Monday, April 25, 2011

Who does Callie REALLY look like :)

Who does Callie REALLY look like???

Everyone has always told us that Callie's looks would change as she got older. Looking back at photos - this is VERY true! This post started on Easter weekend, because Callie's Auntie Kayla was going through her baby photos (which included pictures of Josh) for her wedding. This sparked my interest to go through mine as well, because I strongly believe that Callie's looks have changed drastically from when she was first born.

If you remember, I wrote a blog post about a month before Callie was born that asked a series of questions wondering who Callie was going to look and act like. Please feel free to read this previous post for humor, and to actually compare these answers to our Little Miss!

Callie was born on a cold day in Austin, MN on Tuesday, March 16th. This is a picture of her hours after she was born!

It's hard to decide who she looks like here, but I think her features resemble her daddy more than her mommy. She's cute as heck, that's for sure! Below are two pictures: Josh as a baby and Cori as a baby. You figure it out for yourself!



Now as I was organizing the photos in this post, I couldn't decide where I wanted to go with it, so I decided to just post some pictures in a random order so you can see where Callie is...TODAY! She is independent, sassy, kind of bossy, cute as all get up, smiley, silly and so so so lovable!

I'm honestly not sure what happened to the quality of this photo below, I think it's because I tried to zoom in so much...dang you auto crop! But below is a series of pictures - it starts really close and then zooms out to the whole picture :) Recognize her?!

Let's see, light brown hair, parted off to the side...
Big brown eyes, cute button nose, pouty lip...
Ah yes, it does get more clear as you zoom out!

A cutie potutie hanging out in a stroller...
Oh wait - that was Cori :) I am sure you figured that out from the age of the photo, but really - it looks a lot like Callie...
I have to add a comment about this photo! I love how mom is sitting there, looking all skinny and annoyed...she's hanging out at the zoo with her four needy daughters :) Love this action shot :)

Now lets jump back to see how much Callie looked like her daddy for the beginning part of her life!

Oh yes, Daddy's twin here! Seriously - same head shape, same "blue" eyes, not quite as wasn't until Callie's eyes really opened up (when her tear ducks were no longer folded inward) that she looked like her mommy!

Property of both - looking like daddy here! Always has had mommy's nose and daddy's toes!

Ow ow - I just like this picture because he looks so cute :)

Who does Callie eat like!? You be the judge!

Looks like mom, eats like dad!

Recently we got a photo of Callie walking around with her sippy cup hanging from her mouth - real lady like, Callie! I jokingly said that she gets this from her mommy - referring to my college years...but nope...photographic proof that she really does get this from her mommy :)

I included these last three photos for a couple reasons:
1. I really like this animal cracker picture, and
2. I wanted to embarrass Colleen by putting a bathtub photo of her in here (really to see if she ever truly reads our blog!)
3. Not only this last picture because it looks like Callie here, but MOM - Seriously - that wallpaper :) Haha - LOVE YOU!

This is the "surprise" post that I had you all waiting for! Some thought I was pregnant and was going to announce it on our blog. Nope, sorry people - we're not!

Here's what I would like you to do - leave a comment below with the results to the first question (need to scroll up again to know what that question is?) - I'll just retype it for you...
Who does Callie REALLY look like??? Josh and I are interested in hearing what you think.

I wonder what who our second child will look like???

Are there REALLY three Easter Bunnies?

This Easter, we packed up our car, opened the container that holds an abundance of kitty food for Kix (the cat who is on a diet), and loaded Callie in the car for a 3 day trip to the cities for 3 Easter Celebrations. Yup - you read that correctly - 3 days, 3 Easters!

Our journey started at Grandpa Don & Sharon's house. It was Earth Day as well, so Callie was rocking her Earth Day shirt! She played her shy card right way, but quickly warmed up when she saw all the toys waiting for her to play with! She really liked the mini kitchen they had that she can play with whenever we're up. I love this picture of her below - she would go sit on their fireplace ledge and sit like a big girl - reading her Easter card :)

For supper, Callie ate spaghetti - BOY does she love it! I mean, look at this face...I know I am a little biased - as her mother and all...but who doesn't love a happy, orange stained face :)
It was time to hunt for Easter eggs! Callie had a blast and did such a good job ;) Sharon bought large plastic eggs, poured out the candy, and filled them with cute clothes ! Callie had fun picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket while mommy had fun opening them up to reveal more cute clothes!

GOOD GIRL! I think this picture is really cute! She's like "Look what I found, a cute bunny basket...there are even eggs around the house that I can put inside of it!"

Auntie Kayla and Uncle Mike came over to hang out for Easter! We had a fun time hanging out and being together! Proud Grandpa Don & Sharon at the end of our First Easter stop! Thanks for a wonderful Day :)

We "Hopped" in the car on Saturday morning and headed over to Grandma Lynn's house! We brought in Callie and some of her things to see Grandma Lynn and Great Grandma & Great Grandpa...but then Josh and I quickly jumped in the car and headed to about 5 stores. We were in search for an inexpensive gate...Yup! Lynn has these REALLY FUN stairs to climb up and down, and a little someone just can't seem to stay away from them!

Callie had a great time walking around in her onesie (we took her dress off), one shoe, and at one point - her one mitten! I tell ya, this girl is crazy :) She was even begging for food - Who did she learn this from?

