Thursday, May 29, 2014

CAUTION: Collin & Carter turned TWO!!!

"Grown means nothing to a mother.  A child is a child.  They get bigger, older, but grown?  In a mother's heart, each will always be her baby!"

I really can't believe that two years ago, Josh and I were trying to figure out how to take care of a toddler while keeping two very tiny babies alive - and keep our sanity!  We decided at that time that our sanity was the least likely to survive, so we tossed it out the window!

Here we are, two years later - and three beautiful children later!  Our boys are all grown up!  They love dirt, balls, cars, legos, books, stuffed animals and their blankies.  They love wearing wet diapers and don't really want to change it - that's usually in the morning, but's gross!  They love milk and apple juice.  Collin loves anything that is in the pantry and Carter will eat anything as long as he can buckle himself into his chair :)  They are lovers, cuddlers, kissers, huggers, hitters, biters, throwers, pushers, ticklers, laughers, screamers, and awesome brothers!

On Sunday, May 18th (my brother in law, Bruce's Birthday), we held a "Construction Party" at our house!  We invited our family members to come down, and we had a great time!  We had some visitors for their party as well...

For food, we served "Dome Dog" Hotdogs, chips, cheese balls, fruit, and baked beans!  It was simple but perfect!

I am so proud of myself for how great their cakes turned out!  I saw the "cars on top of the cake" idea on Pinterest, but I came up with the rest on my own!  I was mostly impressed that I was able to construct this construction cake all by myself :) :)  And of course Collin and Carter deserve their own cake!  Just because they have to share a birthday, their mom and dad, their bedroom and all their toys, doesn't mean they have to share a cake on their very special birthday!

We had Party Goodie Buckets for the adults and kids :)

There was plenty of playing going on!  The kids had a blast driving the cars around the yard :)

Party time! Thank you to everyone who brought gifts for the kids!  They had a blast opening all their presents!  Something I am learning (yes still learning) is the chaos that comes with multiples opening gifts together!  They each want to open a different gift and different times, play with different "new" toys and decide that they're done opening gifts!  Callie was a big help!!!

Cake time :)  I love these two little knuckleheads!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Collin Donald!  We are so proud of the little boy you have grown into!  You have a heart of gold and a personality like no other!  You are outgoing and adventurous!  You love to snuggle and give kisses - "eat you kisses"!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Carter Lowell!  We are so proud of you as well!  You are such an amazing little boy and you continue to grow in front of my eyes.  You are such an observer, and I know that you are going to pay close attention to detail in your life!  Your sweet smile and laugh have me wrapped around your little finger!

Cake time for everyone :)

PROOF!  Here is visual proof that Collin bites Carter!   Now Carter is not perfect either, but this photo captures it all!

Collin with his best friend - seriously his best friend!

My mommy and daddy!

Oh Carter - I love when you make this face :)

Swinging with my mom...which quickly moved into the trampoline! 

And what is a nice, summery birthday party without a full blown water fight!

Carter didn't like it very much...

And Collin needed snuggles from his bestie!

What a fun day - thank you everyone for coming down and celebrating our bundle's 2nd birthday!  Can you believe it has been two years!?!