Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of Callie (October Edition)

Today was the last day of our MEA weekend. It was FANTASTIC! We hung out at home and didn't travel. I guess the only traveling we did was a date night (Friday night) to Rochester! Callie's babysitter suggested it was time for a date because she wanted to play with Callie :) We have been BLESSED with good sitters :)

Our morning began like every other morning - it was mom's day to wake up with Callie and Callie was a great listener! She slept in until 8:30 AM :) WHOA WHO!!!!

What a beautiful sight to wake up to :)
I handed Callie her cup of milk - everyday (until this morning) she holds her cup, her blankie and reaches for one of us to take her out. Not today - today, she laid back down while drinking her milk! Not my idea of something to do (Food in bed = GROSS), but it's Sunday!

Then Kix came in, so I picked him up and plopped him in her bed :) She LOVED it! She was quick to get up and chase him around. Kix has been getting fatter and fatter by the day - so he wasn't too sure about jumping out of her crib. I'm sure he was thinking, "Man, I'm getting too big to pull my weight around..."

Oh Callie, so nice of you to share your milk with Kix! Only I'm not sure he knows how to drink from your sippy cup!

After Kix was out, Callie wanted some books. Here is a short video clip of her reading her books to herself :)

After a few cuddles on the couch together, it was time to start making Banana Bars :) Callie sat on the counter (don't worry, I was there to make sure she didn't fall) while we baked :) She even found mommy's sunglasses! Why it's comfortable to wear them like this, I'm not sure - but she looks cute! - Darn Paci...I can't stand that thing...

Mixing up our batter - do you think she's excited about these :)

While our Banana Bars were baking, it was time to eat breakfast - we had roughly 40 minutes before Church - and daddy was STILL sleeping! Callie LOVES toast - so much that she always says "Oast, Oast"

We headed to Church. Callie has been SO good in church - making it through the whole sermon and everything. We have a special bag that is our Church bag. I snuck one picture of Callie during the sermon. I gave her a pipe cleaner and she was "Stringing" fruit loops on them, and then taking them off and eating them. She has gotten so good at this - and it is GREAT fine motor practice :)

After we got home, it was time to frost our banana bars :) We quickly made our frosting (so good) and Callie went to town frosting the bars. She didn't taste the frosting at wasn't until I gave her a little sample that she realized how amazing it was :)

Hhhmmmm...Wonder how this little finger print got in there...must have missed a spot :)

Time for lunch :) Left over Spaghetti! Callie picked all of the meat out of her lunch and ate that instead. I guess I'm not too worried - considering she ate a TON of meat! Ah! Here she is taking care of Kix again :) First she wanted him to have her milk, now her bread stick :) She loves him so much!

YES! Time for a sample of our Banana Bars :) I forgot to mention - when we first took them out of the oven, she was SO excited. She said, "WOW" - like she remembered pouring it into the pan and then seeing it come out finished! It was neat. You can tell she's pretty excited to eat this...

and she devoured it :)

We attempted to take a nap, but I think all the powdered sugar in the frosting of her Banana Bar had her all jacked up - so we went outside instead! She started by taking baby for a little walk :) Of course baby has to come out, and her little "diaper bag" full of all of babies necessities had to come with her!

Next stop - talking to Kix! He loves nice days when the front door is open! Callie had to stop to say hi :)

She has also learned that I can take a picture of her and then she can see it right away. I'm actually okay with this, because it gets her to take pictures :)

This was a posed picture that I did. Then she looked at the picture and went BACK! This picture below is Callie going BACK into the SAME pose just so I would take a picture and she could see it :) WHAT A HAM!

We were relaxing on the driveway watching daddy wash the car :) Callie found her "3D sunglasses" and HAD to wear them :) Hahaha! Oh the life of a toddler!

After running around outside, helping dad wash the car, playing with baby and testing her was time for a nap :) Both mommy and Callie took a good long nap!

About two and a half hours later - it was time to wake up :)

Nothing better than waking up and having a juice box while playing games on mommy's cell phone! She is so good with this thing too! She knows how to unlock it and find her game! Once she's in her game, she has a BLAST making all of the animals make different sounds :)

This morning, Callie and I also prepared dinner! Pot Roast with Potatoes (I didn't have any carrots) in the slow cooker! Callie didn't really want to is the mess she created...ARG! We need a dog!

Time to go relax with daddy while watching the end of the Viking/Packer game. We were trying to be silly here, but it looks like it was just me!

Kix was meowing, and Callie was very concerned! She wouldn't leave the laundry room until Kix was fed :) So Callie and daddy fed Kix :) It wasn't pot roast, but I'm sure he ate some of that meat off the kitchen floor!

Time for art :) I had these great Halloween foam stickers, so I peeled the backs and Callie stuck them all over a piece of black paper! Then I picked up these fun glittery puff balls from JoAnn (60% off) - I put a dot of glue on the paper and Callie picked a puff ball and put it on the glue :)

After her art was all done, it was time to get ready for bed! PJ's, brushing her hair - the whole nine yards :)

Yes, you want to brush mommy's hair - why not! Oh gee, thank you for brushing RIGHT into my braid and pulling tight - that felt GREAT! You can see how wonderful it felt by my facial expression :)

Notice the pile of clothes in the background? That pile is actually her outfits Monday-Friday. I haven't come up with a good system on where to store them yet...I want one of those organizational hanging shelves, but don't have anywhere to put it...hhhmmm- I will have to ponder this one a bit more :)

Time to brush our teeth! I didn't realize Josh was video taping this one, but here you go :) Most of the time she will sing along with us! Right now she is singing her ABC's by singing, "ab - ab - ab..." in the correct tune :) Love it!

And finally, our favorite ABC book that mommy made! It is filled with the ABC's in Callie's life! We took all of the pictures over the summer and I made it into a Shutterfly book. She LOVES it and reads most of the pages to us (because she knows the pictures!)

a - Callie eating an apple
c - Callie eating cookies in her car
d - Daddy
j - Jessica (day care)
k - Kix
m - Mommy
p - potty
s - slide (her slide in her backyard)
Let me know if you want to see this book, it's AMAZING! I will be making one of these for all of our children :)

Hope you enjoyed Callie's busy day :)

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  1. I loved it! You two are great parents :) I am taking notes ;) hehehe


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