Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 Weeks!

We have made it 32 weeks :) I told Josh this week that it was going to be an amazing week, because 32 is my favorite number ;)

McBaby is weighing in at about 4 pounds and is about 19 inches long now :) Remember, this is completely according to the "books". This past week I have been feeling McBaby move ALL over the place! He/she is "dancing" in my stomach (as my kindergartners would say). The pain in my back is still there; however, I have eased the pain by telling myself that it is simply McBaby's foot lodged up in there! I seriously think this child's foot is STUCK in my rib cage. I'm not sure how he/she is ever going to come out of me without someone going in there and buttering up my ribs to dislodge the foot (like they do when children stick their heads in small spaces and get it stuck).

I'm calling it now - our child will get his/her head stuck one day...

There's the basketball I swallowed!

This past week I have received two AMAZING compliments that have made me feel like a million bucks :)

1. My principal told me one day that she forgets I'm pregnant when she sees me from the back, because from the back - I don't look pregnant!


2. Today I went to our day care center to make sure that we still had a spot for the fall. I started talking to the woman in charge, and she said to me, "So what are you now, like 4.5 months?" NOPE! Try 8 :)

My stomach REALLY truly looks like I have swallowed a basketball :)

This past weekend, Josh and I went up to visit my family! It was so awesome to be up there! We all got together! My mom, dad, 4 girls, 3 husbands+1 boyfriend, 5 nephews, 1 niece & the unknown...McBaby :) I LOVE hanging out with my family :) Seriously - it's loud and chaotic...but that's what makes it family time! All the kids running around, everyone sitting around watching the Vikings, my mom's Sloppy Joes (YUMMY) and the infamous PICTURES! (And people wonder where I get it from!)

The ENTIRE family together :)

The Grandkids (minus McBaby)
Trygg (4), Trey (7), Tyler (11), AJ (3), Claire (10), Jeff (8)

My Sisters!
Colleen (31), myself (26), Heidi (34), Heather (36)

Tyler and I reading his sweet book on "fun tricks!" We tried to make a bomb out of vinegar and baking soda-but it wouldn't work.

Josh's 2nd year in the "Shellum Family Football Picks" and he WINS the season!
First "newbie" to win so quickly!

There's the traveling plaque that will be displayed in our house! I can't tell you how excited I am...and I'm serious here! This is a VERY prestigious award!
(it's been awhile since I dad robbed me from it last came down to the final game...) Josh robbed Colleen of it this year in the final game - Way to go Sweetie :)

Trygg wasn't too sure why my stomach was so big! I explained that there was a baby growing inside of my stomach - his cousin! Nope, he wasn't having it. So when I was laying on my side, I held his hand on my stomach so he could feel McBaby kick! Oh he felt it alright :) He jumped a little and gave me a look that asked, "What was that?" HAHA!

Later, Heidi asked him if he felt the baby kick. Trygg responded by saying, "Mom, it wasn't a baby, Auntie Cori is having a puppy...a bulldog!" Haha!! I guess puppies kick-babies do not! Haha!!

This is when Trygg felt McBaby move :) He wasn't too sure of the kicking!

Tackling Uncle Josh is what Trygg does best :) Yes - he's wearing a Vikings Uniform - sweetest outfit EVER!

The rest of this week is going to FLY by as both Josh and I are extremely busy. Before we know it - Week 33 will be here...

We also have another Dr.'s appointment at the end of the week...I love hearing McBaby's heartbeat!!!

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