Sunday, August 18, 2013

Callie's Summer Dancing

Callie attended another Princess Dance Camp for a few hours!  She loved it - this time she went as Cinderella :)

I was the creeper mom who snapped pictures of the fun times the girls were having :)

Princess Parade!

They made masks and then danced in them :)  SO CUTE!

Callie has also really gotten into Ballet, so we signed her up for a four day dance camp in Rochester at the Minnesota Youth Ballet Academy (MYBA)  She loved it and loved her teacher!  Here are some pictures of her four different dance sessions :) 

Callie on the right

Callie on right

Callie 3rd from the left

Pink Leggings

In the blue

<3 - blue

Her teacher was so wonderful that she allowed us to stay for another dance session!  She danced from 9:30-10:00 with her 3 year old friends, and danced from 10:15-11:00 with her 4-5 year old friends!

From all the fun activities they did, she really learned the basics to beginning skipping - she'll be there in no time!

Her AMAZING teacher!

I love Miss Julie :)

So did Callie!!

Of course we had to purchase new ballet clothes :)

Lake Milacs - "Shellum" Family Gathering!

In the beginning of August we ventured up north to Lake Milacs to where my aunt and uncle (Aunt Mary & Uncle Brian) have a cabin...more like an amazing lake home, but they just call it a "cabin".

I fed the boys the moment we arrived!  I figured it would keep them happy, and it was nice to have that out of the way and them cleaned up before the rest of the family arrived!  This has become a mini family reunion, since we never attend that anymore anyway :)

Carter sure liked his Great Uncle Brian right away!

And go figure Collin found his buddy, I mean Grampa :)  I'm telling you - two peas in a pod!

It wasn't long before everyone else was there and the kids were in the water!  I laid the boys down for their afternoon nap (thank you mom for bringing the pack n plays).  Callie had SO MUCH fun with Cousin Brittany & Auntie Colleen in the water!

Swimming with Daddy - or Prince Eric.  I forget that whenever Callie is in water she becomes a mermaid...or Ariel for that matter!

See - Ariel...this is what it looks like when a mermaid reaches shore!

GQ :)  And a little white!

Tyler striking a pose - he had LITERALLY just returned home from Saudi Arabia - he and his dad flew in the night before...

Cousin Brady with his son David :)

Callie adores Cousin Brittany :)  They shared a snack together!

The girls hanging out on the deck!

...actually hanging out with all the old folk!

Josh and Herold are bringing out the tube - this could only mean one thing...

Josh wants to attempt to barrel role :)

From a Jet Ski...

Josh taking Herold for a spin.  If I am remembering correctly, this is Herolds FIRST TIME EVER on a tube...he did great :)

Aunt Karen playing with the kids!

Look who woke up ;)

And is getting into all sorts of trouble already!

Snuggles for Daddy!

Sure play in the sprinkler...I promise you that it will turn and you will get wet - but why not let you learn that on your own...for my entertainment at least :)

Ariel back in the water!

Oh look, she's teaching David how to do it too :)  These two had so much fun together!

Callie is really into Lilo & Stitch and often pretends she is in Hawaii swimming in the ocean...and in the movie, her big sister, Nani, has a friend named, David!  Callie was SO excited about this :)

View from the deck :)

Picnic lunch with her new friend (actually they're 2nd cousins), but new friend works too :)

Boys eating outside with them :)

Cupcake time...seriously Carter!

You too, huh Collin!

Time to get the boys wet!  They LOVED the sad and were so so about the water!

Collin was checking it out first hand!

Daddy playing with his kids in the sand!  I will tell you this - I have never had so much sand all over my body - you play with these guys you get full of it!

So did they actually.  They were eating it...which only meant one thing - it had to come out of them eventually....

Carter taking a dip in the water with Mommy :)

Callie teaching her brothers how to splash around :)

Collin just ate more sand...and notice his legs - he looks like an APE I tell you!

Baby feet in water...LOVE

Callie isn't all about family pictures anymore :(  So we make them fun :)

Playing in the sand with my boys!!

Love these guys!

Looks really comfortable Collin!

We're all just hanging out...having a great time!

My mom captured it on video I think, just waiting to see it - but Callie went on the tube for the first time!  Daddy drove the jet ski while Callie and I went on it - honestly - she hated it!  But she was so brave for trying :) :)

The adults!  Okay so I think this is right after Uncle Brian showed us how to really use the Jet Ski - holy smokes, he took off and never once fell off - it was incredible!  Then he took his daughter, Brittany out there - whipped her around...she never fell of either! Then he brought her back in and when she was putzing with her hair - he took off - it was HILARIOUS to watch her fly off it...oh man was that a good laugh!

Thank you Reuss family for hosting and opening your beautiful cabin to our family!  We had a great time - missed you Sandkuhlers, but totally understand!

Until next year...