Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vikings and a Baby Girl...what do they have in common?

As Josh and I prepare ourselves to watch the NFC Championship Game tonight, I began thinking about my dreams.

Today's game is the determining factor on the sex of our baby! You see, I haven't shared this with many, but I have had several dreams that we are having a baby girl with big brown eyes and a head of brown hair. It was just a dream, so I wasn't really sure what to believe...

That is until my dream over a week ago:
THE VIKINGS WERE PLAYING IN THE SUPERBOWL! That's right! I don't know who they were playing, and I don't know if they won or not (stupid alarm clock waking me up), but I had the dream!

So here is my conclusion:

If the Vikings win today-we are having a girl!

If the Vikings lose today-we are having a boy!

Today is the determining factor!

Then I started thinking about how I could make this post more exciting, and I came up with the perfect solution! Enjoy the rest!

Will our child:

Have Blond/hardly any hair like Daddy or Brown/lots of hair like Mommy?

Be a clean eater like Daddy or a messy eater like Mommy?

Sleep anywhere like Daddy or in a bed like Mommy?

Prefer Pluto like Daddy or Mickey like Mommy?

Be more laid back like Daddy or extremely energetic like Mommy?

Either way we know this:

Our child will dress up for Halloween!

Run around without a shirt on!

Be very happy and show affection!!

Know how to have a good time!

And no matter what...

Will be a Vikings Fan from DAY 1!!!!!!


  1. THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME POST!! I love all the photos Cori... nicely done!

  2. Thanks Jum! I had a lot of fun with this post :)


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