Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of Callie (April Edition)

We decided that this was a good time to write another blog entry about Callie's Day! When I first heard her talking this morning, I looked at the clock feeling awake (hmmmm...a full nights rest...NICE!), and it was 8:30 AM! Thank you Callie for sleeping in :) I love it when it's my morning to wake up and you sleep in :) She was-as always-bright eyed and bushy tailed! She just stays in there as happy as can be, talking to herself :)

There really is nothing better than starting your morning off with this beautiful smiling baby girl :) Correction - TODDLER...
We went out into the living room and cuddled. Callie found the remote and started playing with it, so I took that as a sign that she wanted to watch PBIS Kids - Sunday Morning Cartoons. Now I will be 100% honest here - Josh and I always have our TV on in the background; however, Callie never watches it. Even if we have cartoons on or something that would interest a child her age - she doesn't watch it. This picture that I captured shows the 10 seconds that she was watching the dinosaur show! And I think she was interested in it, because the dinosaurs were growling -something she really enjoys doing now :)

She quickly moved to her toys :) Here she is putting together some legos! I might add that she has gotten VERY good at this :) I think she is saying "OH, Look what I just did!!!" She amazes me with everything she is learning!

Like all 1 year olds, Callie loses interest very quickly! She decided it was time to leave one toy corner and head to her book corner :) She LOVES this book ;) It has cute poems in it that read all about how much mommies and daddies love their babies :) Callie loves opening it up and listening to the pretty music that it plays :) My personal favorite is when she brings the book over to me and sits in my lap! I love reading to her :)

About 9:00 AM now (Yup - all that in 30 minutes! She's a quick one). Breakfast menu: Scrambled Eggs, Toast with Jelly & Banana. Here's my mommy tips:
In a Pampered Chef 1 Cup Prep Bowl (Like that product placement!)...crack 1 egg. Beat it and pour in a little Whole milk (about 1 tablespoon). Microwave 45 seconds. Let it cool, cut it up and serve! Callie LOVES eating eggs :) As far as her toast. She will eat the crust, but sometimes it is easier to just cut it off. I have started cutting her pieces a little bigger instead of the tiny pieces. I want her to start learning that she needs to take small bites of things!

After breakfast, it is time to start playing again :) Daddy is still sleeping, so we're trying to be quiet! If there was a female version of Linus (Charlie Brown), Callie would be it :) She always drags her blankie around with her :) Most of the time she has a small corner of it in her hands, and the rest of it is dragging between her legs...silly girl! Auntie Heidi, I will mail you some yarn to make her another one - we're going to need backup with the way Callie ALWAYS has hers :)

Callie discovered a new trick - and something she really enjoys doing! She loves her "cat boots", so she brings them over to us, picks up her foot and makes some squeals. This is her way of telling us that she wants her boots on :) I'm not going to lie, she looks rather silly in her cat boots and pajamas! But what's new :)

Here is a picture of my fashion-ista! Here Callie is wearing her "Carter's Popsicle Pajamas", her "Crazy 8 Cat Boots" and her "Cashmere Purple Hat"! Work it darling, work it!

With all that play time, someone started to get a little crabby, so we decided it was time to lay down for nap #1 of the day :) It was about 10:30 AM - so it was perfect timing for a nap :) We laid her down, and about 20 minutes she is...

WIDE AWAKE! So it was daddy's turn to try and get her to lye down...notice her "Bee" is playing...we only play that when she's crabby or fussy...this girl just was not wanting to nap - but she was SO TIRED!
So she went downstairs and played instead! These two little couches are Callie's PERFECT size! Thank you to our friends Steve & Jane Justice for giving them to Callie :) She absolutely LOVES them. They sit directly below our TV, and they actually match our decor very well!

Mommy was getting lunch ready, so daddy and Callie were downstairs playing.

As many of you know, we have a "cat door" that goes into our laundry room. It is a magnetic door and keeps Kix's litter box and the odor IN the laundry room. Callie has discovered this and is infatuated with it. She likes to try and stick toys in the hole and then try to get them out. She's a crazy kid this girl!

LUNCH TIME! Callie had some leftover ravioli, mango, cottage cheese and strawberry jello with real strawberry chunks in it & marshmallows! Callie LOVES jello, and I make a double batch of it, pour it into 9-10 containers, add fresh fruit and top it off with marshmallows! The containers I use are the GERBER containers that we've saved from the days when Callie was eating baby food! We use them EVERYDAY! They are amazing :) Gerber could make a killing just selling those!

Okay - after lunch, Miss Callie was very tired! She had a little milk, we laid her down, and off she went into a deep sleep! It was about 2 hours later that she started babbling in her crib :) Here is my well rested, happy girl!

