Thursday, September 16, 2010

Half way to a year...6 months old...WHERE DID THE TIME GO!??!!?!

Callie is 6 months old today...6 months! Seriously, where did the time go?

Everyone always said that to us, and we always felt like we had a good grip on time...but now that we're back to work - it has gone WAY TOO FAST :( She's growing up too fast now and it sucks. I cried a little today when I sat back and thought about the joys we experienced 6 months ago!
Callie's cute 6th month outfit :) My mom and Claire bought it for unbelievably cute and stylish! She looks like she is wearing Skinny Jeans :)

The hat finally fits :) But it's getting too small too quickly :( Too bad as it's one of my favorites!

As you know, we started feeding Callie cereal! Well, we've started baby food now too :) We had been given some baby food from some showers, so we tried what we had available that night. Carrots was one of the only vegetables that we had, so we went with carrots. She was a mess, but oh so cute :) She wasn't too sure about them, bu ate them anyway!

She's pretty even when she's a mess :) She didn't have any reactions to the carrots within a couple of days, so we moved on to the next vegetable (after going to the store to buy more baby food of course)...

Green Beans :) This she liked! At first, it was a change for her-obviously something new! But eventually she grew to love it :)

If there is one thing I love about her facial expressions! She has the BEST personality and makes me laugh EVERY DAY! I can't imagine my life without her!

She also is beginning to feed herself her own bottle! The other day, we were at Chipotle, and I was feeding her - well, she held her bottle pretty much the entire time :) If I touched it, it was because it would randomly slip out of her hands! Pretty crazy :)

She does this twisting thing with her hands too when she's feeding herself. Our day care provider's daughter described it like she is trying to "screw" the bottle into her mouth! I think that's a perfect description if you ask me!

Also, she had two awesome days at swimming this week :) Josh and I both were in the water with her - both days...and she enjoyed it :)

Today was the FIRST TIME we DUNKED HER! Yes, you read that correctly - we dunked Callie under water! I probably over did the blowing, but oh well! We were told to blow in her face to help keep her eyes closed, and to do it when she came up so they'd stay closed. I was also told not to grab her and hold her right away when she came up, because it will make her think that it's a scary thing to go under. It makes complete I didn't...but boy did I want to!

Enjoy :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Video Galore :)

Callie has been sucking on her feet too - something all babies do - but I just think she's so darn cute when she does it :)

Here she is cheering on one of her favorite Viking players - A.P.!!!

Her 2nd day of Swimming Lessons. Mommy was the one who was able to go swimming this time! The water was colder than Tuesday, and Callie was really tired-she kept yawning the entire time :( So she wasn't the happiest camper in the water, but she stuck it out and swam! She used the "noodle" for the first time on Thursday :)

Callie is starting to develop some SERIOUS talk. She has been doing a lot of high pitch talking, but in this video, she sound so SERIOUS! Like she's really trying to say something :) It doesn't capture the amount of talking she was really doing this particular evening, but boy can this little girl talk :)

If you notice the bracelet in these pictures - it was made by Jessica (her day care provider)! It is Callie's FIRST bracelet and it is the Vikings colors :) I saved it - of course! She'll get to wear it on game days :)

On Saturday, September 11, Callie had rice cereal from a bowl for the FIRST time :) As you know, Callie has had rice cereal added to her milk now since she was 2 months old, so having rice was nothing new to her. But having it thickened (a ton) and fed to her from a spoon was a completely new experience! I love watching her initial reaction with her little tongue sticking out :) Enjoy :)

After she was done eating, we gave her a "rice free" bottle to help wash down her food. She drank less than an ounce and was ready for a nap :) What a champ! Next week...BABY FOOD! Stay tuned :)

PS - Happy early 6 Months to our Princess...This Thursday!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're raising a FISH!

Josh and I have noticed how much Callie enjoys the water, so we were very patiently waiting for her to turn 6 months so we could sign her up for swimming lessons!
Well, the YMCA offered some fall lessons here, but Callie wasn't 6 months yet - but will be in 1 it's okay :)

First night of swimming lessons was tonight! She had a BLAST! She will be going Tuesday and Thursday nights for 30 min. each of 4 weeks! Tonight, Josh went in the water with her (we have to split this, because we both want to go in. I'll go in Thursday alone, and starting the following week, we'll both go in!).

She started out by kicking her feet. Then her instructor, Nicole, had her lay on her tummy! She did awesome! She kicked those little legs like she was swimming away from a shark! Next she was flipped to her back - head resting against daddy's shoulder! She did well. I think the water in her ears was a little shocking to her at first, but she enjoyed it.

