Friday, April 30, 2010

Callie's first classmates!!

As you have read in previous posts, Callie and I attend two different classes:

Tuesday=Packer Backer Book Club at the Library
Thursday=Baby and Me Class

Both of these are great. On Tuesdays, it is more for toddlers, but Callie and I go and read/look at books together and hear the different stories being read. We also take time to check out books. I even check out some books for myself while we're there! I have found that I can get a lot of reading done during her feedings! Granted they are about 30 minute increments every couple hours...but it's good reading time :)

During the Baby and Me class, we are at the CLC (Community Learning Center); however, this past week we went to the Hormel Nature Center! It is always a fun time to get together with other mom's and talk about our babies!

Here are some fun pictures from our two classes:
Mommy and Callie at the Nature Center
Callie at the Nature Center :)
She slept right through it - must have been the sounds of the birds chirping, water and wind!
Inside the Nature Center-Kid area :)
The whole group!
(L-R Lyndsie with Baby Grayson, Brooke with Baby Lydia, Callie and I, Jessica with Baby Calvin, and Carmon with Baby Aubry)
Callie sleeping through our Book was the soothing sounds of story time that put her out :)

Have you noticed that she's always sleeping!? I think she has developed 11:00 AM to be her nap time. A typical nap time for babies!

Callie's First Road Trip!

Josh and I took our first big road trip with Callie :) We ventured down to Leavenworth, Kansas to visit the Bredlow family. Callie was able to spend some really good quality time with her Aunt Heidi and Uncle Bruce (who are her Godparents as well !!!) and her three cousins: Tyler, Trey and Trygg.

We had so much fun! When we first arrived, it was so late, and Callie had been sleeping in the car the entire time, that I didn't have it in me to make her go to sleep, so Heidi and I stayed up with her until 2:30 AM to watch her smile, laugh and talk :) It was so much fun, and I am so happy Heidi was able to see it!

On Saturday, we ventured out into the cool Kansas weather and watched Tyler play in his soccer game. We would have seen Trey play too, but his game was cancelled - Bummer :(
Tyler did such a good job. He is so fast and has perfect form when he runs! Some of the other players were HUGE compared to him. Heidi says it's because Tyler is small for his age - well, I think it's because these kids are beasts! In the second half, Tyler was goalie - and HOLY CATS...this kid is good! He stopped so many awesome shots. There is no way that I could have done it...even now! WAY TO GO TYLER! Here are some pictures of Callie's first soccer game and Tyler playing Goalie!

For the rest of the day, we hung out at their house, because it was raining outside. That didn't stop us from having fun and spending some good quality time together! Uncle Josh played Army Monopoly with the boys! They sure do love him :) I think they were more excited to see Josh than me - which is okay, he is a really fun guy :)

Callie was able to take plenty of naps with her Uncle Bruce :) She just curled right up on him and they zonked out together!!!

On Saturday evening, we all went out to the MN Twins game at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, MO! It was Callie's first ever Twins game, it was cold and raining...but, we dressed her warm and sat under the yawning, so we were dry the whole time :) Callie was such a trooper! She survived the whole game - which ended up being 12 innings...way to go Callie!

Heidi took Josh and I on a tour of Ft. Leavenworth! Now I have seen many military bases in my life (Thanks to Heidi and Bruce taking me on so many tours)...and this one is by far the most beautiful base I have seen! It has so much history within it. We also were able to see some of the old prisons and prison cemetery's. We saw the building that Bruce has class in, and the one Heidi teaches in.

Bruce took the time to teach Josh and I how to shoot some guns :) I can't remember the names of them, but it was fun. We shot a rifle and a hand gun. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!! Then he took the time to show us all of his guns and give us a "mini" lesson on them. It was really neat to learn about the different guns and how the bullets work. I didn't realize bullets were shaped differently...which then enters the body differently. It was really neat! I secretively want to have a lot of land with nobody around me so I can shoot guns off my deck :)

Callie had a great time visiting her Aunt, Uncle and did we! We really wish you guys weren't moving so far away (Okinawa, Japan), but we are so excited for the experiences and adventures your family gets to have :) We will really miss you and are so thankful to have had this fun weekend with you!!!