And what does everyone like doing after a nice long nap?! Snack time of course! Nothing better than a little apple juice that is extremely washed down with water, raisins, and Gerber Puffs :) All while enjoying the company of your best friend...Kix :)

Soon after Callie's snack, we realized just HOW nice it was outside :) 70 degrees - THANK YOU! We got changed and decided to take Callie on a nice little run :) Last summer I would take Callie out running with me all the time! This spring happened to be the first time she's been out running with us as a toddler! It was so funny to watch her when we were running. She was holding on to her cup holder for dear life! She loved it! We ran all the way to Walgreen's to buy hamburger buns (we needed them for our cheeseburgers), and then ran back the long way (by Casey's). It was about Casey's that I asked Josh if we could walk. My comment was, "I feel like the bones in my knees are about to pop out of my skin". His comment was, "YES! I was hoping you'd ask to walk!" I love being on walks, or running with Josh and Callie :) It's fun to watch her observe her surroundings. It's nice family time too :)

Of course Little Miss wanted to play when we got home! She started pushing her car around the drive way! My favorite, of course...was when she saw her basketball ;)

There is nothing better than having your 1 year old daughter whine for the basketball, and then walk over to the "big" hoop, hold the ball up above her head and make noises. I'm sure she's saying "Hello, I'm still little...someone help me make it in!" And she knows when it goes in. She smiles and claps and gets all excited! We have our future hoopster!

Callie could spend HOURS outside playing with her "Callie size" basketball. Summer is coming quickly - please hurry up and get here...then when you're here...I want you to go really slowly so we can enjoy our time together :) We have a lot of basketball skill work to start working with Callie on! I think dribbling will be on this summer's list!

After the battle of getting her inside, we finally did it! Callie calmed down, washed her hands, rested for about 30 minutes in her crib (basically laid there and talked, but she needed to rest a little bit), and then was ready to eat supper :) Callie enjoyed chicken nuggets, cheddar cheese, and mixed vegetables. Callie likes to throw her food on the floor, and Kix pretty much eats whatever she drops down. He ate the corn and beans...I'll tell you later how I know this!

After dinner, we had about an hour to play before it was time to head out the door. Callie, without her pants on, had a great time playing! She decided that she wanted to wear her cat boots again! What her infatuation is with these boots, I'll probably never know, but she looks so darn cute in them :)

Dad's all ready - CHECK! Mom's all ready - CHECK! Callie's all ready - CHECK! Time to go to the Austin Packer Boys Basketball Banquet! Our car is in the shop getting fixed (thank GOD it's not broken...that's a whole other blog post...or conversation. Let's put it this way - if the Cav goes, the McRae's will NOT be traveling'll have to come to us if you want to see any of us...) but for now, the Cav is getting fixed and we are traveling around in the Cooper! It's a great ride for Callie, she loves the view :) Mom on the other hand...not so much - a little close to the dash board, but that's okay! It's nice to be riding in the fun, fast car again :)

During the banquet, Callie did what any 1 year old would do - she wanted to talk and move! So we enjoyed the banquet in the hallway while daddy talked about his players and everyone else listened! The head coach was talking about their season, and every time people would be clapping, Callie stopped where she was in the hallway and started clapping! She had a blast playing on the stairs (don't worry, I was right there with her!). She can crawl up stairs very well, and is starting to learn how to crawl down them. Callie also had fun playing in the drinking fountain! She learned that if she stuck her finger in the hole where the water comes out, and I turn on the water - it sprays everywhere...pretty funny :) By the end of the banquet, Callie was ready to go home and go to bed! Her nap schedule was thrown off, and she was TIRED! This super cute outfit is from Auntie Colleen. Callie wore it tonight in her honor (Happy Birthday Auntie Colleen).

Lucky for Callie, it was bath night :) She is so eager to get into the bathtub that she tries to "crawl" into it herself...silly girl :) I do love this picture though!
Callie playing with her toy that shoots water out. She is also rocking a shampoo mohawk! She loves the bath! I swear she splashes more and more the bigger she gets. And yes, I end up soaked every time.
When the water was all drained out and it was time to come out of the tub, Little Miss was MAD! She did not want to come out of the tub, and she wanted me to know that. It was a battle to get her jammies on, but with a little bit of baby powder on her tummy and arms, she was ready to go to bed :) She literally fell asleep right when she laid she is, my precious sleeping princess!
Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I shall die before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen.

We hope you enjoyed Callie's day today :) Sunday, April 3, 2011 (Also known as: Auntie Colleen's Birthday - Happy Birthday Auntie Colleen)!!!!


  1. LOVED IT! :) Love her PJ's, checkin' out the cat door, no pants with her cat boots, and climbin' in the tub!! Adorable! Where in the heck did you find those cat boots?! Awesome!!

  2. :) I bought them at Crazy 8 - it's a new store in the Rochester Mall. They were wicked cheap and a little too big - but WAY TOO CUTE to pass up :)

  3. That was too cute!! She's such a little doll!
    You should have your sister make her a little square travel size version of her blanket. My kids have those for their "silkies" and they love them. I'm still fighting Rylie 3 years later to not take the big blanket with us, but the little one helps. :D