Nicole gave her some toys to swim around to and she LOVED that! I think swimming towards the duck was her favorite. There was one point that she was swimming on her tummy and she dunked her own head into the water. I don't think she did it intentionally, but she did. She didn't cry or get mad...she was shocked, but smiled about it! Luckily I caught it all on video :) WHOA WHO! My little dare devil :)

There was an adult swimming aerobics class going on, so you can hear them in the background!

As soon as we had her in the car, she was OUT! Poor thing had to have a bath when we got home she was a little mad at us, because she had worked so hard swimming for 30 minutes straight...she just wanted to sleep!

I think we're raising a fish!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend is the close to an AMAZING summer!

On Sunday, August 29th, my mom and dad celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary! 40 years! I mean, I think of someone turning 40 and thinking - oh they're not old...but then I think about a couple, still madly in love with each other - married together and celebrating their love after 40 years of committing their lives together and I can't do anything but tear up :)

Mom and Dad, you have set an amazing example of what I want my marriage and family to be like :) You have stood by each other's side through SO MUCH! You have been more than supportive of your children and your grandchildren. You have given up so much just to be a HUGE part of all of our lives! If we need you, you are there - no questions asked. If I call you late at night, you answer and talk as if you were wide awake-and it's never a problem. The love that spills out of your hearts for your family is the exact love I hope my children are able to recognize one day.
I remember growing up and seeing dad come home on his lunch break to "hang out"-and he didn't work that close! I remember watching the two of you stop and hug each other often - giving each other a kiss :) I love all of the times that I'm walking behind the two of you and you are holding hands! You've been doing this ever since I was a child...and to this day - it melts my heart :)

I don't think you realize how truly amazing the two of you are! We will consider our marriage successful if we can be half as happy as you! Thank you for being such an amazing part of our lives! You are such good role models to all of us...Thank you and I LOVE YOU!
We had such an amazing weekend celebrating life together as a family of 3 :) It was fun filled and time to stop and retie our shoes or finish that last sip of wine before the waiter was taking it away.

Friday began with our trip up to the cities for the beginning of our fun filled, packed weekend together! We arrived at my mom and dad's house at 4:15 pm. We immediately got ready to head out to Josh and my FINAL Season Ticket game at Target Field. Auntie Colleen was so excited to hang out with Callie for the night :)

Josh and I enjoyed celebrating the "50 best MN Twins baseball players through the years" with my mom and dad (we split season tickets with them). The weather was crisp and delightful! We were able to see Matthew Fox pitch his FIRST major league baseball start...and he lasted 6 wonderful innings! We also saw a great win :) Colleen informed me of the fun filled evening her and Callie had together! She tuckered her out, because Callie was out cold when we got home. Thank you Auntie Colleen for playing with Callie!! I know how much she loved it :) And you for teaching her new tricks ;)

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Heather's for AJ's 4th Birthday Party! I can't believe Andrew is 4 years old :) He was very excited about the gift that Callie gave him! Callie loves fun books, so she figured her cousin closest in age would too! Andrew received a fun "Bus" from Auntie Heidi! The box had Japanese writing all over it, and when you push the buttons, it speaks in Japanese - it was HILARIOUS...Herold thought they were mentioning "Beef Fried Rice"...hahahaha!!

Immediately after celebrating with AJ, we headed back to my mom and dad's house to get ready for Matt & Beth Pawlikowski's BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding! It was a gorgeous day and two beautiful people were united together in love :) They wrote their own vows, and I have to tell you, Matt's vows to Beth were by far the BEST vows Josh and myself have ever heard :) He took lines from different songs and combined them to create his vows! Then in Beth's vows to Matt, she vowed to accept his video gaming and vowed to play along side him! Josh said we should have added that to our vows...darn, too bad we didn't (wink wink)!
Callie had a BLAST at the wedding. She enjoyed looking at all of the pretty dresses and people. She was a huge hit there too! She was so well behaved (are we surprised by!) and was so observant of everyone and everything! She was able to see Blake & Britt too - who are expecting their first child November 12th - Stay in there until then Blueberry!!

Thank you mom and dad for coming to pick up Callie from the reception so we could stay and continue to have a good time past her bedtime :) I just love watching Josh and Blake two are gems :)

Sunday morning we literally woke up, packed, and walked out the door! It was the day I had been waiting for for 365 days! Yes my friends, the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! If you know me, and you know my family, you know how important this day is! Most families have their traditions where they get together on a certain holiday (Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, etc...), but not us...we get together at the Great MN Get Together! This year was a little different because my parents went earlier in the week (celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and all!), so we changed things up this year.

