Monday, April 25, 2011

Callie Fun :)

Callie has been growing up into the most beautiful, funny, independent little girl! She has her own wit and sass about her that Josh and I love dearly! She's so much fun to take places, because she looks around and takes it all in :) It's fun to have her try new things too, because she's about that age now where everything is fun for her!

We recently went to an Easter Brunch. We had a pancake breakfast, did an Easter craft, and had pictures taken with the Easter Bunny! Callie wasn't too sure about the Easter bunny...

She sat there with her sweet little lip sticking out, wanting everyone to feel sad for her...which it worked! She didn't cry though - just sat there, sad. This picture KILLS me!
They also had these cute cut-out Easter eggs taped to the floor. These led kids to different places in the church. Callie was AWESOME at following them. I think she would have wondered off on her own if we wouldn't have been there with her. She just marched right into the arts & crafts room like she owned the place :) She went from baby to big girl...STILL LOVE HER!

Auntie Heidi has been sending over the CUTEST things for Callie :) Heidi, Bruce - we want you to know how much we miss you! Callie would sure like to see you guys again - as would we...

This cute little tutu is from Auntie Heidi as well as the fancy shoes :) Callie LOVES wearing them, unfortunately, she is going to probably grow out of them before we know it...

And it's never too late to start shoe tying lessons early! Callie has this thing lately where she likes to bring her shoes to us, sit down and lift her foot for us to tie them. I love this picture :) Josh is SUCH a good daddy!!! You have to ignore the mess in the background. It actually looks much worse than this after Callie is out of the room. Baskets of toys EVERYWHERE - books thrown about, toys galore! She sure has fun though!

Since Callie was a baby, she has LOVED this Bee! Gramma & Grampa gave it to her in the hospital the day she was born, and for some reason it calms her down. If you've been here when she's upset, you know that this bee is a magic bee! Now Callie enjoys listening to the song "Bee my Baby!"...not sure if I'll ever get sick of this - I've heard it up-teen THOUSAND times! Recently, Callie learned how to turn it on herself...OH JOY! I must add - aren't her FIRST TIME PIG TAILS the cutest! She's had them on the top of her head before, but never in the back :) I LOVE THEM!!!

She loves pushing her Bitty Baby around in the stroller. Her baby sleeps in this stroller...actually, it lives in that stroller. Callie doesn't really like having her baby out of the stroller - which is an okay thing, because then her baby will be well taken care of!

We don't have anything inside the house for Callie to climb on or in, so I taped together some Pampered Chef boxes, cut some holes, a door and taped a Princess table clothe around it! VOILA! An instant castle! Callie LOVES it! I even taped pictures of animals inside the box :) Sometimes I feel like a really good mom! It's downstairs now...even Kix goes in it :) I thought about adding another box to it and even a roof, but decided it was perfect just the way it is :)

Our friend Ava celebrated her 5th birthday party! She had her party at the rollerskating rink near Austin. Callie had a GREAT time running around on the rink with all of the big kids :)

I think dancing in the lights was her most fun! Man was she laughing hard :) Thank you Ava for the invitation to your SUPER FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

What do you call a family that is so desperate to have an outdoor play structure for their daughter that they're willing to strap it to the roof of their 2000 Chevy Cavalier? Desperate enough to make the mom ride in the back seat, stuck because the door is TIED shut. Desperate enough to have the dirty slide draped over the front passenger seat!? Oh yes, that would be the White Trash McRae's! Yup - we drove from Rochester to Austin just to bring this home for Callie :) It was my first official Craigs List buy and totally worth it! $25.00 for this bad boy, and the smiles in the following picture are worth EVERY PENNY!

Here is a picture of the whole structure...she LOVES it :) Climbing up the side is something she has yet to learn, but hearing her giggle so much is worth picking her up and putting her over the top :) Even our neighbor came over to watch her play :)

Face First Callie :) I love that you can see how much fun she's having, how much of a daredevil she is, and how she is completely air born in this picture :)

She is all smiles and LOVES her new toy! BEST PARENTS AWARD GOES TO US :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE how happy she is!

There just are not words to express how much this little girl means to us! She may not know how to say thank you yet, but this smile right here says it all :) I LOVE YOU CALLIE!

And of course, a picture with her tongue sticking out :)

This little girl is just so much fun! Stay tuned for more updates, Callie stories, and pictures of our little beauty queen :)

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  1. LOVE IT Cori! Her hair getting so long!!! Love her Easter bunny picture! I would be making the same face too --they aren't that cute looking! ha I also love the castle you made for her -- what a great idea. And you ARE a great mom :) And Josh is a great dad! Her pink jacket is adorable too!


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