Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alright, after some gentle nudging from the Mrs. I decided to update the blog for the males in the family. I'm doing pretty good. Basketball is going well, my B squad played their best game of the year on Friday. It is fun when things you work on actually pay off. School is school, I don't get very worked up about it. Just going with the flow.

The cats are certainly upset with our decision to put them on a diet. Last night Kix brought a toy into the bed and played with it by my head until I woke up. Then after I put it in my drawer, he went and got two more. This might be his way of getting even.

Cori still amazes me with how incredible she has been handling being pregnant. Everyone hears horror stories of crazy hormones and what not, but she has been wonderful.

Let's man this blog up a bit and talk some football. If you haven't seen this video yet I suggest you watch it. This is definetly NSFW(not safe for work) but it was pretty much my reaction to the game.

I told myself I wouldn't talk about the game the next day because it would just make me upset. That lasted ten minutes. Every time I talked about it I just got myself upset. It wasn't that bad until lunch when they did the game recap on sportscenter in the lounge. The woman in the lounge said I needed to "let it go" whatever that means.

I'm feeling a bit worn down today, I think I might be getting sick. I have had five or six kids gone the last couple days. I better get some sleep.


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