Monday, October 24, 2011

7 weeks pregnant :)

Today is Monday, October 24!

Well, we are officially 7 weeks pregnant :) Or something like that! I finally made my appointment to see my Dr. - figured that might be important! Mid November we will get to hear our little one's heartbeat :)

It's really true what people say about your 2nd child - you are more relaxed!

I went in and took the clinics pregnancy test - surprise, we're pregnant :) Haha - duh...we already knew that!

I have been feeling REALLY good; however, lately, I have had some "digestive" problems whenever I have dairy. So I started to do a little "experiment". Turns out, I think I am lactose intolerant during this pregnancy - which has me believing we are 100% having a boy :)

I mean, I'm OBSESSED with milk. Being pregnant and not having a drink - a wonderfully smelling, ice cold Mich Lite - yeah it sucks, but I can get by! Being pregnant and not being able to have DAIRY - KILL ME NOW! No milk, no cheese, ice cream, cream cheese on my English Muffin, PIZZA (dang cheese), yogurt, etc...I could seriously go on and on. I find I feel extremely nauseous whenever I eat dairy. I have been going the past few days without it; however, I have made many slips - not realizing there is dairy in the things I'm eating...

But other than that - still feeling good :) Haven't popped yet, which is a good thing, considering I hear you "pop" much sooner with your 2nd child! Haven't pulled out those maternity clothes yet :)

We have decided to tell our parents this weekend too! YEAH! Which means these blog posts will go public very soon!!! It's Halloween weekend, so Callie is going to tell them! (That blog post will have already been posted by time you read this!)

We've told Callie, but she'll have no idea. I'd like to borrow some one's baby so she can understand that someone is moving in with us!

Here are some of the changes happening in HER life as we speak :)

* NO MORE PACI! We have officially stopped using it. Tonight was her first night going to bed without it. She cried for 15 min. straight, I went in and cuddled her a little. Told her I loved her, sang to her and put her back to sleep (with Elmo-she needed his support!) - 10 minutes later she was out cold :) WHOA! Lots of tears though! 25 minutes of crying :)
* Potty Training! We haven't 100% officially started...but she is comfortable with it again :) So that will be starting soon :)
* New Bedroom transformation :) We have to get our queen bed to my mom and dad's and bring down my old day bed! This will go in Callie's new room - which will be painted and decorated in the spring for her. I want to have it done by her 2nd birthday, because I want her to have a whole new bedroom as a big 2 year old :) New bed, new comforter (which we got 75% off!), new dresser (still needs to be repainted) and new bedroom accessories :)
So Josh - we have until March 16th to transform this room :) That's your deadline! And this goes for anyone helping us :)
* Sass! This girl is full of it. She has definitely hit her terrible 2's. Oh my goodness! Drama over EVERYTHING. Throwing things, throwing temper tantrums, you name it - she's got it. So far we have been very good at distracting her, but she can only handle so much!

Those are a few things that have been going on in Little Miss's life! Oh yeah, and I want to have our "blog book" published here before Christmas. As well as our Will filled out...must do that! We have everything figured out and those uncomfortable arrangements figured out, but it needs to be in writing. I've been dreading this. Maybe if I have it written down - out in the public, I'll actually get it done!?

Well, here I go...entering week 7...without dairy :( It's okay to feel bad for me :( :(

PS - I literally would drink 1 gallon of milk in 2-3 days by myself...I'm like an addict!

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