Clearly daddy gave in and gave Callie some pizza :) We had a delicious ham lunch with seriously amazing mashed potatoes! The pizza was an evening snack! Knowing we had one more Easter, Josh and I couldn't possibly have ham sandwiches for dinner :)

We had fun playing with her great Easter toys from Grandma Lynn :) Callie got two lawn chairs for outside!! She was having so much fun chasing around Grandma Lynn's two kitties! And a fun visitor for Callie, Larry came over - but he brought his dog, Rita :) Callie had a BLAST following around Rita and she even pet her a few times!

Rita is such a great dog - I hope this put the bug in Callie's mind that she DOES want a dog! Okay, so I want the dog, but we're going to wait...arg! I hate waiting :)

What's that...rabbit droppings? Callie found the Easter Bunny- she must have scared the crap out of him :) Hehe! Okay, not really, but if it weren't for her running around with a box of raisins, I could have tricked you into thinking Grandma Lynn was really getting into the spirit of the Easter Bunny!

Grandma Lynn shared a yummy treat with Callie :) I Love this picture, because I told Callie to stick her tongue out so I could see her blue tongue - and she listened!!

Callie with Rita! Such a beautiful and calm dog!
Daddy- Callie and I want one!!!!

Callie with her great grandparents :) They had a great time with her, and we are so excited that Callie had the opportunity to spend the day with them! I love this picture of the three of them too - Grandpa is looking at the camera like "are you going to take it!?" Grandma is saying "What's going on over there?" and Callie is saying "I want to go over there too!" - I bet it's Rita distracting them :)
This picture of Grandma Lynn & Callie cracks me up :) Here's why...Lynn, Grandma, Larry & I were finishing up playing a 2.5 hour game of Hand and Foot! Yup - first time Larry ever played it with us and it took 2.5 hours :) The three of us ladies play it every time we are together - Lynn always wins, Grandma and I always try to gang up on her...and then a few hours later-it's over! I don't win, yet I really enjoy playing this game with the two of them! Am I crazy that I really look forward to this time with these two great women! That may have been Larry's first and last, but we'll see :) I think Callie was getting majorly annoyed that we weren't paying attention to her! Grandma Lynn just told Callie that even though her mommy had a sweet come back in the third round (four total), she was still going to win...and she did....

Later that evening, we packed up the car and "Hopped" over to Gramma & Grampa Shellum's house :) Callie was pretty excited to see my mom and dad right away that going to bed was out of the question...GREAT! After some work, and lettering her cry for a little bit :( Callie was sound asleep and dreaming of the Easter Bunny hopping through Gramma's house, hiding her eggs!

Callie loved her Easter basket from Gramma & Grampa...Even though we didn't open it up at their house, she loved it when we opened it up at home! She's going to have a lot of fun with this this summer :)
The Easter Bunny brought Callie a great basket...A swing filled with goodies :) There was even a little Princess Bucket inside...but it was empty :(

No worries, Callie found some eggs right away to fill it up :) Little side note- check out those curls in the back of her head :) She gets those from her Daddy...

Such a fun time ...she did awesome finding her eggs and putting them in her basket!

Look mom, another one :) The Easter Bunny was very smart! Callie's Easter eggs were filled with cherrios, fruit loops and goldfish crackers :)

I was getting Callie's breakfast ready, and Josh was getting her chair ready...I turned around in the kitchen and saw Callie sitting like her swing :) I asked Josh if he put her in there...nope! She climbed in there on her own :) Looks like she likes her Easter Basket/gift! Can't wait to hang it up from our tree and give her a fun ride!!!

Good job Callie :)
Daddy even had to hunt for Easter eggs :) There were fun messages wrapped around his eggs with fun messages on the inside! Callie's eggs were on the ground, and daddy's eggs were hidden much higher! When I told Josh that he needed to search for eggs too, he was NOT thrilled one bit! After he read the first message, he looked like a five year old digging through the house trying to find his eggs :) Sorry Callie, these messages were not appropriate for you to read :)

So if you know me, you know that I celebrate my birthday for about a week :) I haven't had the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family (the whole family) for a long time, because nobody is together then...but because Easter was so late this year, everyone was here :) Chocolate cake! YES PLEASE! Can you guess why Callie's face looks as messy as it does in the picture above?

Oh yes, Grampa is responsible for that! Hehe, Callie knows that she can go right to him to eat his food...and he loves it :) It started at Thanksgiving with his pumpkin pie, and he has shared everything with her ever since! I like to think of it as a special bond! I mean, Callie did share raisins with Grampa one night when he was bowling...and Grampa bowled a 300 that night... coincidence, I think not!

Callie had a BLAST playing outside with her cousins! I love this picture so much of Callie and Claire :) I think Claire was pretty happy to have a girl cousin...LOVE THIS!

Typical...wearing a dress...shooting some hoops :) Pretty sure we have pictures of me doing this same thing!!!
Hey Grampa - hurry up and fill that ball up with air, I want to play basketball :)

Thanks Grampa :) Pretty girl, basketball...they go hand in hand :)

Callie's Easter dress :) I didn't get a picture of all three of us together in her Easter best, but that's okay...

:) There is just something about this picture that I love :) A special bond...that's for sure! Callie and Grampa are up to soemthing...not sure what, but it sure is cute! I love you guys :)

Kisses for Callie :) WE LOVE YOU!
After 3 WONDERFUL Easters with family and 3 visits from the Easter Bunny, the McRae's "Hopped" in their car and headed home...oh yes, home to a fat, smelly cat...because Kix ate the entire weekend! It was a GREAT Easter for Kix :)

We all hope you had a wonderful Easter! Thank you everyone for making it so memorable for us! We loved spending time with everyone :)

Always remember the true meaning...He Has Risen :)
How great HE is!!!