Saturday, April 16, 2011

Callie is learning so much, so fast!

Callie has been changing so much lately!

She is able to follow 1-2 step directions, which is CRAZY, because we have kindergarteners that cannot even do that! Callie and I were in her bedroom one day "picking up". In reality, I was picking up, and she was taking it all out! I handed her a toy that she brought into her room from the bathtub one night (carried it in after a bath), and said, "Go give this to daddy in the living room." Callie walked out her bedroom door and went to the bathroom door. I thought, "Hmmm...not going where I asked, but instead heading to the place this toy belongs!" I opened up the bathroom door (we keep it closed, because she'll go in there and try to get into stuff), and she walked to the tub, pushed back the shower curtain, and DROPPED the toy into the bathtub! AMAZING! Seriously - I was so proud of her!

She also brings her shoes to us and lifts up her foot to have us put them on her!

Callie has been doing a lot more talking that actually makes sense! You can ask her a question and sometimes she will answer with "Yeah"...I love it :) "Callie, do you love mommy!?" Callie: "Yeah"! See- perfection :)

Like mother-like daughter...who needs hands when you have teeth!

Callie has started saying, "Da-Ddy" instead of her traditional "Dada". She also says "Hi" to everyone and everything. So we decided it was time for us to start teaching her how to put words together! Callie now can say two word sentences!!!

"Hi Da-Ddy" and "Hi Ca-E" - Yup, that second one would be her name! She hears us saying "Hi Callie" so much that she is repeating us!

Callie and Daddy taking a break outside!

Some more fun things! Josh and I have been also teaching Callie "Earmuffs" (You know, when we are talking about something that we don't want her to hear, we would say "earmuffs" and she would cover her ears). She's getting better at it, but like anything, we have to continually teach her these skills before they become a learned habit! Tonight, Josh and I were playing with Callie, pushing her around in her toys, looking at books, playing with her puzzles, and observing the Easter egg she got today from the Easter Bunny! Josh and I stopped for a mere 15 seconds to have a nice mommy-daddy smooch! (TMI? I don't care)...

We stopped, looked up at Callie (she was just sitting there really still)...and she was looking at us, but she was doing "earmuffs"! Yup - one eye covered and one ear covered! Josh and I laughed so hard! Man she is funny :)

Callie at Softball Batting Practice :) She loved playing on the field when we were done!!

*** Does anyone know of anybody getting rid of or selling an outdoor play structure? We would really like to get one for Callie, but are not having any luck finding one that is affordable. We are looking for something she can climb on, a slide and/or a swing included. The Little Tykes or Step 2 products seem to be age appropriate. We don't have any playgrounds too close to our house, so we would like something fun for Callie in our own backyard! Let me know if you know of anyone!! THANK YOU***

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