Wednesday, January 27, 2010

7 Weeks Until the arrival of McBaby

We have officially reached 33 weeks :)

I'm getting big - but seriously - MUST PEOPLE SAY THAT TO MY FACE?! "Wow, you're getting huge?!" HOW RUDE....compared to others this far along, I'm still small...(thanks to those of you who have told me this!)!

Let me tell you...having a "fat" day is going to have a whole new meaning now that I have experienced carrying a baby...I feel like a lost whale who has landed on a other words - I feel like a beach whale...I'm still gaining the right amount of weight. I weigh more than my mom and Heidi did when they were pregnant...but oh well, I'm over it-they aren't as tall as I am! Life goes on! So instead, I sit here, typing this new blog and eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with thin mint girl scout cookies (in the freezer from last year still...better make room for the new ones coming)!

McBaby is continuing to grow...are you surprised by this!?
They say I'm supposed to start feeling less and less movement now, because McBaby is taking up more room; however, I still feel PLENTY of movement :) I love it too! I like watching the "wave" go over my stomach!

I've gotten used to the feet being lodged in my rib cages...I'll get you back some day sweetie...maybe your High School Prom ;)

We have our first baby shower this weekend too! I am so so so excited! My amazing girlfriends are putting it on for me here in Austin :) I seriously love these women! I'll post pictures after the event!My mom is currently in Las Vegas for Miss America (GO BROOKE!) and I am 100% jealous! I would be there...if I could fly now. She had the nerve to tell me she was sitting in the sun in sandals when it was 20 below outside here...
I had called my mom recently with some "pregnancy" questions (not sure if I was having problems or not...called Dr. and we're good to go), but she informed me that "If you go into labor, you better wait to deliver until I get home!" Yeah...okay! Pretty sure if I were to deliver you'd have to fly here!

Although -I can't imagine having a baby and NOT having my mom around afterwards...either way - McBaby is cooking until March :)

Other news...our cats are FAT! That's right! The vet has put our cats (mainly Kix) on a very intense diet! These dang felines are meowing at us ALL THE TIME...we thought they were needy that they are STARVING they won't leave us alone!
I like to think they are just putting on sympathy weight!

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