Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 More Weeks!

Have you noticed that our titles are no longer by the week we are at, but rather the number of weeks we have remaining :)

I'm still feeling GREAT! I have come to the realization that pizza and buffalo sauce give me heartburn :( So I have removed those two things from my diet. My Dr. did tell me that I can take Tums! YEAH FOR TUMS! I carry them with me EVERYWHERE :) Sleeping is hit and miss. I have also learned that when I am sitting down or lying down, I don't have to go to the bathroom. The moment I stand up is a completely different story...I constantly have to go!
I feel like I am starting to sit really low...but this picture doesn't really look like it-still right in the middle I guess...
I've learned to deal with the back pains...not something that is comfortable...but my poor body isn't used to this added weight (neither is my knees for that matter...OUCH!)...

On Friday of last week (a few days before it was officially 31 weeks)...we had a Dr.'s appointment! If you have read in our previous posts, you know that we made a "Build-a-Bear" for McBaby to have! We recorded the heart beat so we could put it into the build a bear! We'll see how it works. We may end up recording our voices, but our plan is the heart beat! Here is the video Josh took to get the recording. Note - the extra hole in my belly button is from a previous belly button ring that I passing judgments people :)

So far at Week 31...not much has changed. I guess I am feeling like McBaby is sitting low, but many have informed me that is because McBaby is begin his/her drop!

Developmentally - Well, McBaby still weighs about 3 pounds, but will begin gaining more here! He/she is about 18 inches long! Almost to his/her birth length...that's crazy to believe. I held up a ruler the other day and realized that a regular 12 inch ruler is tiny compared to McBaby! Then we measured Kix...from nose to butt (basically Kix without a tail) is 18 inches long...that's how big McBaby is already! Here our baby is growing so quickly and I can't see him/her - hold him/her to enjoy these moments...

I'm already sad thinking about how quickly McBaby is going to grow up.

On Sunday, Josh and I went up to the cities to celebrate the commitment ceremony between his dad, Don & Sharon. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was nice to be apart of it. Here are some pictures that I took to capture the day.

Group Photo Shot:
Mike & Colleen, Don & Sharon, Mike & Kayla, Josh and I :)

Holding hands...
Saying their vows to each other
Mike & Colleen (they flew in from CO!)
The four of us - we pretty much rock!
I will always remember our trip to Majors...I told my dad to put his arm around my mom...this is what he did!

Worlds Best!
Glad they could be there to help celebrate!!!
Almost 40 years of a happy marriage :)

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