Saturday, October 4, 2014

When you need them the most...a friend is there!

It's not new news that I had a major surgery.  It sucked actually.  I experienced some of the most excruciating pain I have ever undergone during recovery.  Josh witnessed this pain and will probably have some of these visions in his memory for the rest of his life (so sorry about that Josh, but thank you for being there anyway and not judging me).  You know, after you have a baby, you have so many family and friends there, ready to help you, doing things for you that may seem little or easy, but are SO helpful and wonderful!

I returned home from the hospital last Thursday.  Within a few days, I was feeling so much pain from the after effects of the catheter and having surgery on my rectum and fear of using it again (to say it nicely).

I can't pick up my children.  This is one of the most upsetting things...EVER.  Carter is really struggling with it and has often cried about it:

Collin wants to be held and carried, Callie does as well - but I can't.  I won't lie to you when I say that I may or may not have lifted them a little bit.  It's the best medicine there is available to me.  Picking up my own child and holding them close to me...feeling them next to my heart.  Their sweet arms wrapped around me, kisses pressing against my lips, which usually takes over the whole bottom half of my face!

Back to the pain - I developed a Bladder Infection.  SUCKY!  I was sure of it - I remember the pain I experienced after giving birth to Callie (I had a catheter for her birth), and this was a very similar pain.

Josh was at work, I was on pain meds, and I needed to get to the clinic for a blood draw.  THANK YOU THANK YOU Sandy Brandon for driving me to the clinic, waiting, and driving me home.  Thank you Melissa Retterath for helping me contact her to call her :)  You are simply a blessing!

Thank you Andy Retterath for driving to Walgreen's to pick up my prescription for me so I could begin antibiotics to fight my bladder infection shortly after they called me to confirm.

I needed to take three pills a day for seven days...and they tasted funny.  I had 2.5 solid days in when I received a phone call from Dr. Nace himself.  He informed me that my urine culture was actually fighting the antibiotic they put me on, and I needed to switch to a different antibiotic.  No wonder it felt like I was peeing out needles still...I still had the infection!

Thank you Josh for picking up my new medication after picking up our kids from daycare and school.

I owe a few people some thank yous!  I am going to work on my actual thank yous, but you are my friends, you are the ones that have been there for me!  I thank you for that:

Kyle & Brenda Bendson - Thank you for the wonderful send off to surgery!  The balloons, diet coke and chocolate are exactly what I needed during recover :)  You know me too well!  My kids loved the balloons as well!  When I got home on Tuesday, Carter came flying at me all excited - it wasn't for me :)

Josh and Mom - you waited for me during surgery.  You sat with me while I was waking up and made sure I was okay.  You were there when I needed you, and you were there for the kids when I couldn't be, because that kills me.

Mom McRae - Thank you for sending me the beautiful flowers that I do not want to die - they're GORGEOUS!  Thank you for checking in on me and I look forward to your visit this weekend.  Thank you in advance for your help - I know you will be incredible, because you always are!

Jenny Compton - thank you for coming over the night I came home!  The treat bucket you gave me was delicious and I loved your company!  Even though I was extremely loopy and couldn't stop moving my legs from pain, thank you for coming over!

Lisa Denzer - thank you for coming over that same night!  You delivered a meal to us that I thought was delicious (I'm sorry you didn't think so!)  I'm glad Ava could come with and I'm glad to have you in my life!  You have continued to bring us delicious meals, and I cannot thank you enough.  The kids have loved them and it has been a huge help to our family.  Cooking is the last thing I want to do right now - hopefully that energy will be back next week!

Evelyn & Chris Napton - thank you for the pizza and the DELICIOUS Smore's pizza - I'm a little upset you introduced our family to this, because we LOVED it and may become addicted!  I'm sorry the play date didn't work out for Callie to visit, but I really appreciate the offer!  Darn Sunday events and activities :)

Dad - Thank you for driving down on your day off to hang out at our house and play with the kids.  I know the kids were excited to see you, as well as myself!  I love the plant you gave me, and it's still alive!  Elsa has not eaten it and I've remembered to water it :) :)

Melissa Retterath - OMG - you have been so helpful!  From helping with my clinic appointments, medications, driving Callie to dance AND getting Sassy Strawberry - to the AMAZING treats you delivered for myself, Josh and MY MOM!  You are more giving and thoughtful and we are so blessed having you in our lives.  You are great friends and I hope to one day repay your kindness.

