Sunday, January 31, 2010

McBaby's First Baby Shower!

If I were to begin to explain to you how wonderful my friends are, I would quickly run out of words to describe them. I have known for a very long time how blessed I am with the friendships I have developed while living here in Austin, but these wonderful and beautiful women continue to amaze me everyday!

I LOVE the Diaper Cake Lisa made :) The cake topper is a toy that Kristen swears by! It suctions to table tops...that way you won't be picking toys off the floor all the time!

Today included!

Today, Stephanie Bisek, Lisa Denzer & Kristen Becker hosted my very first Baby Shower :) Everything was absolutely perfect about today! I felt like I had just recently been crowned Miss America (pageant was on the day before...)...they treated me like I was a Queen!

Myself with the hosts: Lisa Denzer, Kristen Becker & Stephanie Bisek

The games we played were SO MUCH FUN!

The first game we all passed around baby food and had to guess what kind they all were...I'm REALLY bad at this game! I hope this does not determine what kind of mother I will be, because I didn't do so hot. (I didn't get any right!)...I did have some right names, but just for the wrong jar!

The second game, everyone split into groups of 2 people! They had to fill out a "Mad Libs" game titled: Baby McRae is on the Way! These were HILARIOUS! Every group had to read theirs back to me and I had to choose a winner. Are you kidding me! This was very difficult!

Here is the winning story:

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Cori was feeling like a polar bear. Finally, on the 32nd month, she felt a sudden contraction in her eyes. Of course, the first thing she did was go to the Miss America Pageant and jump up and down to keep her mind off of the discomfort. When the contractions became more frequent, Josh suggested that she slide around until she knew for sure if she was in labor. Cori was sure it was time to go to Woodson and give birth to her bubbly baby.

Before leaving, Cori called the pimp and said she would be leaving right after she hustled up. Within 4 minutes of hanging up the phone, Cori was to the point where she could not even boogie during a contraction. When Josh walked into the Blue Robin Room and saw her on her hands and knees wrestling, he said, "We are going NOW!" He quickly got ready and packed up the Cooper. Cori and Josh rushed to Jamaica, where they were met by a hula dancer.

Meanwhile, family and friends arrived by horse and buggy and gathered in the waiting room. Cori wasn't sure if she wanted to use pain killers, but as soon as she felt the pain in her gluteus maximus she asked for prenatal vitamins. Josh tried to help by counting as Cori raced. This went on for 15 hours. The family kept busy in the waiting room by playing Gestures and eating Steve's Pizza.

Finally the doctor decided to use the monkey wrench with a scream of Ecstasy, Cori gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The baby was so perfect, with a slippery pinky toe and 9,872 fingers and toes. The baby girl weighed 4,765 pounds and 134 ounches and measured 276 inches in length. Cori and Josh named their baby Chartruse. All the people in the waiting room agreed that the baby had Cori's tongue and Josh's thumb. Cori sang Apple Bottom Jeans as she rocked the baby, and they all fell asleep dreaming about their new life together.

Hilarious! The part that sold it for me was the Miss America part and singing Apple Bottom Jeans :) I'm pretty sure I will have to do that now when McBaby is born!

The third game we played...well, this one was a game just for me! I had to do whatever I needed to determine which candy bar was melted inside the diaper! This was DISGUSTING! Haha...there were 6 diapers, and I got all 6 right-yeah...6 prizes for me :) Here are the 6 candy bars:
1. Butterfinger
2. Crunch
3. Baby Ruth
4. Milk Duds
5. Kit Kats
6. Snickers
I observed, felt, smelt and yes...took a bite out of some of them! was pretty funny :)

The final game was a "relay race" between two teams! We had to put a diaper on baby dolls, dress them, put PJ's on them, swaddle them, and fill a bottle to 4 ounces with water! This was hilarious! It's a good thing we didn't get docked for banging the head against the floor!

First, put on a diaper!Next, get the baby dressed!Next, swaddle the baby
Last, fill a bottle with water and rush back to your teammates!

Enjoy the pictures from today! Again, I am so overly thankful for my friends! You women are all so amazing :)

My mom couldn't make it to the shower, but the moment she found out she wasn't going to be able to make it, she had a surprise gift sent down :) I started crying when Stephanie brought out a BEAUTIFUL high chair for McBaby!! I love you, Mom! You're the best!

The high chair my mom & dad got us (had shipped down!). Stephanie had been taking pictures, so my camera was down when she brought it out...this is what it looks like!

Melissa, Madisyn, Alia Retterath & "Grandma" Sandy Branden (she's our Austin Grandma)

Mary Beth, Sarah & Amy

Dishwasher Basket

Some washcloths!

Baby monitors from the hosts!

Melissa's husband, Andy, built this for us!

Such a beautiful toy chest! I can even sit on it (yes Melissa, I tried when I got home!)
I already have some baby toys in it :)


Alisha gave us this book! It's called, Let me Hold you Longer. It talks about all of your baby's "Lasts"...I read it at home and was bawling!

