Thursday, October 13, 2011

Learning Independence!

Callie has been doing an AWESOME job eating on her own for quite some time now! She is even able to eat soup - with a spoon - by herself :) Granted, a lot of it ends up on her, she has to learn SOMEWHERE!

Lately she's been acting silly and putting her hands on her head while her hands are all dirty. When she's eating "non-messy" foods, this isn't a big deal!

HOWEVER, when the foods are messy, sticky or gooey, it becomes a VERY MESSY CALLIE :)

Case in point...Spaghetti! The girl loves it...and she loves wearing it :)

Macaroni & Cheese - LOVES IT! She thinks it makes a nice hair accessory :)

Yes - these nights = bath nights :)

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