Monday, October 31, 2011

One Toddler - Two Halloween Costumes...Quite the dilemma!!

We couldn't decide on Halloween Costumes for Callie!

Tell me - which do you like better!??!

The Cute Black Kitty??

- OR -

The Cute Little Bumble Bee??

In case you can't read this sign, it says, "Just buzzing by to say...I'm going to "BEE" a Big Sister!"

You have until Early June 2012 to let us know!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The life cycle of a Pacifier

Have you ever heard of the Pacifier Tree? It's in Copenhagen. The tradition is: when children reach 3 years old in this Danish city, they go to this 250-year-old Frederiksberg Gardens to say goodbye to their pacifiers by hanging them on the tree's branches.

Our good friend Mary Beth first told us about this tree, and I thought, "GENIUS"!

We had another friend tell us a GREAT tip. She cut the tips of her daughter's paci when it was time to give them up!

Every night they would cut just a little more of the ends off. Before they knew it, there wasn't anything left! Their daughter asked if she could hold it in her hand when she fell asleep since she didn't have anything to suck on.

We've also heard about the "mailing your Paci" to someone in need. You and your child write a letter together, put your paci and the letter in an envelope and make a special trip to the post office.

Or what about the "Nuk Fairy?" In our case - the Paci Fairy?

Well, Callie had been asking for her Paci numerous times. She would throw a mini temper tantrum before she got it and whined and whined for it. We knew it was time to be done. Now which method do we choose!?

This past Monday night, Josh was away at a basketball meeting, and I decided tonight was the night. She had seriously been a pill all evening. We did our daily bedtime routine and decided it was time to be a big girl. I put her to bed WITHOUT her paci. I simply took it away, told her she was a big girl and that was it :)

She cried for 15 minutes. I went in, told her I loved her, told her she was a big girl and that I was proud of her, and that she needed to go to sleep. She cried for another 10 minutes but then fell asleep (we have the 15 minute cry it out rule).


Night # 2 - She cried for less than 5 minutes!

Night # 3 - Maybe 1 minute of crying :)

YEAH! We are 100% DONE with our paci. We didn't have to use any of the methods above - even though they are VERY clever and cute! I am keeping two of her paci's.

The one she first used when she was 2 months old,

and one of the ones she used from 3 months until 19.5 months (went through different ones, but it was the same brand/type of paci)

And now - NOTHING :)

What a big girl :) So please, if you see her, don't mention her paci...or you can deal with her being upset!

Monday, October 24, 2011

7 weeks pregnant :)

Today is Monday, October 24!

Well, we are officially 7 weeks pregnant :) Or something like that! I finally made my appointment to see my Dr. - figured that might be important! Mid November we will get to hear our little one's heartbeat :)

It's really true what people say about your 2nd child - you are more relaxed!

I went in and took the clinics pregnancy test - surprise, we're pregnant :) Haha - duh...we already knew that!

I have been feeling REALLY good; however, lately, I have had some "digestive" problems whenever I have dairy. So I started to do a little "experiment". Turns out, I think I am lactose intolerant during this pregnancy - which has me believing we are 100% having a boy :)

I mean, I'm OBSESSED with milk. Being pregnant and not having a drink - a wonderfully smelling, ice cold Mich Lite - yeah it sucks, but I can get by! Being pregnant and not being able to have DAIRY - KILL ME NOW! No milk, no cheese, ice cream, cream cheese on my English Muffin, PIZZA (dang cheese), yogurt, etc...I could seriously go on and on. I find I feel extremely nauseous whenever I eat dairy. I have been going the past few days without it; however, I have made many slips - not realizing there is dairy in the things I'm eating...

But other than that - still feeling good :) Haven't popped yet, which is a good thing, considering I hear you "pop" much sooner with your 2nd child! Haven't pulled out those maternity clothes yet :)

We have decided to tell our parents this weekend too! YEAH! Which means these blog posts will go public very soon!!! It's Halloween weekend, so Callie is going to tell them! (That blog post will have already been posted by time you read this!)