You can never have too many diapers :)

Seriously - can a girl ask for anything more in this life than great friends!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alright, after some gentle nudging from the Mrs. I decided to update the blog for the males in the family. I'm doing pretty good. Basketball is going well, my B squad played their best game of the year on Friday. It is fun when things you work on actually pay off. School is school, I don't get very worked up about it. Just going with the flow.

The cats are certainly upset with our decision to put them on a diet. Last night Kix brought a toy into the bed and played with it by my head until I woke up. Then after I put it in my drawer, he went and got two more. This might be his way of getting even.

Cori still amazes me with how incredible she has been handling being pregnant. Everyone hears horror stories of crazy hormones and what not, but she has been wonderful.

Let's man this blog up a bit and talk some football. If you haven't seen this video yet I suggest you watch it. This is definetly NSFW(not safe for work) but it was pretty much my reaction to the game.

I told myself I wouldn't talk about the game the next day because it would just make me upset. That lasted ten minutes. Every time I talked about it I just got myself upset. It wasn't that bad until lunch when they did the game recap on sportscenter in the lounge. The woman in the lounge said I needed to "let it go" whatever that means.

I'm feeling a bit worn down today, I think I might be getting sick. I have had five or six kids gone the last couple days. I better get some sleep.


7 Weeks Until the arrival of McBaby

We have officially reached 33 weeks :)

I'm getting big - but seriously - MUST PEOPLE SAY THAT TO MY FACE?! "Wow, you're getting huge?!" HOW RUDE....compared to others this far along, I'm still small...(thanks to those of you who have told me this!)!

Let me tell you...having a "fat" day is going to have a whole new meaning now that I have experienced carrying a baby...I feel like a lost whale who has landed on a other words - I feel like a beach whale...I'm still gaining the right amount of weight. I weigh more than my mom and Heidi did when they were pregnant...but oh well, I'm over it-they aren't as tall as I am! Life goes on! So instead, I sit here, typing this new blog and eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with thin mint girl scout cookies (in the freezer from last year still...better make room for the new ones coming)!

McBaby is continuing to grow...are you surprised by this!?
They say I'm supposed to start feeling less and less movement now, because McBaby is taking up more room; however, I still feel PLENTY of movement :) I love it too! I like watching the "wave" go over my stomach!

I've gotten used to the feet being lodged in my rib cages...I'll get you back some day sweetie...maybe your High School Prom ;)

We have our first baby shower this weekend too! I am so so so excited! My amazing girlfriends are putting it on for me here in Austin :) I seriously love these women! I'll post pictures after the event!My mom is currently in Las Vegas for Miss America (GO BROOKE!) and I am 100% jealous! I would be there...if I could fly now. She had the nerve to tell me she was sitting in the sun in sandals when it was 20 below outside here...
I had called my mom recently with some "pregnancy" questions (not sure if I was having problems or not...called Dr. and we're good to go), but she informed me that "If you go into labor, you better wait to deliver until I get home!" Yeah...okay! Pretty sure if I were to deliver you'd have to fly here!

Although -I can't imagine having a baby and NOT having my mom around afterwards...either way - McBaby is cooking until March :)

Other news...our cats are FAT! That's right! The vet has put our cats (mainly Kix) on a very intense diet! These dang felines are meowing at us ALL THE TIME...we thought they were needy that they are STARVING they won't leave us alone!
I like to think they are just putting on sympathy weight!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting Day for McBaby :)

Today has been a VERY exciting day! It started out where I was constantly checking in on EBay to assure that the item we were watching didn't get bid on "too" much!

You see, the bedding we want for McBaby is EXTREMELY expensive online, so I started checking out EBay :) Well, guess what... I won the item today at 4:56 PM! I paid more than half of the price...

Josh claims he wasn't sure what to think when he saw me freaking out in the last few seconds and then again when we won! YEAH :) Now McBaby has bedding! And it's new-I've already talked with the seller (before purchasing)...never opened - smoke free home :)

Next Josh and I moved on over to the AMC (Austin Medical Center) for our first night of prenatal classes!

We weren't sure what to expect...but quickly realized who we "should" and "should not" talk to! It was interesting! It was also very nice for me to hear that it's okay to have your husband give you back rubs all the time-it helps practice being calm! So, Josh-bring them on :)

He also got to experience pain! They had us hold ice in our fists for a little more than 30 seconds. We were supposed to bring the pain to a diff. location in our bodies (practicing for contractions)...Josh admitted afterwards that it was very eye opening for him! Try it - it sucks!

Josh is going to be posting here soon...I know we're all looking forward to a Josh update :) I know I am!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The cats are running like crazy wondering why this house is so depressed...

Josh is pissed...

I have gone into my own hibernation...

