Sunday, March 22, 2015

Excellent Educator

I normally wouldn't post this, and I certainly wouldn't want to ever "brag" about this - it was a complete shock and a complete honor to be selected a couple weeks ago as the KAAL-ABC 6 News's Excellent Educator!

I was in the middle of a team meeting when I was called into my classroom because my Assistant Principal needed to speak to me - of course I left that meeting annoyed, thinking I was in trouble or my students were in trouble.

I walked into my classroom and my entire class was sitting, quietly in their desks.  My A.P., Lynn Hemann started telling me how they were all in trouble and we've been having problems in the bathroom and locker areas - I remember saying, "THESE GUYS!?"

It was very soon after that that my classroom door opened and a bright camera was shining in my face...

The rest is history - Enjoy :)

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(Let's face it, I needed to blog about this so I could totally keep the link in a safe place!)

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