Sunday, October 16, 2011

Callie's Pumpkin Patch

For the past few months, I have been doing more arts & crafts with Callie. Probably because she is getting a little older and able to understand it all!

Ever since she was a baby, I would use her feet & hands for projects, but now - she gets to be the artist! I simply show her what to do with one or two examples, and she does it!

The brain is a wonderful thing - she doesn't know what to do - she has to be taught what to do :) Maybe that's the teacher part of me coming out, but when I demonstrate/model it - she can do it :)

Here are the materials needed:
1 green & 1 brown/tan pipe cleaner
lid (I use these as my glue/paint plates - simply wash and reuse!)
green construction paper
orange pom poms
orange glitter (optional)

I glued down the tan pip cleaner! This is our "vine".
Next I showed Callie how to dip her pom pom into the glue and put it next to the "vine".

Here she is busy at work :)

We paint A LOT, so she knows what to do with that - I didn't have to show this to her. It was fun to say "Okay Callie, time to paint with glue!" and away she went!

I cut up some of the green pipe cleaner for "leaves". I tried having her dip it into the glue and then put it next to a pumpkin, but that was very difficult! So instead I put a swipe of glue next to a pumpkin and had her put it in the glue...that seemed to work best!

After she painted on the glue, I sprinkled it with glitter! She said, "WOW!" when it went on :)

Here is her final project hanging up on our wall :)

I love Callie's art :) Or should I say "Ar"

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  1. I love it!! I am totally gonna do stuff like this with my kid someday! :) Makes them SMART :)


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