Thursday, September 16, 2010

Half way to a year...6 months old...WHERE DID THE TIME GO!??!!?!

Callie is 6 months old today...6 months! Seriously, where did the time go?

Everyone always said that to us, and we always felt like we had a good grip on time...but now that we're back to work - it has gone WAY TOO FAST :( She's growing up too fast now and it sucks. I cried a little today when I sat back and thought about the joys we experienced 6 months ago!
Callie's cute 6th month outfit :) My mom and Claire bought it for unbelievably cute and stylish! She looks like she is wearing Skinny Jeans :)

The hat finally fits :) But it's getting too small too quickly :( Too bad as it's one of my favorites!

As you know, we started feeding Callie cereal! Well, we've started baby food now too :) We had been given some baby food from some showers, so we tried what we had available that night. Carrots was one of the only vegetables that we had, so we went with carrots. She was a mess, but oh so cute :) She wasn't too sure about them, bu ate them anyway!

She's pretty even when she's a mess :) She didn't have any reactions to the carrots within a couple of days, so we moved on to the next vegetable (after going to the store to buy more baby food of course)...

Green Beans :) This she liked! At first, it was a change for her-obviously something new! But eventually she grew to love it :)

If there is one thing I love about her facial expressions! She has the BEST personality and makes me laugh EVERY DAY! I can't imagine my life without her!

She also is beginning to feed herself her own bottle! The other day, we were at Chipotle, and I was feeding her - well, she held her bottle pretty much the entire time :) If I touched it, it was because it would randomly slip out of her hands! Pretty crazy :)

She does this twisting thing with her hands too when she's feeding herself. Our day care provider's daughter described it like she is trying to "screw" the bottle into her mouth! I think that's a perfect description if you ask me!

Also, she had two awesome days at swimming this week :) Josh and I both were in the water with her - both days...and she enjoyed it :)

Today was the FIRST TIME we DUNKED HER! Yes, you read that correctly - we dunked Callie under water! I probably over did the blowing, but oh well! We were told to blow in her face to help keep her eyes closed, and to do it when she came up so they'd stay closed. I was also told not to grab her and hold her right away when she came up, because it will make her think that it's a scary thing to go under. It makes complete I didn't...but boy did I want to!

Enjoy :)


  1. I left you a little award at my blog tonight!

  2. She's beautiful! A lucky girl to have such wonderful parents!

    Rose Ross

  3. Thank you so much Rose :) So glad to see you checking in on us! Hope all is well!!!!
    ~Cori XOXO


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