We sure do love you guys!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look who is ONE MONTH OLD!!!

Callie has officially turned 1 month old! Josh and I still can't believe it. It is true that we looked back and wondered where that month had gone. I spend every waking moment with Callie (being her food supply and all), so I feel like I was really able to take in her first month. I captured every moment and never once wished for time to speed up or say "I can't wait for...". I learned you can't do that - because before you know it, that time will be here, gone, and I'll want it back.

From the first moment we met Callie, we fell in love with her INSTANTLY! She is such a special piece of our lives - okay our entire life!!

Here is a list of some of the things Callie has accomplished over this last month, and some things we have done with her:

* Eating successfully!
* Sleeping (4-5 hours at one time during the night!!!)
* Developing the strength to lift her head and hold it upright for awhile
* When lying on her back, she is able to turn her head from the left to the right
* Successfully accepting bath time :)
* Gaining weight - 2 pounds since birth
* Growing - she has grown almost 2 whole inches since birth!!!
* Successfully peeing on the Dr.'s table at her first appointment!
* Able to concentrate on objects for a long period of time (20-30 minutes easily)
* Able to concentrate on people
* Knows who her mommy and daddy are!
* Developed her vocal skills...oh yes...she can cry, and it's loud!
* Using her feet to push herself up (when she is lying on your stomach!)
* Talking more :) and making silly sounds
* Making friends! Her best friend is her yellow giraffe!
* Accepted the pacifier
* Let Daddy feed her on her 1 month birthday!
* Developing a routine!
* She had her first overnight trip to Gramma and Grampa's house at Easter!
* Made her first trip to the Mall of America
* Opened a Savings Account
* Got Life Insurance all set up!
* Has her own Social Security #
* Attends a weekly book club with mommy :)
* Attends a weekly "Baby and Me" class with mommy
* Has visited Daddy at work numerous times (even had her diaper changed in his classroom)
* Attends "Girls Thursdays" with mommy and all her friends :)
* Goes on lots of walks with mommy and daddy
* Has been more loved than imaginable :)
(Not sure why these two pictures won't flip the right way...sorry).
Callie with the cake I made her for her 1 month birthday!
Callie's size compared to her hippo
Daddy feeding Callie for the very first time :)

Callie's sweet foot compared to mommy's finger
Mom has a secret obsession with these feet :)

In other news, Callie has been very busy :) She has had 2 baby showers for. One at Gramma's house where the Muppet Mom's hosted it, and one at Woodson Kindergarten Center where all of her friends had a very nice shower. She received LOTS of clothes and fun toys! Thank you everyone for helping Callie out.

Callie has been a spit up QUEEN. Josh and I have been documenting EVERYTHING. When she eats, how long she eats for, what her diapers look like, and when she spits up and how much. It turns out that Callie spits up ALL THE TIME. So much that we brought her to the Dr.

Callie had been treated for reflux, but the medicine wasn't helping - mainly because Callie was spitting it up all the time. So she went in and had an ultra sound done on her tummy to see if she had Pyloric Stenosis. SHE DID NOT! I was so thankful, as that would have resulted in surgery for our Little Miss. Now Callie has a different medicine to take, and we have to continue to keep her held upright.

It's been tough for Josh and I, because I can only feed her for so long, and then I have to stop. Then Callie has to be held upright for a long period of time. The saddest part is when she is done eating (because of the time restraints), but is still hungry. So then she cries of is the WORST!
Callie playing in her new play gym :)
Our beauty queen
Callie and Joshua (Jummy's son-mommy's friend). They had a play date :) He is 4 months old
Our little watermelon!
Mommy's Diva :)

As we enter into our second month with our daughter Callie, we can't help but feel blessed by all of the love and support we have around us! Thank you to everyone who has taken your time to come visit Callie! We won't be going to the cities as much as we used to, but really appreciate our family and friends coming to us! Also, thank you to those of you we asked to come a different day. Sometimes it felt like too much, and we really appreciate your understanding!

We have discovered how quickly our lives turned to be focused around Callie, as they should be! It's a fun new change for Josh and I...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom - I don't want this rattle...I want my giraffe!!!

