Saturday, September 11, 2010

Video Galore :)

Callie has been sucking on her feet too - something all babies do - but I just think she's so darn cute when she does it :)

Here she is cheering on one of her favorite Viking players - A.P.!!!

Her 2nd day of Swimming Lessons. Mommy was the one who was able to go swimming this time! The water was colder than Tuesday, and Callie was really tired-she kept yawning the entire time :( So she wasn't the happiest camper in the water, but she stuck it out and swam! She used the "noodle" for the first time on Thursday :)

Callie is starting to develop some SERIOUS talk. She has been doing a lot of high pitch talking, but in this video, she sound so SERIOUS! Like she's really trying to say something :) It doesn't capture the amount of talking she was really doing this particular evening, but boy can this little girl talk :)

If you notice the bracelet in these pictures - it was made by Jessica (her day care provider)! It is Callie's FIRST bracelet and it is the Vikings colors :) I saved it - of course! She'll get to wear it on game days :)

On Saturday, September 11, Callie had rice cereal from a bowl for the FIRST time :) As you know, Callie has had rice cereal added to her milk now since she was 2 months old, so having rice was nothing new to her. But having it thickened (a ton) and fed to her from a spoon was a completely new experience! I love watching her initial reaction with her little tongue sticking out :) Enjoy :)

After she was done eating, we gave her a "rice free" bottle to help wash down her food. She drank less than an ounce and was ready for a nap :) What a champ! Next week...BABY FOOD! Stay tuned :)

PS - Happy early 6 Months to our Princess...This Thursday!!!

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  1. I love how she was bouncing in the high chair she was so excited to eat! Love these!


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