Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a LIAR

It was the first day of first grade! I walked into my classroom with my huge brown eyes, curly hair and a cute little dress...I met her for the first time! The girl that changed my life!

Miss Johnson was my first grade teacher many years ago! I still remember listening to her memorizing voice teaching us so many things! I remember being the "Special Person" for a day and wearing my "Special" necklace! When I got home from school on that first day, I told my mom that I wanted to be a teacher, just like Miss Johnson!

It was from that day forward that I knew what I wanted to do!

I even kept in touch with Miss Johnson! In Junior High we had to write letters to someone in our past that has "inspired us" I wrote mine to her :) In high school she let me come into her classroom and do an internship with her class for the entire school year. She came to my high school basketball games, graduation, our wedding and she was at my baby shower and had the opportunity to meet Miss Callie!

As you know, I accomplished my dreams...I graduated from college, received my master's degree, continued onto bigger more challenging dreams and am almost complete with my administrative license!

I'm an educator...and I like to thank Miss Johnson for planting that seed!

This week was my first week back at work...Callie's first week of day care! Things have been going WONDERFULLY for her! Jessica is AMAZING! She gets to play with Callie everyday and gives her just as much love as we do :) She even takes pictures of her and puts them on Facebook sometimes so we can see what she does during the day!

Callie and Jessica on her first day of daycare :)

Today was see, we have conferences until 8:00 PM. Jessica needed to go to her own children's conferences, so we arranged to have a dear friend babysit from 3:30-8:00 PM. As I was driving home from Jessica's to gather some things for the sitter, I realized that all this hard work of working towards my dreams, achieving bigger and better things is a lie!

Callie and I arrived home at 3:00 pm. She was sleeping when we walked in the door, so I let her sleep in her car seat while I touched up my make up and fluffed my hair. As we were walking out the door, Callie woke up. 10 seconds later, we were at Mary's house...15 minutes...that's how much time we spent at home...and she slept :(

The lie I have been living with....all along I was working towards becoming an Educator. Going to school, working hard on projects and searching for valuable experiences to ensure the best possible education imaginable for myself...
Family shot on Callie's first day of daycare...
I cried all the way to work :(

When all along...I don't want to do any of it.


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