Callie listening to more music. She really likes music!
Thanks Debbie for the great toy :)

Pretty, pretty princess

Callie was having fun playing today, so I started playing with the different settings on my camera :) I think they some of these pictures and videos turned out pretty darn cute!

:) She fell asleep during tummy time!
She also slept during our Reading Class at the Public Library :)

She has been such a good girl still! She slept for 6 straight hours last did that feel good for me :) I started reading a book during her feedings. Since I have to hold her upright for so long actually gives me a lot of reading time! I figure I'm awake anyway...mine as well read a book!

Callie also had a baby shower this past weekend! The Muppet Mom's put it on for us! It was such a good time :) So many of our friends were there to meet Miss Callie and celebrate her life! Thank you everyone who came and celebrated! We had such a good time :) A special thank you to the Muppet Moms for putting on such a fun shower :) Callie is already wearing her headbands...and as soon as her hair is long enough, she will move into the other hair accessories!

JOGGING STROLLER from the Muppet Moms :)
Friends - Jummy & Laura were hysterical :)
Opening gifts
Probably the ONLY 27 year old to still be in close contact with her first grade teacher :) Miss Johnson!
The Muppet Moms!
Back - Shawn (Elmo) & my mom (Kermie)
Front - Jennifer (Worm), Linda (Grover), & Debbie (Godmother & Gonzo)
I love these women so much :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Callie's First Easter

Callie had such a busy weekend! So busy that it has thrown off her whole week.

It began by waking up early to travel to my mom and dad's house on Saturday. Mike O'Halloran came over and photographed her :) I don't need to tell you who he is, because he has photographed so much for us (engagement, wedding, maternity and now Callie). We cranked the heat up in my mom's house and had Callie wrapped in blankets, but this little model would NOT go to sleep! Usually when babies are that warm they zonk out and the photographers can mold her anyway they want. Not Miss Callie! She was up for 5.5 hours on Saturday :) Mike got some UNBELIEVABLE pictures of her :)

After her photo shoot, Josh and I brought Miss Callie to the Mall of America for her first shopping experience! After being awake the entire afternoon, she slept the entire experience. We met Grandma Lynn at the mall for dinner...thank you for traveling to come see her! It makes it A LOT easier on us :) Callie opened her eyes for about 1 min. to say hi to her grandma :) I was sure excited...New York & Company had the BEST SALE EVER! Everything was 50% off...yup...EVERYTHING :)

That night was rough. Because Callie had such a busy afternoon, she was up a lot throughout the night. Thankfully my mom took her in the morning and let Josh and I sleep! Callie and Gramma read the paper together Easter morning while Gramma had her coffee!

Easter Sunday we originally planned to go to church, but because we were up all night, Josh and I didn't move until we missed church. Luckily God understands! Callie received her first Easter baskets :) One from Grandma Lynn (she gave it to her at the mall), one from my parents and one from us :) This girl did good!!!

My sisters all came over on Easter Sunday! Herold couldn't make it because he was up sick all night and didn't want to get Callie sick...we missed him though! It was so much fun, because a group of us were in my mom's backyard playing an intense game of HORSE! I must say, I still got it :) Even after having a baby!

Josh went back to work again this week...which sucks :(

Callie has been a lot more fussy for us recently, and it's not normal for her. Her eyes have been goopy too, so we thought she had developed a cold. We made an appointment for her to see her Dr. and the results are totally different than what expected. Callie has Reflux...meaning the muscles in her stomach aren't keeping her food down causing her to have heart burn and spit up more. It's eating away at her esophagus too :( So we have to limit her feedings to a total of 30 min. (15 min. each side) - I'm nursing...and then hold her up for 15-20 min. afterwards. She also has to take medicine to help her reflux. We have to keep an eye on it for another week and if it worsens, it may be something else :( Our poor little Princess. We feel so sad for her, but feel so relieved to know that we can now help her. Where as before this, she would cry and be so sad and we had no idea what. We are proud of ourselves for bringing her in to get checked.

We also had to resort to a pacifier - something we didn't want to do. Because we have to limit her feedings, the Dr. said the pacifier will help her "sucking" instinct and keep her calm. So far it has worked...