Sunday, March 22, 2015

Excellent Educator

I normally wouldn't post this, and I certainly wouldn't want to ever "brag" about this - it was a complete shock and a complete honor to be selected a couple weeks ago as the KAAL-ABC 6 News's Excellent Educator!

I was in the middle of a team meeting when I was called into my classroom because my Assistant Principal needed to speak to me - of course I left that meeting annoyed, thinking I was in trouble or my students were in trouble.

I walked into my classroom and my entire class was sitting, quietly in their desks.  My A.P., Lynn Hemann started telling me how they were all in trouble and we've been having problems in the bathroom and locker areas - I remember saying, "THESE GUYS!?"

It was very soon after that that my classroom door opened and a bright camera was shining in my face...

The rest is history - Enjoy :)

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(Let's face it, I needed to blog about this so I could totally keep the link in a safe place!)

Callie's FIRST Figure Skating Show!

Every parent wants their child to try new things and to feel confident with those choices!  We have experienced them, at least I have!  Callie wanted to try figure skating, so we gave it a go!

All I have to say - with the friendships she has made, the leadership coming from the older skaters, the inspiring and insanely talented coach, Coach Chris, and the supportive, friendly and welcoming parents - I really hope and pray Callie sticks with Figure Skating!!!

From September to Saturday afternoon during rehearsal on March 7th, Callie was just skating along the ice, not really moving quickly, and not bending her knees.  I remember watching her during rehearsal, feeling SO PROUD OF HER !!  Knowing how far she has come, and the fun she has had...

THEN...oh then...during the show, I was on the ice with her, helping the other girls get on - I ran to the stands to watch her perform and I witnessed something - my daughter "got it" - she figured out how to move quickly!  She realized that if she just bent her knees, she would get somewhere!  I remember wondering where she was, because I immediately looked towards the back of the group and Callie wasn't there...nope, she was on the line already - she developed...SPEED!  Boy oh boy was she proud of herself!

To keep this post short and sweet, here are several pictures and videos from our weekend of pure joy and entertainment!  I couldn't be more proud and I am so excited to see where she goes with figure skating!  I really pray she sticks with it!

Thank you to the many visitors Callie had cheering her on :)  Her Grampa, Auntie Heather, Cousin Claire and so many friends came to see her!!!!

Below are quite a few pictures Josh and I captured during her two figure skating shows!  I could not be more proud of her!  The girls she skates with are so kind hearted and hard working - excellent role models to look up to!!!

Thank you Auntie Heather and Cousin Claire for coming!!!!  Callie sure loves her cousin Claire - she went right to her and didn't want to let go :)  We love you so much Claire!!!  It meant so much to her that you both came!!!

She sure loves her Daddy!

A kiss to mark her love :)

Callie and her beautiful friend, Audrina :)


Seriously - this photo doesn't quite capture the love these two have for each other and the bond they share!  It's eternal :)

This is Coach Chris with her grandkids that came to support her and cheer her on as she prepared her skaters for their show :)  She's seriously AMAZING!

Coach Chris with her entire family :)

All the girls aren't pictured here, but here's Coach Chris with some of her girls!!!

Miss Amy - such beauty and grace!

Melt my heart - these girls did AWESOME!

Proof that when you fall, you just GET RIGHT BACK UP!

Mia & Audrina - Sisterly Love :) :)

The big girls are so fun to watch :)

I love this - the feeling you have when your own child is doing something they love is pure joy and pride!  It's not too often that pride is captured - I love this, because each of these parents have JOY bursting from their hearts!!

2015 Riverside Figure Skating Club

Callie's Spring Stage Show!

I am going to be a little behind on some posts - like today!  I am going to post about her stage show that took place today, but I still need to post about her Ice Show, birthday party and DISNEY!  Seriously, how have I missed these things!!!!

So today, Callie had her Spring Stage Show for dance!  I am so incredibly proud of this girl!  The moment she was dancing, I looked over at Josh and he whispered to me, "She's really good!"  I couldnt' have been more proud!  She is wonderful!  Her confidence was exploding out of her today!  I'm not sure if it was the song or the fact that she is 5 now!

Here are some fun pictures and the video from tonight!  I love you Callie Lynae, I am so incredibly proud of you :)

Callie and her friend, Clara

Callie and her friend, Camryn 

Callie and her friend, Aurora! 

Just to show that our life isn't always sunshine and rainbows - our boys HATE taking pictures... 

But I always get them to smile eventually :) :) 


Connecting Literature and Real Life...

I have been blessed with several things in my life!  Sometimes I think people get annoyed of seeing my posts on Facebook or hearing about how happy I am, but I am not afraid to shout it out, let the world know just how blessed I am!  I am so incredibly happy in my marriage!  My children drive me nuts and close to insanity, but that is what I love more than anything about them!  They are all so unique in their own individual ways!

I've also been blessed with an incredible family who works so hard in so many ways!

This past month, my students have been reading the novel, Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen.  If you have not read this, you must - it's a very quick read, but it's amazing.  It's a Historical Fiction about a young man from Winona, MN!  The novel speaks of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder throughout many wars and battles.

Thankfully I have a wonderfully talented, hard working brother in law, Bruce who is a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army!  He has worked very closely with PTSD soldiers and has done some training.  He was able to Skype with my students this past Friday to share his knowledge with them, and answer questions they had.

I made a post on FB the night before, expressing my excitement.  One district employee saw this post, and the rest is history!  Thanks to Ryan Mayers, Bruce's message and the education taking place was shared throughout our community!

The following are several links to the different types of media that shared Bruce's story!

Austin Daily Herald:
Austin Public Schools
My Video of the entire conversation:

Thank you Bruce!  For taking the time to share you knowledge with curious 6th grade students, and for making such an incredible connection to the content we are learning :)  I love you so much and am so proud to call you my BROTHER!!!!