seen pictures from other babies, and I've heard stories that MOST babies do not like the snow too much...not this girl! Callie LOVES being outside in the snow. She loves sledding, sitting in it, eating it and just looking at it. This could be a sign that she is going to live close to home (MN) when she gets older...or she is going to move to Alaska...

My mom and dad came down on Tuesday night, because my dad dresses up as Santa for our entire Kindergarten Center! He has done this every year I have been in Austin now :) The kids LOVE it as his suit is pretty spectacular :) We were going to have him dress up and take a Santa picture with Callie, but it got too late and she was tired. We will get the picture on Christmas Eve instead. Anyway, my dad brought Callie her first Christmas gift...her very own Princess Bowling Set!!! How appropriate from my dad :) Here is a video for you dad:

Callie's last Dr.'s appointment went very well. She is 64% in her weight and 40% in her other words, she's short and chubby :) Her check up went very well. We had brought her in as well, because she has a really bad cough, but with time it is getting better. Poor girl wakes herself up because she's coughing so much.

Callie's first snow angel!

She really liked eating the snow...just not the yellow stuff!

Josh is getting ready to head up to the MN Vikings game tomorrow (Monday) for their Monday Night Football game at the Gopher Stadium (TCF FIELD). Not going to lie - he's going to FREEZE his tail off. We have a very busy week and then it's CHRISTMAS :) We are so excited for Callie's FIRST OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS! We are celebrating on Thursday night-the three of us...I'm sure I will have a very fun and exciting Christmas post after the holidays :) It is going to be a VERY busy weekend for us and lots of traveling...

Until out next post,
Merry Christmas :)

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