Sunday, May 16, 2010

Callie is 2 Months Old!!!!!

If you can believe it...2 months have come and gone since Callie has entered this world! I'm not quite sure where the time has gone...but it has gone WAY too quickly.

Callie has been so happy and so active this last month! Josh and I couldn't be happier and love Callie more than words can express. It is babies like Callie that couples have more than other words - yes, we'll have more :)

This past month in review:
* Lots of smiling and laughing...I can't believe how much she smiles and laughs now!
* She is staying awake for many hours at a time - often only taking a few short naps or one long nap during the day
* Sleeping 6 solid hours every night, and every now and then sleeping 8 straight hours! YES-you read that correctly!
* She still takes her pacifier, but has lately been attempting to stick her entire hand in her mouth :) I'll work on getting a picture!
* She still enjoys her bath time, but does NOT like being out in the cold air...wet and naked (but really...who does?)
* She's been sliding out of her positioner lately at night. She sometimes is completely out of it and face planted against the crib rails - Good thing Josh and I took the bumpers out!!!
* She moved out of newborn diapers and has moved up to size 1.
* She fits in just a few newborn outfits, is in a solid size 0-3 months and fits into some 3 month clothes already. She fits into them length wise, but is still a little skinny for them...we're working on making her chunky!
* She still eats REALLY good...and she also spits up A TON still. We're doing an experiment where I pump and feed her instead of breast feeding her to see if that stops some of the spitting up. We think she may be getting more than she can handle from me.
* She LOVES music and really enjoys playing in her play gym! That was money well spent!
* She really enjoys going on walks...mainly because it is a really relaxing time and she just kicks back and takes a nap!
* She likes to cuddle on the couch with mommy in the morning and snuggle until 9-10:00 AM! Yup - Mommy is getting lots of sleep!
* She really enjoys Skyping :) Although she's been sleeping through her conversations, she still enjoys seeing her Grandma, auntie & cousins (and the occasional Uncle Bruce makes is debut!)

For now, it's late, Callie's been asleep for 1.5 hours and it's time for me to head there myself! Enjoy the pictures of our Princess...she is growing up SO FAST!

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