Monday, October 31, 2011

One Toddler - Two Halloween Costumes...Quite the dilemma!!

We couldn't decide on Halloween Costumes for Callie!

Tell me - which do you like better!??!

The Cute Black Kitty??

- OR -

The Cute Little Bumble Bee??

In case you can't read this sign, it says, "Just buzzing by to say...I'm going to "BEE" a Big Sister!"

You have until Early June 2012 to let us know!!!


  1. LOVE IT! So glad you could make it over tonight. While Callie was a beautiful little kitty, I MUST pick the bee because of the special message that came with it. :)


  2. OMG so cute!! Congrats that is such exciting news! I was just wondering a few days ago if there would be some news like this soon from you :)

  3. I love anything that Callie is in. She is such a cutie and that was a great surprise.

  4. I can see this post is bringing a lot of 'Buzz'!! Congrats to the McRae's! Will look forward to seeing the new addition in 2012!

  5. What a fun way to reveal your special news! I'm sure Callie will love being a big sister! Congrats to you Cori and Josh! I knew it was only a matter of time.. ;-)