We've told Callie, but she'll have no idea. I'd like to borrow some one's baby so she can understand that someone is moving in with us!

Here are some of the changes happening in HER life as we speak :)

* NO MORE PACI! We have officially stopped using it. Tonight was her first night going to bed without it. She cried for 15 min. straight, I went in and cuddled her a little. Told her I loved her, sang to her and put her back to sleep (with Elmo-she needed his support!) - 10 minutes later she was out cold :) WHOA! Lots of tears though! 25 minutes of crying :)
* Potty Training! We haven't 100% officially started...but she is comfortable with it again :) So that will be starting soon :)
* New Bedroom transformation :) We have to get our queen bed to my mom and dad's and bring down my old day bed! This will go in Callie's new room - which will be painted and decorated in the spring for her. I want to have it done by her 2nd birthday, because I want her to have a whole new bedroom as a big 2 year old :) New bed, new comforter (which we got 75% off!), new dresser (still needs to be repainted) and new bedroom accessories :)
So Josh - we have until March 16th to transform this room :) That's your deadline! And this goes for anyone helping us :)
* Sass! This girl is full of it. She has definitely hit her terrible 2's. Oh my goodness! Drama over EVERYTHING. Throwing things, throwing temper tantrums, you name it - she's got it. So far we have been very good at distracting her, but she can only handle so much!

Those are a few things that have been going on in Little Miss's life! Oh yeah, and I want to have our "blog book" published here before Christmas. As well as our Will filled out...must do that! We have everything figured out and those uncomfortable arrangements figured out, but it needs to be in writing. I've been dreading this. Maybe if I have it written down - out in the public, I'll actually get it done!?

Well, here I go...entering week 7...without dairy :( It's okay to feel bad for me :( :(

PS - I literally would drink 1 gallon of milk in 2-3 days by myself...I'm like an addict!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of Callie (October Edition)

Today was the last day of our MEA weekend. It was FANTASTIC! We hung out at home and didn't travel. I guess the only traveling we did was a date night (Friday night) to Rochester! Callie's babysitter suggested it was time for a date because she wanted to play with Callie :) We have been BLESSED with good sitters :)

Our morning began like every other morning - it was mom's day to wake up with Callie and Callie was a great listener! She slept in until 8:30 AM :) WHOA WHO!!!!

What a beautiful sight to wake up to :)
I handed Callie her cup of milk - everyday (until this morning) she holds her cup, her blankie and reaches for one of us to take her out. Not today - today, she laid back down while drinking her milk! Not my idea of something to do (Food in bed = GROSS), but it's Sunday!

Then Kix came in, so I picked him up and plopped him in her bed :) She LOVED it! She was quick to get up and chase him around. Kix has been getting fatter and fatter by the day - so he wasn't too sure about jumping out of her crib. I'm sure he was thinking, "Man, I'm getting too big to pull my weight around..."

Oh Callie, so nice of you to share your milk with Kix! Only I'm not sure he knows how to drink from your sippy cup!

After Kix was out, Callie wanted some books. Here is a short video clip of her reading her books to herself :)

After a few cuddles on the couch together, it was time to start making Banana Bars :) Callie sat on the counter (don't worry, I was there to make sure she didn't fall) while we baked :) She even found mommy's sunglasses! Why it's comfortable to wear them like this, I'm not sure - but she looks cute! - Darn Paci...I can't stand that thing...

Mixing up our batter - do you think she's excited about these :)

While our Banana Bars were baking, it was time to eat breakfast - we had roughly 40 minutes before Church - and daddy was STILL sleeping! Callie LOVES toast - so much that she always says "Oast, Oast"

We headed to Church. Callie has been SO good in church - making it through the whole sermon and everything. We have a special bag that is our Church bag. I snuck one picture of Callie during the sermon. I gave her a pipe cleaner and she was "Stringing" fruit loops on them, and then taking them off and eating them. She has gotten so good at this - and it is GREAT fine motor practice :)

After we got home, it was time to frost our banana bars :) We quickly made our frosting (so good) and Callie went to town frosting the bars. She didn't taste the frosting at wasn't until I gave her a little sample that she realized how amazing it was :)

Hhhmmmm...Wonder how this little finger print got in there...must have missed a spot :)

Time for lunch :) Left over Spaghetti! Callie picked all of the meat out of her lunch and ate that instead. I guess I'm not too worried - considering she ate a TON of meat! Ah! Here she is taking care of Kix again :) First she wanted him to have her milk, now her bread stick :) She loves him so much!

