Friday, April 30, 2010

Callie's first classmates!!

As you have read in previous posts, Callie and I attend two different classes:

Tuesday=Packer Backer Book Club at the Library
Thursday=Baby and Me Class

Both of these are great. On Tuesdays, it is more for toddlers, but Callie and I go and read/look at books together and hear the different stories being read. We also take time to check out books. I even check out some books for myself while we're there! I have found that I can get a lot of reading done during her feedings! Granted they are about 30 minute increments every couple hours...but it's good reading time :)

During the Baby and Me class, we are at the CLC (Community Learning Center); however, this past week we went to the Hormel Nature Center! It is always a fun time to get together with other mom's and talk about our babies!

Here are some fun pictures from our two classes:
Mommy and Callie at the Nature Center
Callie at the Nature Center :)
She slept right through it - must have been the sounds of the birds chirping, water and wind!
Inside the Nature Center-Kid area :)
The whole group!
(L-R Lyndsie with Baby Grayson, Brooke with Baby Lydia, Callie and I, Jessica with Baby Calvin, and Carmon with Baby Aubry)
Callie sleeping through our Book was the soothing sounds of story time that put her out :)

Have you noticed that she's always sleeping!? I think she has developed 11:00 AM to be her nap time. A typical nap time for babies!

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