And I am CONVINCED we are having a BOY :)

I'm happy either way - but SERIOUSLY blew could have won!

Vikings and a Baby Girl...what do they have in common?

As Josh and I prepare ourselves to watch the NFC Championship Game tonight, I began thinking about my dreams.

Today's game is the determining factor on the sex of our baby! You see, I haven't shared this with many, but I have had several dreams that we are having a baby girl with big brown eyes and a head of brown hair. It was just a dream, so I wasn't really sure what to believe...

That is until my dream over a week ago:
THE VIKINGS WERE PLAYING IN THE SUPERBOWL! That's right! I don't know who they were playing, and I don't know if they won or not (stupid alarm clock waking me up), but I had the dream!

So here is my conclusion:

If the Vikings win today-we are having a girl!

If the Vikings lose today-we are having a boy!

Today is the determining factor!

Then I started thinking about how I could make this post more exciting, and I came up with the perfect solution! Enjoy the rest!

Will our child:

Have Blond/hardly any hair like Daddy or Brown/lots of hair like Mommy?

Be a clean eater like Daddy or a messy eater like Mommy?

Sleep anywhere like Daddy or in a bed like Mommy?

Prefer Pluto like Daddy or Mickey like Mommy?

Be more laid back like Daddy or extremely energetic like Mommy?

Either way we know this:

Our child will dress up for Halloween!

Run around without a shirt on!

Be very happy and show affection!!

Know how to have a good time!

And no matter what...

Will be a Vikings Fan from DAY 1!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 Weeks!

We have made it 32 weeks :) I told Josh this week that it was going to be an amazing week, because 32 is my favorite number ;)

McBaby is weighing in at about 4 pounds and is about 19 inches long now :) Remember, this is completely according to the "books". This past week I have been feeling McBaby move ALL over the place! He/she is "dancing" in my stomach (as my kindergartners would say). The pain in my back is still there; however, I have eased the pain by telling myself that it is simply McBaby's foot lodged up in there! I seriously think this child's foot is STUCK in my rib cage. I'm not sure how he/she is ever going to come out of me without someone going in there and buttering up my ribs to dislodge the foot (like they do when children stick their heads in small spaces and get it stuck).

I'm calling it now - our child will get his/her head stuck one day...

There's the basketball I swallowed!

This past week I have received two AMAZING compliments that have made me feel like a million bucks :)

1. My principal told me one day that she forgets I'm pregnant when she sees me from the back, because from the back - I don't look pregnant!


2. Today I went to our day care center to make sure that we still had a spot for the fall. I started talking to the woman in charge, and she said to me, "So what are you now, like 4.5 months?" NOPE! Try 8 :)

My stomach REALLY truly looks like I have swallowed a basketball :)

This past weekend, Josh and I went up to visit my family! It was so awesome to be up there! We all got together! My mom, dad, 4 girls, 3 husbands+1 boyfriend, 5 nephews, 1 niece & the unknown...McBaby :) I LOVE hanging out with my family :) Seriously - it's loud and chaotic...but that's what makes it family time! All the kids running around, everyone sitting around watching the Vikings, my mom's Sloppy Joes (YUMMY) and the infamous PICTURES! (And people wonder where I get it from!)

The ENTIRE family together :)

The Grandkids (minus McBaby)
Trygg (4), Trey (7), Tyler (11), AJ (3), Claire (10), Jeff (8)

My Sisters!
Colleen (31), myself (26), Heidi (34), Heather (36)

Tyler and I reading his sweet book on "fun tricks!" We tried to make a bomb out of vinegar and baking soda-but it wouldn't work.

Josh's 2nd year in the "Shellum Family Football Picks" and he WINS the season!
First "newbie" to win so quickly!

There's the traveling plaque that will be displayed in our house! I can't tell you how excited I am...and I'm serious here! This is a VERY prestigious award!
(it's been awhile since I dad robbed me from it last came down to the final game...) Josh robbed Colleen of it this year in the final game - Way to go Sweetie :)

Trygg wasn't too sure why my stomach was so big! I explained that there was a baby growing inside of my stomach - his cousin! Nope, he wasn't having it. So when I was laying on my side, I held his hand on my stomach so he could feel McBaby kick! Oh he felt it alright :) He jumped a little and gave me a look that asked, "What was that?" HAHA!

Later, Heidi asked him if he felt the baby kick. Trygg responded by saying, "Mom, it wasn't a baby, Auntie Cori is having a puppy...a bulldog!" Haha!! I guess puppies kick-babies do not! Haha!!

This is when Trygg felt McBaby move :) He wasn't too sure of the kicking!

Tackling Uncle Josh is what Trygg does best :) Yes - he's wearing a Vikings Uniform - sweetest outfit EVER!

The rest of this week is going to FLY by as both Josh and I are extremely busy. Before we know it - Week 33 will be here...

We also have another Dr.'s appointment at the end of the week...I love hearing McBaby's heartbeat!!!