Thursday, July 17, 2014

Austin's Track & Field Event

This is always such a fun event, and I am so happy that we were able to participate again this year.  The boys will be of age next year, but boy did they want to join in now :)  Callie was so brave and so confident this year!  She participated in every event like a champ :)  She's so grown up compared to last year - it's crazy the difference a year can make.  If you want to read about any of the events from last year - here is the post: Track and Field 2013.

I love that EVERYONE is a winner at these events.  Sure someone can say, "We're not teaching kids how to be good 'losers' and we shouldn't teach all kids that they'll win all the time"...but you know what - I like that they do this!!  I like that they have young children/kids participating in events that they would not do otherwise (where else would a 3 year old have the opportunity to participate and compete in a 50 M dash - or 200 M dash?  Where else would my four year old daughter have the opportunity to be on a relay team of girls she doesn't know!?  I love this!  I love that the community of Austin puts on this event twice every summer (the first one this year was cancelled due to our torrential downpours).

Callie and her friend, Ella!   These two girls have been friends since they were babies :)  They love seeing each other and we love seeing them together :)

I love seeing Callie's friendships and how she reacts when she sees her friends!  Clara, Callie & Ella found each other quickly!

BOOM they BOTH won :)

Sweet form Callie!

Maybe a future track star!?

Here she is running her 100 M Dash!

2nd Place Baby!!!

Collin wanted to run so badly - he looks like he is stretching here!

Lexi found Carter and he was sure happy :)

Softball throw was up next...after she put a step into it, she did awesome!

Callie & Ella hanging out with Brady :)

Cheap entertainment

Clara ran in the 400 M run (5 years +) so we sat and cheered her on  :)  
We then went and cheered on Aurora :)

The boys wanted to run so badly, so I jacked three "participant" ribbons off the table and had a mini race for the boys!  Grafton (Ella's brother), Carter (red) & Collin (blue) ran :)

What's a race without ribbons :)  They were SO EXCITED!!!

Yeah for Collin, Carter & Grafton!

Callie gearing up for the 200 M Dash


This mom soon ran on the track next to her daughter :-/ but Josh and I promised we would not let our inner competitiveness come out this early in her career!

3rd Place - way to go peanut :)


Snuggles from my boy :)

LOVE these two!

Ah - benefits of two - I have two cheeks :)

Callie and her Lexi :)

Callie and her good friend, Aurora :)  She was so happy to see her :)

Beautiful sunset!

Just when we thought Callie couldn't run in any other races, we heard there was a relay race for ages 3+ - thankfully these nice girls let Callie join their team :)

She led off the group in the 4X100 M Relay :)

Getting ready to hand off her baton :)

Great hand off for her first time :)

UGH - these two kill me with their love for each other!

Their team took 2nd place :)  Way to go girls!

Team picture :)  One thing I love about these track meets - meeting new girls, trying new things, building confidence and exercising :)

Until next summer - we'll keep practicing and we can't wait for the boys to participate next year!!!!