Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're raising a FISH!

Josh and I have noticed how much Callie enjoys the water, so we were very patiently waiting for her to turn 6 months so we could sign her up for swimming lessons!
Well, the YMCA offered some fall lessons here, but Callie wasn't 6 months yet - but will be in 1 week...so it's okay :)

First night of swimming lessons was tonight! She had a BLAST! She will be going Tuesday and Thursday nights for 30 min. each night...total of 4 weeks! Tonight, Josh went in the water with her (we have to split this, because we both want to go in. I'll go in Thursday alone, and starting the following week, we'll both go in!).

She started out by kicking her feet. Then her instructor, Nicole, had her lay on her tummy! She did awesome! She kicked those little legs like she was swimming away from a shark! Next she was flipped to her back - head resting against daddy's shoulder! She did well. I think the water in her ears was a little shocking to her at first, but she enjoyed it.

Nicole gave her some toys to swim around to and she LOVED that! I think swimming towards the duck was her favorite. There was one point that she was swimming on her tummy and she dunked her own head into the water. I don't think she did it intentionally, but she did. She didn't cry or get mad...she was shocked, but smiled about it! Luckily I caught it all on video :) WHOA WHO! My little dare devil :)

There was an adult swimming aerobics class going on, so you can hear them in the background!

As soon as we had her in the car, she was OUT! Poor thing had to have a bath when we got home too...so she was a little mad at us, because she had worked so hard swimming for 30 minutes straight...she just wanted to sleep!

I think we're raising a fish!


  1. How fun is this! She's having fun!

  2. Adorable as always! She does such a good job kicking her legs! She's a natural!

  3. Cori, these pictures are amazing! Your little girl is so beautiful, and I love seeing how much joy she brings! Hope all else is well with you - I love seeing your family's updates :)
    xo and miss you - Doni


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