Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As long as I've got my Paci...

Callie has been doing A LOT of growing and is changing so fast.

Josh and I are noticing little things, like having to move her head rest "up" on her car seat because she's growing. Or when she is in her play gym, she's starting to kick the one side-meaning she is growing length wise.

She is still wearing her newborn diapers, and I am SO THANKFUL that Pampers has created such durable diapers. Some of her blowouts could be REALLY bad if it weren't for them! She is still wearing her newborn clothes too; however, it won't be long until she is moving out of many of her cute outfits :( I put some 3 month clothes on her the other day and THANKFULLY they were still too big. She was able to wear them, but there was a lot of room to grow!

Callie's little personality is really starting to shine through! She does a lot of moving with her arms and feet, and no matter how many times we put her paci back in her mouth-we think she's going to be a thumb sucker...she prefers her hand over the paci. The paci we can ween her off of the thumb is more difficult...

She has been a good sleeper lately too! One night she slept for 8 hours straight! I wasn't sure what to do with myself when I had 7 hours of solid sleep! I was totally refreshed! Although there was the other night that she had her record awake time: 5 times...HOLY CATS...I like to think that she just wanted to hang out with me (cherish these times for she will be old way too fast).

Her reflux is still going on; however we have just learned to deal with it. We go through a zillion burp rags every day and I have spit up on me EVERY day...and I'm okay with it.

naptime with daddy!
Looking at an American Girl Doll magazine!
I want this one Auntie Kayla :)
Callie's first bon fire :)
All of our hands :)
All of our feet :)
reading and pointing towards pictures!

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