Lindsay Sorenson - WINE!  You brought WINE!  I can't wait to drink wine again!  The meal you provided us with will be enjoyed next week - thank you for your kindness - and for putting up with Callie and the boys dragging you around our house, showing you everything, and encouraging a playdate!  We need to get on that :)

Nicole Sorenson - HOLY. DELICIOUS.  My kids inhaled the Tendermaid sandwiches you made!  They were very good!  Turns out Carter likes pickles, because he ate the entire container!

Carrie Allen - you are and always have been an incredible neighbor, but I think of you more as a friend!  My kids adore you, and you are so wonderful to them.  Thank you for the best homemade chicken noodle soup I have ever had!  Also, thank you for the delicious homemade apple dumplings dessert!  DELICIOUS!

MOM's Group - thank you for the gift certificate to Pizza Ranch!  I think we are going to attempt to venture out next week sometime...we shall see :)

Alyssa Sahli - THANK YOU for coming down to Austin to spend an entire day with me!  I loved going out to lunch with you (thanks for driving me around all day) and our arts and crafts session :)  Reminds me of college days :)  Dinner was slightly crazy, but it was still fun and I am so glad I had another wonderful day with you :)

Kirsten Nelson - thank you for being my long term sub!  You and I have such similar personalities and care so much about our students were the perfect fit!  Thank you for the phone calls in the morning so I can hear my students yelling "HELLO, WE MISS YOU!" - I miss you all too :)  Thank you for taking this incredibly fun, energetic, inquisitive group of students and encouraging their development!!!

Josh - thank you for going the extra mile EVERY SINGLE DAY!  From sun up to sun down.  You have gotten the kids ready and out the door for school/daycare (although I am happy I started getting up to help out - it makes me feel needed), driving the kids everywhere, picking them up, helping prepare the meals our friends have delivered, bath night, bedtimes and for making sure I am taken care of as well!  The first 3-4 days of my at home arrival, you were incredibly on top of my pain medication!  Every three hours you were ready with new meds.  In the middle of the night, you got up and made sure I took my meds!  Thank you for being so caring in my recovery.

Mom - thank you for coming down and taking care of me, my kids and even Josh!  You did so many loads of laundry and I am happy to report the clean clothes are STILL folded on top of the kid's dressers!  It is going down, because they are wearing these outfits :)  Every girl always needs her mommy, and you were there for me!  Thank you!  I do apologize for running out of wine...but thankfully I have a wonderful friend who came to your rescue :)

I received so many get well cards, get well messages and get well texts from family and friends.  Thank you for taking your time to show you cared.  Your friendship shines through and I really value it!  It means a lot, and you are also showing my children what true friends are really like, and how they are there for their friends in times of need :)

Today, our dog Elsa had surgery as well - I like to say that we had the same surgery!  Mine was called a hysterectomy, while hers was called spading, but basically the same thing :)  I drove her to the vet, because our vet is 1.25 miles away and I hadn't been on any pain medications.  My very good friend, Jenny, unfortunately hurt her foot really badly over the weekend.  Although she attempted work earlier this week, she needed a day of rest.  We both felt great, but both needed to just SIT.  She invited me over for a movie and it was the best afternoon :)  Thank you Jenny for your company!  Thank you for the amazing conversations, watching one of my favorite movies, and for being sappy with me about our incredible marriages, but wanting that "falling in love" stage back - dang you Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson!!!!  Oh the planning of our husband's man dates :) Hahaha

I have so many incredible blessings in my life and am so thankful for all of you - I felt the need to remember this - remember your help, your caring and encouraging words!  Thank you for keeping me company when I am BORED OUT OF MIND!!!