Callie LOVED it! She loved the people, the smells, the atmosphere, everything! I think she was PISSED at me because I wouldn't let her have any of the World Famous French Fries...but next year for sure :) They are by far the BEST Fries in the entire world! I look forward to them! Lynn met up with us this year (I still can't believe you haven't been there since you were a teenager) and was able to experience the "Best Of's" according to a 'Shellum'. Dad-you'd be proud, I had her eat all of the bests! I did skip out on several foods this year, but we had Callie along and needed to get her we didn't stay as long as we typically do.

Our first stop was at the "Little Hands Adventure". Claire was volunteering for her Girl Scouts so we HAD to stop and visit and see her...I'm so proud of you Claire :) She had her brother, Jeffrey volunteering too - they were working so hard! Heather saw Callie and immediately snatched her up to show her around :) Callie LOVED it there! A place we will be going back EVERY YEAR I am sure :)

We were lucky enough to meet up with Cousin Michele, Donney, Uncle Don & others! She was able to meet Callie for the first time - YEAH :) Yes Michele, all babies are this good, you should have one :) Wink Wink! About 10 minutes after seeing Michele, we met up with Cousin Steve and his beautiful girlfriend Rachel-but Callie was asleep when we finally found them :( Looks like an excuse to get together again :)

I wanted so badly to meet up with Colleen & Herold, but we were on opposite ends of the fair every time a text would actually go through! But we'll see you again soon anyway :)

Our time at the fair was extremely short this year, but I won't complain...I was able to experience my daughter's first time at the fair and watching her initial reactions to everyone and everything AND I was able to have my Fries!

Next year we will do it the way "Shellum's" do it! (Don't worry Josh, I know I'm a McRae - but the Shellum's do the fair totally different than any normal human being!)

Today was also the VERY FIRST DAY that we have NOT wiped ANYTHING from Callie's eyes :) WHOA WHO! Could it be? Is her goop going away? I don't know, but it's exciting!

I'm feeling about 100 times better about sending her to day care tomorrow too! I needed one week to get through work...I'm going to be okay! That and I have something to look forward to - SWIMMING LESSONS! Yup - Josh and I are taking her to swimming lessons on Tuesday's and Thursday's for 4 weeks :) She loves swimming, so this will be fun!

6 months...just around the corner...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a LIAR

It was the first day of first grade! I walked into my classroom with my huge brown eyes, curly hair and a cute little dress...I met her for the first time! The girl that changed my life!

Miss Johnson was my first grade teacher many years ago! I still remember listening to her memorizing voice teaching us so many things! I remember being the "Special Person" for a day and wearing my "Special" necklace! When I got home from school on that first day, I told my mom that I wanted to be a teacher, just like Miss Johnson!

It was from that day forward that I knew what I wanted to do!

I even kept in touch with Miss Johnson! In Junior High we had to write letters to someone in our past that has "inspired us" I wrote mine to her :) In high school she let me come into her classroom and do an internship with her class for the entire school year. She came to my high school basketball games, graduation, our wedding and she was at my baby shower and had the opportunity to meet Miss Callie!

As you know, I accomplished my dreams...I graduated from college, received my master's degree, continued onto bigger more challenging dreams and am almost complete with my administrative license!

I'm an educator...and I like to thank Miss Johnson for planting that seed!

This week was my first week back at work...Callie's first week of day care! Things have been going WONDERFULLY for her! Jessica is AMAZING! She gets to play with Callie everyday and gives her just as much love as we do :) She even takes pictures of her and puts them on Facebook sometimes so we can see what she does during the day!

Callie and Jessica on her first day of daycare :)

Today was see, we have conferences until 8:00 PM. Jessica needed to go to her own children's conferences, so we arranged to have a dear friend babysit from 3:30-8:00 PM. As I was driving home from Jessica's to gather some things for the sitter, I realized that all this hard work of working towards my dreams, achieving bigger and better things is a lie!

Callie and I arrived home at 3:00 pm. She was sleeping when we walked in the door, so I let her sleep in her car seat while I touched up my make up and fluffed my hair. As we were walking out the door, Callie woke up. 10 seconds later, we were at Mary's house...15 minutes...that's how much time we spent at home...and she slept :(

The lie I have been living with....all along I was working towards becoming an Educator. Going to school, working hard on projects and searching for valuable experiences to ensure the best possible education imaginable for myself...
Family shot on Callie's first day of daycare...
I cried all the way to work :(

When all along...I don't want to do any of it.