YES! Time for a sample of our Banana Bars :) I forgot to mention - when we first took them out of the oven, she was SO excited. She said, "WOW" - like she remembered pouring it into the pan and then seeing it come out finished! It was neat. You can tell she's pretty excited to eat this...

and she devoured it :)

We attempted to take a nap, but I think all the powdered sugar in the frosting of her Banana Bar had her all jacked up - so we went outside instead! She started by taking baby for a little walk :) Of course baby has to come out, and her little "diaper bag" full of all of babies necessities had to come with her!

Next stop - talking to Kix! He loves nice days when the front door is open! Callie had to stop to say hi :)

She has also learned that I can take a picture of her and then she can see it right away. I'm actually okay with this, because it gets her to take pictures :)

This was a posed picture that I did. Then she looked at the picture and went BACK! This picture below is Callie going BACK into the SAME pose just so I would take a picture and she could see it :) WHAT A HAM!

We were relaxing on the driveway watching daddy wash the car :) Callie found her "3D sunglasses" and HAD to wear them :) Hahaha! Oh the life of a toddler!

After running around outside, helping dad wash the car, playing with baby and testing her was time for a nap :) Both mommy and Callie took a good long nap!

About two and a half hours later - it was time to wake up :)

Nothing better than waking up and having a juice box while playing games on mommy's cell phone! She is so good with this thing too! She knows how to unlock it and find her game! Once she's in her game, she has a BLAST making all of the animals make different sounds :)

This morning, Callie and I also prepared dinner! Pot Roast with Potatoes (I didn't have any carrots) in the slow cooker! Callie didn't really want to is the mess she created...ARG! We need a dog!

Time to go relax with daddy while watching the end of the Viking/Packer game. We were trying to be silly here, but it looks like it was just me!

Kix was meowing, and Callie was very concerned! She wouldn't leave the laundry room until Kix was fed :) So Callie and daddy fed Kix :) It wasn't pot roast, but I'm sure he ate some of that meat off the kitchen floor!

Time for art :) I had these great Halloween foam stickers, so I peeled the backs and Callie stuck them all over a piece of black paper! Then I picked up these fun glittery puff balls from JoAnn (60% off) - I put a dot of glue on the paper and Callie picked a puff ball and put it on the glue :)

After her art was all done, it was time to get ready for bed! PJ's, brushing her hair - the whole nine yards :)

Yes, you want to brush mommy's hair - why not! Oh gee, thank you for brushing RIGHT into my braid and pulling tight - that felt GREAT! You can see how wonderful it felt by my facial expression :)

Notice the pile of clothes in the background? That pile is actually her outfits Monday-Friday. I haven't come up with a good system on where to store them yet...I want one of those organizational hanging shelves, but don't have anywhere to put it...hhhmmm- I will have to ponder this one a bit more :)

Time to brush our teeth! I didn't realize Josh was video taping this one, but here you go :) Most of the time she will sing along with us! Right now she is singing her ABC's by singing, "ab - ab - ab..." in the correct tune :) Love it!

And finally, our favorite ABC book that mommy made! It is filled with the ABC's in Callie's life! We took all of the pictures over the summer and I made it into a Shutterfly book. She LOVES it and reads most of the pages to us (because she knows the pictures!)

a - Callie eating an apple
c - Callie eating cookies in her car
d - Daddy
j - Jessica (day care)
k - Kix
m - Mommy
p - potty
s - slide (her slide in her backyard)
Let me know if you want to see this book, it's AMAZING! I will be making one of these for all of our children :)

Hope you enjoyed Callie's busy day :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

1.5 Months along (or so we think...)

So, we are about 6 weeks along...or so we think :)

I have still been feeling great; however, every now and then I will catch a whiff of something and I get really nauseous. I haven't thrown up at all, but my stomach is a lot more queasy this time around.

Still weigh the same (as I should considering I'm not far along) and haven't shown. I heard you "pop" more quickly with your second child, so we'll see how this goes!

We're still debating on how we are going to tell our families! We think the Denzer's know already. We went out for a drink after volleyball and I had water...I never turn down a delicious beer...oh well, they're good friends and won't spoil it for us :) Don't worry guys, you'll be at the top of the list to find out :)

Fall Festival & Casey's Birthday Party!

This weekend I intended to do a "Day in the Life of Callie - October Edition"; however, I dropped the ball on that so I have a Weekend Fun weekend instead :)

On Saturday, Grandpa Don (Papa as Callie says) and Sharon came down for the day/night. We went to the Fun Fall Festival in Austin (called Fall Festival, but I added the "fun" because it was fun!!) This was such a blast - I think Callie could have stayed all day if we let her!

She got her face painted right away :) Daddy picked the basketball - which was drawn on my Teeny :) She's a former basketball player of mine, and has babysat for us. We were lucky to have her paint the basketball on Callie's face! She sat very nicely too :) Might have helped that she was eating cotton candy while her face was being painted!

There was a section of TONS of cars - cop cars, fire trucks, school buses, tractors, semis, you name it - it was there :) Callie LOVED the school bus best :) Here she was giving knuckles to the police officer!
I love this look of her on the school bus :) She was SO excited to be on it! She looks like such a big girl here - luckily she's still my little girl :)

Everybody was ready for a ride! Only they didn't give out rides! I asked everyone to sit down for the picture :) Sometimes it benefits to be the one behind the camera :) Hehe!

The door was locked :( Bummer... Some day I'll ride a tractor :)

Callie and the fire truck :) If you haven't noticed her boots yet - take a look :) LOVE THEM! I seriously wish they had them in my size!

Driving the city bus around! She sat here for about 5 minutes. We had to pull her out of there - and she was NOT happy to be leaving!

Walking back to the "Jump House" and more entertainment!

Fall Family Photo op :) They were taking pictures as well, so I'm excited to pick this up sometime this week :)

Grandpa & Sharon got their picture taken with Callie as well :) I will mail you your copy as soon as I pick it up :)

Scott was there as well! He is a former student of mine that I worked with in high potential reading and math! Every time Callie came to school, she went right to Scott! Looks like he hasn't lost his touch either...she still loves him :)

After the Fall Festival, we went out to eat and then Little Miss took a very short nap :) We headed over to Casey Denzer's 3rd Birthday Party! He is our Godson and keeper of Callie's heart :) Seriously - this girl stares out our window saying his name over and over again...she LOVES Casey! They have a love hate relationship though :)

Callie was swinging outside their house - pretty much sat here for 10-15 minutes! Almost fell asleep :) Her Gopher hat fits her better this year too :)

See - she's not all dolls and shoes :) She'll play with trucks :)

Taking pictures :) She would hold it up to her nose and mouth, squint her eyes and pretend to take a picture :) Christmas list idea for any grandparent out there...toy camera :)

Time for cupcakes :) She devoured this cupcake!

And now she's in a cupcake coma :)

The Denzer Family on Casey's 3rd Birthday :) I love the independence in this picture :) "I'm 3, I don't have to sit in this picture!" This is the greatest family memory picture EVER!!!

Josh and I with our Godson :) Happy 3rd Birthday Casey Paul :)

Ah yes :) A McRae Sandwich held together by the Denzer kids :)

We had such a fun day! The Fall Festival was a blast, Casey's birthday party was a hit and "Papa" & Sharon came down to spend some time with Callie! It was a great weekend!